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She’s Going Old School Princess Costume this Year

Halloween is right around the corner but in our house dress-up happens all year round. In fact Shae’s Custom Dress Up Station is filled to the brim with costumes and accessories for almost any character, noble profession or scene. We’ve held to costumes, hats, belts, tutus and more even from when Sabreena was young, that’s how seriously we take dress up in this house.

Princess costumes are Shae’s favorite as I’m sure that’s the case with most little girls. This year we talked about Halloween since Disney’s Brave came out. She talked about Merida for months, swore she was going to be Merida for Halloween. It came time to look through choices and she was instantly drawn to this classic Snow White costume. She was taking it old-school this year.

This particular costume is probably the most luxurious child’s costume I’ve ever seen. With a mix of velvet, lace, tulle, ribbon and satin it has the feel of a Broadway production rather than something for a child. Believe it or not this costume was less than $30. It arrived and Shae put it on immediately. She’s been walking around doing curtseys and spins, lifting the skirt just enough to walk up the stairs; she’s taken the whole royalty thing to an extreme.

snow white quality costume

snow white costume for kids, detail

Time is running out. Get out there and get your child’s costume before the best selections are gone.

What are your your kids thinking of dressing up as this year?

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Owl Mask for Dress Up Play #Kids #Craft

Dress up and crafts are my favorite ways to keep the kids imaginations going. Owls are  so popular right now I figured I would try to make a owl mask for Shae to use for dress up or storytelling or just because.

owl mask template #kids #craft

I drew out a design and used it to help Shae create this cute Owl Masquerade Mask.


  • Card stock to print your Owl Mask
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, markers or paint to color your mask(or print on colored card stock)
  • Embellishments such as feathers, glitter glue, sequins, tissue paper, etc
  • School glue and/or tape
  • Popsicle stick to use as handle

Print your owl mask template.

You may want to adjust size to suit your child’s face. Mark with a crayon/marker here your child’s eyes will be. Cut out mask and quarter size eye holes. Cut out an additional small triangle for the nose. Lightly crease it down the middle and attach it to the back of the mask, pointing down. This allows some room for your child’s nose.

Let your child decorate as they wish, make sure they don’t cover eye holes. Attach popsicle stick to back of mask using glue or tape.
Now let your child transform into a spooky or whimsical owl.

owl mask for kids dress up #kids #craft

By simply restricting the embellishments this craft is suitable for little ones as young as 18 months. Extending the owls points will give a more dramatic look. Instead of a popsicle stick attach ribbon or string for a mask that needs to be tied on.

Next step is to design and construct an owl costume.

A SuperHero and Her Sidekick #WW

Shae is Supergirl (spiderman’s daughter NOT girlfriend) and Madi is the jammie girl. Madi was wearing a tutu minutes before this but decided it was interfering with her rescue missions.
superhero costume, spidergirl costume
Dress up is a huge part of our daily play routine. Rob had to build a special cabinet just to hold all of the boys and girls Halloween costumes from years past. We often stock up on accessories and costumes throughout the year just to add to the fun. Yesterday Shae received a SuperGirl costume from Anytime Costumes. It arrived around 2pm and the only time it spent OFF her body was for bath and bedtime. Shae’s been running a fever off and on for a couple days and it stayed on even during the fever spikes.

a sick superhero

I love that she chose something different than her typical princess uniform. Shae and her cousin Madi have been playing superhero non-stop. It’s been fun to watch them “save” each other from things like spiders, alligators and enemies. Not sure if they really know what enemies are but that’s ok, they are playing nicely.

Anytime Costumes has a great selections of costumes for Halloween and beyond. The selection isn’t limited to just kids either. Adult and Plus sized costumes in many themes are available too. Shop with confidence too because returns and exchanges are shipped for free within the continental US.

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It’s Costume Time

It took many hours of intense thought and investigation but the decision has been made; the kids costumes are decided.
boys-kids-red-black-ninja-master-costumeI implored Shaun to NOT pick a costume that had a mask. We’ve done that in the past and it always ends with the mask in the bag because he can’t see well or it’s too hot. This year he chose a Ninja Master Costume. While it does has a mask it’s a half mask that shouldn’t inhibit his sight. The costume comes complete with shirt, pants, hood, leg guards, arm guards and over vest. The sword isn’t included but that is fine with me because I always end up carrying the accessories. Shaun is done, now it’s time to work on Shae.

Costume shopping this year can be easy with Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Whether you are buying 1 or 10 the shipping is fast and cheap. Up the cost $1 and get expedited shipping and delivery within 5 days. There is still plenty of time to order and receive your costume before Halloween.

A good tip is to check out the sale section and accessories section to get great deals on year round dress up supplies and costumes.

I found this ultra cute fairy costume for less than $20 and this Movie Clapper Board for less than $10. You don’t only have to buy costumes for Halloween,; these would be perfect for the kids when they put on shows in the house for rainy day entertainment.
If the choice is a Disney Princess costume, Green Lantern Costume or any other of the 100’s of selections you are bound to find just want the kids want at prices you can agree on. Have a safe and happy Halloween.

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