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FREE Layaway Sears Furniture Collection

sears disclosureThe 1990’s called, they want their couch back. Do you know anyone that fits that statement? I know I do. Did you know that instead of spending megabucks on an interior designer you can get all the inspiration  you need from Sears’ Furniture Collection. You have the option to mix and match pieces from each collection to suit your taste or shop the entire collection for a matching look.

Sears Furniture Collection

The professionals say to start a room makeover with these few simple steps

  • Find color inspiration from a favorite wall color or painting. This will be the focus of your design choices
  • When shopping for the living room, don’t overstuff the room. Plan for ample walking room between furniture pieces
  • Tie the room together with matching pillows, a rug and other accessories

Run don’t wall to your nearest Sears store to take advantage of their FREE Layaway service through 3/4.

Melinda and I Need To Agree

Melinda and I have been talking about getting a new sofa, a sectional sofa to be exact. A few problems we are having is space, agreement and one that comes up high enough in the back for my giant self.

When I say agreement I mean style, color and over all look. If you ask me I don’t think men and women were made to agree on furniture and this would be a huge purchase that would definitely need to be agreed upon. The other problem is space which we do have but we have other furniture and most likely something would need to go. We have two leather chairs and a HUGE six foot bean bag for the kids and well as an end table.

If we were to get a sectional I would want to get rid of a leather chair and possibly the bean bag (don’t really see this happening) to make room for the sofa as well as two end tables and a coffee table. Another problem is there are sooooo many different coffee tables to choose from I am not sure Melinda and I can agree on that either. I like more modern furniture and that is not really Melinda’s style.

Don’t get me wrong our current furniture is very nice considering we just got a new sofa less then six months ago but something about a sectional is so intriguing and just makes a room look so much different and nicer. Also, is provides a ton more seating which would be nice considering we seem to have gatherings at our house on a some what regular basis.

Sectional saga to be continued!!! LOL.

Do you think you and your significant other could agree on new furniture if necessary or are Melinda and I the odd balls?

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Bunk Beds Rock For Kids Not Parents!

I can remember from the time I was a kid always having bunk beds. I have two younger brothers and we always shared a room so obviously to save space bunk beds were essential so we had enough space to just hang out and chill.

I remember bunk beds being a good space saver but not very comfortable to sleep on and that it probably because you typically put the mattress directly on wood or metal slats. I recently discovered wolfe bunkie boards which means no more mattress on two or three slats now the mattress can rest comfortably on a full board making the mattress more comfortable. With all of the bunk beds I have slept on and the ones my kids have you have no box spring just a mattress. Thinking back I am not sure how I was able to sleep on something like that. Currently Melinda and I have a queen pillow top mattress and the thought of a bunk bed mattress right on the slats is giving me a back ache. LOL.

Sabreena got her first bunk bed when she turned five (not sure why since at the time she was an only child, LOL) and to this day we still have them but they are currently split into two twin beds. About a month or two ago Melinda and I looked into buying Shae a bunk bed to save space so she had more room to play. I do love all of the bunk beds and bunk accessories that are available these days. They have come along way and every furniture store seems to sell them.

The kids do get to sleep in bunk beds once a year when we go to the beach and I am a little skeptical letting Shaun or Shae sleep on the top bunk because I am afraid they are going to roll right of onto the floor even though there is a side rail but they love it so I let them have their fun.

Do your kids have bunk beds? What is the main reason for your kids having a bunk bed?

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To Me A Table Is A Table And A Chair Is A Chair

I can remember when Melinda and I first got married neither of us had a dining room set because we both lived in small apartments. All Melinda ever said she wanted once we moved to a bigger place was a nice dining room table with nice side dining room chairs.

This is not our dining room set

Over the years we have had numerous dining room sets but nothing to write home about. One I can remember was a small round table and 4 chairs that was in Melinda’s mom’s house and she gave it to us which worked and lasted us a few years before we finally went out on our own and bought a set that Melinda loved. That was maybe five to six years ago and I think we might be in the market again for a new dining room set.

It is funny because I wanted to sell this set before we moved back to Delaware but Melinda stood her ground and refused but just the other day she mentioned wanting a new set. It’s a well know fact that our current dining room set is Melinda’s pride and joy. The kids even know and have made mention of that fact on numerous occasions. To me a table is a table and chairs are chairs as long as I can sit and eat at it I am good but I don’t think it works the same for Melinda and probably most women, LOL.  Maybe that isn’t 100% true because I do like the winsome windsor dining side chairs.

I am not 100% if and when we will be on the hunt again for a new dining room set but rest assured we won’t be buying one until Melinda finds once that she absolutely loves.

Do you love your dining room table and chairs?  Do you need a new set?

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Sabreena Is In Need Of a New Bed

Sabreena is 15 and growing up way to fast. One problem I have is that she is using half of the bunk bed that her mom mom and pop pop bought her when she turned 5 years old. She is now 15 so this bed is ten years old. Shae is using the other half.

I would love to get her a platform bed in twin size and that is because for some reason a queen seems too big. If Melinda had her way Sabreena would get a queen size but to be honest I am not sure it would even fit in her room. I think it might have come to light when we repainted Sabreena’s room that a twin size platform bed would be the best option to utilize her small little piece of heaven.

More platform beds these days are utilizing under the bed for clothes and additional storage which is essential for people who have a limited space in their bedroom like Sabreena. What I like most about platform beds is all of the different options that they come in and their look. They look so sophisticated to me for some reason.

It is too bad that Melinda and I bought a new bed a few months back because the more I think about it a platform bed might have been perfect for us. We could have used the cloths storage underneath considering Melinda stores some of her cloths in Shae’s closet. Maybe we could squeeze our bed into Sabreena’s room and get a new one for us. I don’t think so but no harm in dreaming.

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Something is Missing

So last week I showed off pictures of our new living room couch and bed. Things are looking good and a bit more grown up around here. We replaced a sofa and love seat with 1 leather couch and moved around some existing chairs and cabinets. It’s way less cluttered but there is something missing.

empty corner

I think this is the perfect spot for sleek writing desk like one of these.

Something just big enough for a laptop, a frame and a couple pens. A little bit of storage would be great too. But I think somewhere to sit comfortably and just work would be a good fit. Right now this spot is bare, empty, blank and collecting dust bunnies.

We have a good amount of furniture in the living room so a large executive desk or hutch would be completely overwhelming. Sabreena received one for Christmas but it’s being used as a computer desks for home, stocked with supplies and papers and other junk. I want a delicate but useful piece of furniture placed right in that spot.

I Disclose

Comfy Sacks Beanbag Giveaway

Comfort is key for the kids. They lay on the floor, hang off the arm of the sofa and pile pillows on the floor to get that just right position for tv, books and gaming. Our answer to all the fluffing, adjusting and moving around is a bean bag chair. More specifically, a Comfy Sack lounger bean bag.

sabreena reading on the comfy sack

We’ve had a Comfy Sack bean bag lounger in our living room for a couple months now. It’s THE most used piece of furniture in the house. The kids use it for lounging, jumping, cuddling and exercise (they run around it playing tag). The lounger is really large but fits fine in our living room. What we do need is a couple kid size bean bags for their rooms.

kid sized comfy sack

Comfy Sacks bean bags are very different from others. Instead of hard little beans and pebbles the insides are made from nuggets of furniture quality foam that compresses and expands. A little fluffing and shaking is all it takes to bring the sack back to life. Personally I like it flattened out; it means more room for me to snuggle in and nap. Shae likes when I roll it around and get it back to its 4ft high height; it keeps my little niece from bugging her too much while reading books or playing with toys.

Check out Comfy Sacks for yourself and visit them on Facebook to check out the giveaways they have going on. Shipping is always just $1.

Just for our readers you get a chance to WIN a Kid’s Sack (your color choice) here at LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Tell me what else you like on the site and the perfect spot for it.


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Project 52 – Week 9

Welcome to 9th week of Project 52; my attempt to capture our lives in a couple pictures each week.

AGAIN, I forgot to post my Project52 update.  At least it’s still early enough in the day to get it up and not feel guilty forgetting LOL

I posted earlier this week about some home improvements I wanted to make throughout the house.  We’ve made a huge dent in a couple things on the list.  Our living room now has a more sophisticated, adult feel. We replaced our comfy but ugly sofas with a sleek and modern leather couch.  Also our bedroom is slowly turning into a mini retreat that I so crave. We have a headboard again!!!!! I’m excited about this the most. Oh and a shot of Shae, just because.


much more our style now


a bed fit for a queen….me
watching Phineas and Ferb

MY Ultimate Holiday Wishlist

dear santa

Yes we are hosting the Ultimate Holiday Wishlist Blog Party of Giveaways for all of you. But I want to tell you what’s on MY Ultimate Wishlist. These are the things that I want so so so so bad. Some are extravagant, some more everyday wants but they are all things I would love to get for being such a good girl all year.

ideal sectional

  • Family Vacation over New Years Eve to Disney
  • Bedroom Makeover-including furniture, bedding and window treatments
  • Paige Tall Riding Boot
  • Make-up Vanity- something with drawers and lighting
  • Living Room seating-sofas & chairs
  • Bennington Potters Bakeware
  • Tickets to see Michael Buble in Philly, on my bday at the Wells Fargo Center {swoon}

Let’s see what Santa brings for me 🙂

Holiday Wishlist 2010 – Comfy Sacks Bean Bag Chair Giveaway

Comfort is key when it’s time to settle down in the living room. Yeah the sofa and chairs are comfortable but you know what’s even better; a Comfy Sack. A Comfy Sack is a “bean bag” with a twist.

Comfy Sacks uses superior foam and quality fabrics than any other foam bag chair company on the market. Their foam is softer and more comfortable because they use premium furniture grade foam.

We received our Comfy Sack bean bag chair about a month ago and were amazed at the size of the box it same in. I knew we ordered a 6Foot Lounger but the package was no bigger than Shae. The process of opening it, setting it up and fluffing up the foam took just minutes but it was a hysterical few minutes. We were all amazed at the size it finally ended up being. Fully fluffed it is taller than Shae but soft enough that she can climb on easily. It may not have been the smartest idea to get such a large Comfy Sack because it takes up so much room but I can’t imagine not having it in the living room.

packed up tight

The 6 foot lounger is big enough the kids to all sit together and watch a movie and best of all big enough that Rob and I can take a quick nap on Saturday afternoon. Imagine having company over for football and having this for an extra 2 or 3 seats. It’s a perfect spot to tackle my niece and tickle her till she can’t breathe. It’s used so much that when we had to move it out of the room for a party my son cried thinking we got rid of it. A small bean bag chair would be perfect for a kid’s bedroom as a gaming seat, reading spot or quiet spot to just play, relax or doze. With plenty of colors and materials to choose from you can pop a Comfy Sack into almost any room for instant seating, comfort, warmth and play. I say play because we probably use it in ways we aren’t supposed to (like launching baby dolls into the air after jumping on it from the sofa).

Shae and Madi

minutes after assembly

mommy and shae napping

This is a good fit for our family even though it takes up a ridiculous amount of space in our living room. This holiday season LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! is giving away a 3.5 foot suede Sack (winner chooses the color), $181 value. Visit Comfy Sacks and tell me which bean bag (size/color/style) would get the most use in your home.

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