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Don’t Be a Hater Pete

We all know bloggers do alot to treat our sites like a real business. This means we need to make money. This means we do a variety of things to bring in that money like write reviews, coordinate Twitter parties, handle blogger outreach, maintain social media for clients and post sponsored content. As a reader you don’t have to like everything I write or even agree with it.  You have the choice to skip over it and pay it no mind.

But for those of you that vehemently disagree with a post and then find the nerve to send me an email like this i will use it as another blog post.
mean people suck

Peter Gehring


I realize the economy sucks, and unless you’re also lying about who you are (a family) you have mouths to feed – but I really find your business model disgusting. Sites like yours exist to hide negative reviews of poor products and shady companies – such as Vivint. It’s spamming the web, and it’s inherently dishonest. Maybe you can send your kids (if they exist) out to round up fake donations to the Red Cross while you’re at it.

Hope you die in a fire!


First off, EWWWW. Why are you so angry. If you are you mad at Vivint take it up with them.

If you read my blog a teeny tiny bit you’d know I do have a family. Yes there are times that I wish they’d go away for just a few hours but they are my family and I like them. The post in question isn’t a review it’s an informational post about a service available to consumers. It’s up to the consumer to research their own options, pricing and advantages of said service. It’s not spam if you chose to read the post. I didn’t send it to you. I didn’t seek out your email and bombard you with a link each day. Wishing death on someone will do nothing but bring you bad vibes. Ever hear of Karma?

I’m open to donations. I have a craft habit to keep up on.
I Disclose

The Importance of Comments-with a funny twist, Say the Things

Our friend Greg-Telling Dad has some opinions to share about the comments that you readers leave on the blogs you read.  He wrote the lyrics and edited this awesome song.
I along with a bunch of other blog celebrities, their families and of course Greg’s family (the cutie curly top tot is Kamryn, Greg’s daughter) participated in a song/video parody to the tune of Miley’s 7 Things. I actually hadn’t heard the original song before Greg’s video; his vocalist is awesome!!!

Check out the antics, foolishness and passion the other bloggers and I show for their blog then head over to Telling Dad and tell him what a great job he did.  Seriously, it is awesome!!!  (i’m in 3 different spots, can you see me)