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First Alert Onelink Environment Monitor

My family’s safety is paramount. When the kids are babies we made sure their car seats we’re properly installed. Medications are kept out of their reach. Helmets are fitted to their heads. They learned about stranger danger. Smoke detectors are checked every 6 months and the First Alert CO detector is installed and ready to alert us if dangerous levels creep into the home.

First Alert addresses threats of low-level CO with a first-of-its-kind innovation with an Apple® HomeKit-enabled Onelink Environment Monitor that provides instant updates on changing home conditions.Carbon Monoxide is often referred to as the silent killer. It’s a colorless and odorless gas, making it undetectable by sight, sound, smell or taste.  The effects of exposure can cause headaches, nausea, disorientation and even death. This is why monitoring for the presence of CO provides protection for those that mean the most to you.
The new Onelink by First Alert® Environment Monitor features advanced sensing technologies to monitor for both high and low levels of CO,both of which can be hazardous to human health. This first-of-its-kind innovation uses Apple’s revolutionary HomeKit technology to quickly notify users of any environmental changes or dangers via their connected iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).

The powerful monitor detects and notifies the app user whenever CO readings register at or above nine parts per million over time (compared with 30–70 parts per million for a standard CO alarm). This low-level sensing ability is particularly important in homes with newborns, pregnant women or senior citizens, who can be especially susceptible to the effects of carbon monoxide. When emergency levels of CO are detected, you are notified via the app’s push notification, the light flashes bright red and the device emits a loud, 85 decibel alarm, alerting that the area should be evacuated.
First Alert Apple® HomeKit-enabled Onelink Environment Monitor
The Onelink by First Alert Environment Monitor also features built-in temperature sensors. A multicolored LED ring on the monitor informs users at a glance regarding the status of their home’s temperature. The ring changes colors as temperatures shift. A white light glows if the room is at the programmed temperature, blue indicates the room is too cool and amber signifies it is too warm.
First Alert Apple® HomeKit-enabled Onelink Environment Monitor
As busy families we embrace new convenient technology that helps with keeping everyone safe, happy and healthy. First Alert Onelink Environment Monitor is the first in a series of of connected home devices providing simple solutions to life’s everyday issues.
For more information about the complete system, products available and how to purchase visit

Yale Key Free Deadbolt #review #home #safety

I woke up one Saturday morning and found that Rob had installed a new Touchscreen Deadbolt on our front door.  I was surprised by one fact, it had gone in so easily and quickly that no one else was even awake in the home.

Yale Key Free Deadbolt #easy #safety

Yale sent us the Key Free Deadbolt to review.  This is something that Rob’s been wanting for a long time. Shaun is 11 years old but I DO NOT think he’s responsible enough to have a key to the house. I’m home when they get home from school so there is no need to worry about how they get in the house.

There have been occasions where I’m running around getting errands done and I notice the time. I’ve had to call a neighbor or my mother to meet them. Not the most convenient thing to do.  The Key Free Deadbolt gives me peace of mind that they can get in the house safely in case I’m not there. Best feature so far; it locks on its own.  Waving your hand over the panel will engage the bolt but kids aren’t thinking about that as they are running out the door for the bus or friends waiting on the sidewalk.  Within just a few seconds of the door closing the deadbolt will turn on its own; locking the door securely.

The Yale Key Free Deadbolt comes with an illuminated touchscreen and the ability to give out 25 user codes.  This gives us the option of  having a “guest code” for emergencies where I have to ask a neighbor or Sabreena’s friend to come over and let the dogs out or close the windows in a rainstorm.

All of these things have happened.

The Yale Keyless Entry products also come with the ability to sync up to some home security systems. This gives parents more peace when they can get text alerts that their children have let themselves in the home after school.  Shaun and Shae take turns entering their code to open the door, even when the garage door is open.Yale Key Free Deadbolt #easy #safety

Rob said the installation was by far the easiest Honey Do task he’s encountered in a LONG time.  The instructions were voice-guided directly from the deadbolt. A couple of screws, some tightening and it was done. We did replace our doorknob too. It had a key and I didn’t want anyone to accidently lock the doorknob when we were trying to go keyless.  Unfortunately our local home store didn’t carry Yale products so I didn’t get Yale doorknob but I think we got a good match.

If you have kids growing up and going in and out think about taking safety a step further with a Yale Key Free Deadbolt. No keychains required.

Keep Valuables Safe with Sentry Safe Review plus Giveaway

There’s been a lot of talk about identity theft and the importance of properly destroying documents linked to your personal information. This is why we shred bills, receipts and other things that aren’t needed anymore. But what about those documents you NEED to keep; birth certificates, IRS documents, social security statements, and investment paperwork just to name a few.

These items need to be stored safely and within reach when needed. A home safe has been on our list of MUST BUY for a long time. Unfortunately it’s one of those things you never think you need until it’s too late. My grandmother passed away almost 3 years ago and when my grandfather gave us the go ahead to donate her clothing and belongs we found tons of cash hidden in drawers and pockets and boxes. If she had a safe we wouldn’t have had to worry about throwing away an old box of tissues for fear of $800 stashed in it.

sentry safe fire safe hd4100

sentry safe hd4100

This is just one example of what a safe could be used for. Sentry®Safe has options to hold and secure all types of property and belongings. Whether you have weapons, heirlooms, collectables or documents a quick survey on will tell you exactly which safe is perfect for you and your home.  We received the HD4100  Fire Safe for review and it’s hanging file folder capacity allows us to store items for each family member neatly organized while still leaving enough space for things to add over the years.

Sentry®Safe is a long-time family run business that is dedicated to the importance of not only producing a useful product but also a reliable one. Sentry®Safe was the first company to company to launch a fire-resistant safe in 1955. Being the first to master these advancements shows they are masters of this field. Innovation and improved technology is the only way to stay on top and keep proving themselves as the go to for personal and business safety.

Take a moment and wonder what would happen if your home or business was taken by a fire or flood. From now until January 5th, Sentry®Safe is running a promotion for consumers to win prizes.

  1. Each time you use the “Memorable Gift Finder” tool, you’ll be entered to win prizes including: the safe you were matched with, gift cards, products and other prizes. The Grand Prize is a $1,000 Expedia Gift Card!
  2. SentrySafe will be running a QR code promotion. Consumers just scan the QR code on a given SentrySafe product, and instantly win a Home Depot gift card, products or the Grand Prize of $1000 Home Depot? gift card.

If you got the things you always wanted for the holidays and now want to keep them safe a lucky LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! reader will be winning the Sentry®Safe HD4100 Fire Safe(the one featured above). Let me know what important or valuable items you need secured in your home or business.

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