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Modern Mom Problems

Similar to #FirstWorldProblems us smartphone carrying, minivan driving, Pinterest browsing mamas have our own issues to deal with each day as we tackle the world with kids in tow, errands to run and mani/pedis to schedule. The car dealer moved my seat when they changed the oil in my car. My Skinny Soy Vanilla Chai […]

You Know Its Summer When

A little bit of summer humor

When Table Manners Go Wrong

We’ve always been sticklers for table manners. We usually eat together as a family and wait for everyone to be home unless there are extraordinary circumstances. We use please and thank you when asking for things across the table and we try to stay seated until everyone is done. One thing that I really enforce […]

It wasn’t hers in the first place

She’s cute with her cute little mug isn’t she. It’s technically not her mug though, it was mine that somehow became Sabreena’s. Over the summer Sabreena and her friends had a tea party and each person had to provide their own cup/mug. She brought one of ours. She asked for permission, I consented; all was […]

Instant Doggy Door Tutorial

I’m crafty!  Today I’m going to show you how to make your own doggy door. It’s really quite simple and just takes a couple minutes and some needed supplies. 1 Standard Screen Door 1 Hyper Active, Jumptastic, Super Excited Dog Instructions Let the dog outside. Close the screen door. Let an infrequent visitor; in our […]

What’s So Funny?

Because kids love JOKES… Here’s a list of some of our kids favorite jokes. They are all clean and safe for kids so please share with your own kids 🙂 Q. Where do cows like to go on dates? A. The moooooooo-vies! Q. What did the mayonnaise say to the fridge door? A. Shut the […]

I Don’t Miss These Moments

Since I was the Stay At Home Mom it was primarily my job to handle nighttime feedings. I had the whole schedule down. The pillows would be arranged in the right spot to support my arms and back, the bottles were always premade in the fridge and the tv remote was handy as was the […]