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The Pressure is Getting To Me

my BIG little boy

Shaun is the youngest boy out of all his friends. I think because of his size his friends forget this and he feels pressured to do the things they do.  He’s always asking to do things I think he’s just too young to do. The other day he comes running in the house begging me to let him walk to the store with 2 of the boys in the neighborhood. He’s walked there before with Sabreena so it’s not about him not knowing where to go its more like the way and with who that’s the biggest problem.

The other 2 boys are about 10 years old, Shaun is 7. The one boy is not my favorite kid, he’s a bit of a bully and definitely a smart ass. The other kid is great, he’s polite, sweet and just goes with the flow like Shaun. The store itself isn’t far at all, maybe a 3 minute walk but the way to get there is on a 2 lane road with no sidewalk.

Again, he’s walked it before and knows to walk on the grass and watch for cars but I’m scared he’s gonna make that one wrong step or get a little to close to the road or goof off just a bit too much or be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. He begged and begged and said “My friends want to go buy a snack”, “Can’t I just walk with them”, “Why can’t I ever go” so I broke down. I told him fine but come back home as soon as your done so I know your safe.

He didn’t. I happened to be looking out of the window and saw them come back into the neighborhood and he didn’t come home first. I was mad but relived he was fine.

I don’t know how much more I can let him do. That was about my limit. He’s 7, he’s still little, at least to me.


Shaun Is Starting To Realize

One day this week Shaun lost a tooth that he has been messing with for weeks.  He came running downstairs to show up his new hole in his sort of pearly whites and to show us the bloody tooth.  He asked if he should put it in his tooth box.  Yes, he has a tooth box that we made somewhere as a craft a while back instead of putting it under his pillow.  If you ask me I would rather have a bloody tooth in a box instead of under his pillow, LOL.

 Here is the conversation that took place about his tooth:

 Me – Shaun, you going to put that in your tooth box

 Shaun – Yes

 Me – Who is going to come to leave you money for your tooth tonight

 Shaun – You know

 Me – No, who

 Shaun – You know

 Me – Ok, go put it in your box

 After he walked away I asked Melinda if she thought Shaun still believed in the tooth fairy.  I wasn’t 100% sure but I was leaning more towards the side of him not believing since he hangs out with older kids in the neighborhood.

So that night I put $2 (Melinda wanted to only give $1) in the box in exchange for the tooth.  The next day I asked Shaun if he got money for his tooth and here is the conversation:

 Me – Shaun did you get any money for your tooth

 Shaun – Yes

 Me – How much

 Shaun – I think $2 (then he mumbled a lot of other stuff, LOL)

 Me – So who left you the money

 Shaun – You know

 Me – The toothfairy

 Shaun – No, fairies are for girls

 Me – So who left you money then

 Shaun – You

 Me – Do you believe in the tooth fairy

 Shaun – NO

Busted.  My little boy is growing up and starting to realize certain things just aren’t real.  We told him not to say anything to Shae as she still believes in the tooth fairy. I am assuming she does but not 100% sure since she has never lost a tooth. 

At least he still believes in Santa I think unless the boys in the neighborhood told him we were Santa.  Guess we will find out next month!

In a way this is sad because my boy is growing up and isn’t my little baby anymore.

When Did This Happen?

Who told Sabreena she could become a young lady?  The nerve of this girl growing up so fast and becoming a mature, intelligent, respectful teenager.  She had the audacity to go homecoming this past weekend and look awesome in a Little Black Dress with make-up and done up hair.  She even dared to hug some boys in pictures and have a good time.  Doesn’t she know that this all made me cry because she’s still my sweet baby girl in my heart.  I still remember bringing her home from the hospital and celebrating her 1st bday and her taking her bra shopping.  I cried because I wanted to be with her as she got all dressed up for Homecoming but she spent the weekend with friends instead.  I cried because she called me after 11pm saying how much fun she had and I realized it wasn’t that late but I was the loser about to go to bed.  I cried because i want to cut these boy’s hands off because thats my baby they are hugging. I cried because she’s such a blessing to have in our family and I’m grateful she turned out so well considering what an obvious basketcase I am.