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The Pressure is Getting To Me

Shaun is the youngest boy out of all his friends. I think because of his size his friends forget this and he feels pressured to do the things they do.  He’s always asking to do things I think he’s just too young to do. The other day he comes running in the house begging me […]

Shaun Is Starting To Realize

One day this week Shaun lost a tooth that he has been messing with for weeks.  He came running downstairs to show up his new hole in his sort of pearly whites and to show us the bloody tooth.  He asked if he should put it in his tooth box.  Yes, he has a tooth […]

When Did This Happen?

Who told Sabreena she could become a young lady?  The nerve of this girl growing up so fast and becoming a mature, intelligent, respectful teenager.  She had the audacity to go homecoming this past weekend and look awesome in a Little Black Dress with make-up and done up hair.  She even dared to hug some boys […]