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10 Things to Get Rid of Today

We all have a touch of hoarder inside of us.  We hold onto things that we think we’ll use again or are of some value. The truth is “out of sight, out of mind” falls into place and we’re stuck with junk drawers, memory boxes and attics filled with stuff that we forgot about.

I’m a saver. I’ve gotten better over the years but I still have a hard time throwing away broken frames, half used craft supplies and glass jars. I think I’ll use this again. Maybe I will but probably not. I mean I save empty glass jars for bacon grease because that’s a practical application but the box of unused frames is just sitting. I keep thinking I’m going to create a lovely art piece for the bedroom but the truth is I look at them every few months and pretend it’s not there.

The result of just letting it all go is helps you achieve living a clutter free, less messy life.  Imagine the freeing feeling you’ll have knowing there is a cleaned out spot in your home.  A spot that doesn’t need your thoughts or attention.10 Things to Get Rid Of Today

Getting rid of things doesn’t mean you have to throw it out. Donating and recycling is always an option and should be first thought before heading to the trashcan.

We all have to start somewhere so feel free to take it slow. Work on this list 2 -3 items at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed or don’t feel that de-cluttering is going to take too much time.

  1. Old Clothes.  If you don’t have technical skill of a seamstress to alter and repurpose old clothes into new creations then let it go. Jeans that haven’t fit for 5 years are probably out of style in color and silhouette anyway.  This goes for your children’s clothes too. It’s time to clean out closets and drawers and make room for new, better fitting, better looking styles to go with a new you. Keep working on your weight loss goals but AGAIN, a new you deserves new duds.
  2. Old Technology.  Does your current computer even have a disk drive?  Have your memories professionally transferred to digital format and get rid of the VHS tapes, floppy disks, walkmans and obsolete cables. Don’t forget those old remotes.
  3. Plastic containers. Unless you practice Once a Month Cooking there is NO need for an entire cabinet of Tupperware and Rubbermaid containers.  First go through and get rid of mismatched lids and bowls then keep the ones you know you’ll use. Make sure they fit your fridge and freezer and make sure lids close tightly.  With the recognition of hazardous BPS this is a great time to weed through the pieces that could be the most dangerous.
  4. Coffee Mugs . How much coffee do you actually drink? Do you really need 4 mugs with your name on it plus the 3 other touristy mugs that others have brought back from your during their travels.  Keep the few that you love plus a couple more for guests.10 Things to Get Rid Of Today #declutter #springcleaning #purge
  5. Old Food. Scour that pantry, cabinets, basement storage and even the fridge for anything expired. Don’t stop at expired though. Pull everything that you know you’re not going to eat like that vegan cheese pasta topping or super spicy wing sauce that set your tongue on fire. Double check your spices. Now is a good time to set up a system so you know what you’re not using so you can get rid of them. Turn everything backwards and once it’s used turn it so the label can be seen. In a couple months toss those that are still facing the wrong way.
  6. Magazines. This is something I find really hard to do. I love leafing through magazines and getting ideas for crafts or recipes but when my pile starts getting too high I know it’s time to start minimizing the stash.  I pull out recipes and put them in a binder full of sheet protectors for later use. Crafty or design ideas are also ripped out and stashed with the appropriate supplies.  
  7. Medicines and Health Products. Our hall closet is sifted through once a year because there is nothing worse than reaching for children’s pain reliever in the middle of the night to find it expired 4 months previous. Resist those sales that make you stock up on the same cough medicine unless you plan on sharing with another family. Keep the staples on hand, cough relief, pain relief, allergy medicine antacids, first aid supplies and cough drops.
  8. Hangers. Don’t keep the terrible wire ones from the cleaners or the flimsy plastic styles from the mall.  Hangers aren’t expensive so you can easily buy good ones as you need them. Choose a style and color and moving forward stick to it.10 Things to Get Rid Of Today #declutter #springcleaning #purge
  9. Cosmetics and Beauty Items. Mascaras and Eyeliners have a very short life due to their exposure to the eye.  Face creams and foundations may last longer but it’s important to keep a close eye AND nose to everything that you use on a regular and not so regular basis. Smell things as you apply to make sure they don’t smell rancid. Look at your eye shadows and bronzers to make sure they aren’t appearing wet or shiny in a way they didn’t before.  Wash your brushes monthly also.
  10. Office and School Supplies. How many pens can you find if you opened every one of your junk drawers?  It’s time to downsize them, the notepads and the leftover folders from last years class.  Keep items that are new and appropriate for your child’s age (toss the Wiggles pencil case when they are in Middle School). Check each pen and marker so you know they work.

We don’t let our lives be over run with old and broken toys, shoes that don’t fit and furniture that has live well past it’s life. Don’t let the rest of your home get in the way of being clutter free and organized.  Start with a room or a closet or a family member; just start somewhere.

Collecting and Organizing Recipes and Inspiration

Let’s talk recipes. No not sharing them, just letting you know how I store them and use them. First let me talk about my favorite places to get inspiration for new meals.

Everyday Food by Martha Stewart
An excellent source for information about herbs, shelf life of pantry items, descriptions of ingredients and of course delicious recipes. I’ve taken so many things from these little magazines like Shaun’s favorite meal of Penne, Peas and Ham in an Oregano Mustard sauce. I know it doesn’t sound like something a kid would like but he gobbles it up. The online version isn’t as good as the paper version, this is why I keep all of my issues. It’s one little “readers digest size” mag a month but they are stuffed full with great ideas and pictures and helpful hints.  Trust me this will inspire great meals for years to come.
Most of the recipes listed on this huge database are from regular people. The ability to leave and read reviews from others who have tried a recipe in the past is my favorite feature. Also the option to change serving sizes works great when you need to feed a crowd or just 2. My favorite recipe from is Best Chocolate Chip Cookies (without nuts). We make this recipe quite often and it never fails to please.  Tons of articles and holiday tips, an excellent source for real eaters and home cooks.

Pioneer Woman

courtesy of Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond is a food blogger extraordinaire! Her recipes come from her heart as well as her ranch and the photography that goes along is enough to make your mouth water. Her Salted Caramel Apples look divine and I’m hoping to make them for Halloween with my family.

When I find a recipe I want to try online, I print it or if it’s in a magazine I rip it out and it goes in sheet protectors. They then go into a binder that has been outfitted with dividers labeled:

  • Breakfast
  • Soups & Stews
  • Appetizers
  • Sauces & Seasonings
  • Sides
  • Main Dishes
  • Desserts
  • Breads

I’ve collected so many recipes over the years that every couple months I have to weed out what I haven’t attempted or what we didn’t really like. If I’ve altered a specific recipe (I often do) I make notes right on the page so that I remember for next time.

My routine for meal planning was to go through and pull out the pages and hang them on the fridge so I knew what we were eating all week. I recently took cut index cards and wrote our most fave meals on them and randomly pull them for meal planning. This should work well to keep the menu fresh and different. I’ll add more cards as I remember meals we like or try new recipes we like. Maybe I’ll make cuter/neater cards in the future but this is just an experiment so I didn’t want to put too much into it.

What are your meal planning tips and tricks? Where do you find food inspiration?

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Get Organized with GlowBaby

Organization is key for all families. Glowbaby has been vital resource for many families for their user-friendly planning and scheduling tools.
meal planner
Being the primary cook in the house I have to stay organized for meal planning. GlowBaby has just released the Organized Family Menu Planner. This planner helps create 52 weeks of meals, shopping lists and recipe collections.

  • 52 weeks of Menu Planning worksheets with detachable shopping lists
  • Food preferences chart
  • Favourite Meals list
  • Recipes Section
  • Envelope to store recipes
  • Special Occasions Planning Pages – includes event information, menu planning chart, guest and RSVP list and notes
  • Measurement Conversion Chart
  • Wipeable Covers
  • Printed on FSC mixed sources paper

For new and expectant moms the My Story-A Book of Memories was created to capture the milestones and memories that come up each day watching our babies grow.

A Family Calendar is a must for busy schecdules and families on the go like us. I’m eager to use this when the school year starts. It’s set up to include space for everyone in the family and all the activities and errands going on.

Glow Baby is the design of Lindsay Harris. Becoming a mother made Lindsay quickly realize that she needed help getting and staying organized and that by offering her ideas and tools to other families she would help so many others in the same difficult situation.

Visit GlowBaby to learn of these new additions to the already stylish and useful collection of organizational products designed with families in mind.

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Organize your Shopping and Wishlists with Rightcliq by Visa

Shopping season is among us. If you’re at all like me you have a tattered piece of paper with ideas, stores, sizes and colors all over it. This is my Christmas Wishlist; well not just mine but things I want for the kids and other family and friends. There is a new way organize all of these lists now, Rightcliq by Visa.

So Rightcliq is an online tool to help keep your shopping lists or wishlists in order. Most of us shop online, maybe you browse online and shop in brick and mortar stores but for the most part it starts at your fingertips. Righcliq allows you to save all of those awesome finds together, on one page instead of a sidebar of different website bookmarks. Since signing up for my free account last week I’ve set up a wishspace not just for things I want but gift ideas for others.

rightcliq dashboard

The process is quite simple actually. Download the little Rightcliq widget that sits in your toolbar and when you find that perfect gift for Aunt Sally, click the button, highlight the product and Viola it’s in your “wishspace”. There’s also a Notes box where you can add information like who this is for, their birthday or even the quantity. Some sites I’ve found aren’t 100% compatible, it might not pull a picture or a complete description or a price but overall I’ve found it to be helpful. I’ve been adding things to my “wishspace” , sharing it with Rob so he can see all the great gift ideas I have not just for the kids but for family.

rightcliq wishspace bundles

Black Friday Sale may be the biggest shopping day of the year, but make everyday the best shopping experience you’ve ever had.. What better way to get a headstart on the hectic shopping than to get your “wants” and “needs” all in one spot so you can shop smarter, faster and more organized. Stay updated on Rightcliq’s latest offers and news by liking them on Facebook or becoming a Twitter follower.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.

How Do You Stay Organized?

Office supplies are my passion. Things that can keep me organize and clutter free and on top of tasks are held close to my heart. In our kitchen is a drawer full of all these wonderful things

  • Post-it Flags for magazines and homework
  • Post-it Notes for jotting down quick info, lists or messages for teachers
  • Post-it Pockets for easy access to recipes
  • Post-it Personal Calendars to stay on track for the week

Some may think we are in a digital age and paper notes and calendars are obsolete. I like to remain as unplugged as possible for a couple hours each day. This gives me time to read, play with the kids or catch up on household and family duties. In order to do this effectively I have to have certain information at the ready. This is where the Personal Calendar comes in; it’s a small blank weekly calendar that I post on the fridge or on my laptop that gives me quick glance of what’s going on the day and each day of the week. This doesn’t replace my online calendar that Rob and I share but it gives me a quick spot to double check without having to turn on a computer and wait for access.

Post-it notes have always been an obsession of mine even when I was a corporate girl. I was that person that had labels and notes on everything and they were color coded. With 3 bosses things got hectic really quick; lined and colored post-it pads were a savior. However you organize your life trust Post-it to guide you through the mess.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.

Moving Tips from some ole’ pros

You’re sick of hearing about it I know, I’m sick of talking about it but I want to share some info to make your next move easier.

The more organized you are before the move the better the outcome. But that is much easier said than done. Moving can throw even the most organized household into chaos. Getting organized before you take on moving is a commitment, but is well worth the effort in the long run. Here are some tips to help you on the road to an organized move:

Start planning as soon as you find out you have to move. The more time you have, the more organized you can be. Come up with a storage and moving to do list that you can follow and amend from now until moving day. Put everything you can think of on that list, no matter how trivial it seems now. When things get busy and hectic as you dismantle your house and get closer to your moving day, your very detailed to do list will assure that you will not forget anything.

Get rid of things you do not need. Go through everything in your house and put aside those items to either donate or sell. Most charities will send a truck to pick-up donated items but don’t give someone else your trash.

It is never too early to pack. Begin packing non essential items EARLY. Start with out of season items, decorations, the coat closet, garage tools and kids gear that is outgrown but being saved.  If you plan to put a stuff in storage, pack those items first and move them as soon as possible.

Label everything. Have loads of permanent markers, tape and labels handy while you pack. Label the contents of every box and in what room the box belongs. I even labeled something “Random Box of Sh!t” then listed everything that was in it.

Leave a few open and empty boxes for last minute items. You will want things like bed linens, toiletries and cleaning supplies readily available when you are unpacking. Label them clearly with “open first” so you can spot them and put them on the truck last or in the car with you.

Happy moving vibes to anyone going through it!

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.

Coupon Magic Organizer Review Giveaway-CLOSED

I wouldn’t call myself frugal but I do watch sales and clip coupons for groceries. True Couponing is the art of effectively using coupons in conjunction with sales, rebates and rewards programs to stretch those hard-earned dollars. There are tons of resources out there to get you started but you must start with one thing, organization; The Coupon Magic Organizer gives you that start.

Created out of necessity, working mom of 2, Tania Mings, created the Coupon Magic Organizer to help organize and utilize her coupons to the fullest. She needed a way to keep everything from her meal plan to the shopping list to her store flyers in one spot so that her grocery shopping would be smooth and best of all CHEAPER.

Organization is key for everything in our lives to live simpler, healthier and more resourceful. Grocery Shopping is no different. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone shopping with a list but without coupons. I’ve also gone shopping without a list and was stuck with 23 vanilla yogurts in the fridge. I was sent a Gold Edition Coupon Magic Organizer to review, watch how it works for me:

My personal wish; I want a smaller binder option. Half that size would be perfect for me so I could carry with me at all times. That is really where I go wrong with using coupons, not having them with me while running errands or stopping in to grab a few things if we need something for dinner on the way home from something else. The system is great though; it’s packed with tons of information and great ideas and tools to implement immediately and change over time to fit your lifestyle, schedule and personality. Shop for your own Gold or Silver Edition systems using coupon code “MOMDAD” for 10% off.  Don’t need all the tools but just want to know how to start turning coupons into cash you can download the Instructional Manual for just $10.  Thats a small price to pay for a big payoff often in your first shopping trip after utilizing the methods.

Like promised here is a sampling of the list of websites recommended by Tania Mings to help you get started on coupon organizing & money saving bliss: spending pays you back with money for college online coupons, products, sales, reviews, and rebates on stretching your dollars and live on less $$

Win your own Coupon Magic Organizer “GOLD Edition System”. This set includes: Color-Coded Dividers, 20 pages of 9-slot coupon pages (will hold 180 coupons), 3 Store Pockets, 3 pages of 3-slot coupon pages, Price Book (5 pages), Coupon Magic Organizer Meal Planner (12 pages), Coupon Magic Organizer Shopping List (12 pages), Fourteen Page Instructional and Savings Guide. The GOLD Edition does include the binder. To enter tell me how many times you go grocery shopping in 1 weeks time.

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This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.