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New Balance 711 Trainer Review

The road to weightloss and healthy living is a long bumpy one. There are many distractions and excuses that get in the way. The best way to stay focused and on track is to have a goal and enlist the help from products you trust and rely on. New Balance is one of those brands.

A while back i was sent a pair of 711 trainers. The timing was great, i was getting back into running. Over the years my feet have grown a tough. My usualy size 8’s weren’t comfortable when it came to athletic shoes so I moved up to 8 1/2 for these. Unfortunately that did work for these shoes either. I had to request a size 9. Perfect fit. I chalk it up to being a slimmer fit shoe, no big deal. Those 8 1/2 shoes when to my mother who has started walking again too.

The 711 Trainer is lightweight with a stretchy flexible fit all over the foot. The cushioning technology called CUSH+ is a revolutionary foam compound. Offering ultra soft and responsive cushioning and comfort without sacrificing durability or stability.

That cushioning makes it’s comfortable to run on concrete, wall the mall, workout in the gym and hike the trails with the kids.
New Balance 711 Trainer Review

New Balance 711 Trainer Review #runner

I’ve trusted New Balance for many years to outfit my feet in comfort and support. I also support New Balance as they support Made in America efforts.

In 2013, 1 out of every 4 pairs of shoes we sold in the USA was made or assembled here. Where the domestic value is at least 70%, we label our shoes “Made in the USA.”

With over 5 US factories New Balance is providing jobs for their own employees and the employees of their Made In America suppliers from Pennsylvania to Maine to Ohio and back home to Massachusetts.

Shop New Balance knowing you’re getting great shoes, gear and apparel.

New Balance Rainbow Shoes Giveaway

With warmer weather comes more time spent outside for the kids. That means more time at the park, bike riding, running and playing. New Balance has Shae suited up in these spectacular Rainbow 890v3 sneakers.

A break from tradition is how I like to describe the fun vibrant colors of these Rainbow shoes. They are lightweight but provide the stability and comfort that kids needs, keeping them constantly on the go.

New Balance are our family’s go to brand of sneakers when we are looking for functional footwear that will withstand a beating. Most of our athletic footwear is from New Balance because we know we can trust them to fit, wear well and look good.

New Balance is partnering with Chop Chop magazine to encourage families to “Run the Rainbow/Eat the Rainbow,” or educate readers on the benefits of exercise and healthy eating for the whole family. Launching in March, Chop Chop and New Balance will be running a sweepstakes in which entrants have a chance to receive a $400 gift card to their favorite local grocery store, as well as monthly prize packs including a 1-year subscription to Chop Chop magazine and a pair Rainbow 890v3s.

New Balance Sweepstakes, New Balance Rainbow Shoes, Giveaway

Enter to win your own New Balance 890vs sneakers for girls here at LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too. Tell me what kind of steps you take to make sure your kids are living a healthy lifestyle.

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New Balance made in the US

You won’t find many sandals or flip flops in Rob’s closet. In fact other than his work shoes, 1 pair of slippers and 1 pair of slides all he owns are sneakers. He loves sneakers of all kinds and ends up keeping them for a really long time. Even the garage has a stash of sneakers that are now only worth mow the lawn or cleaning the car.

new balance 990 AlignNew Balance have been Rob’s go to sneaker for years. He loves the fit and styles that go with everyday clothes. This Father’s Day Rob got another pair of sneakers to start the summer off fresh.

The New Balance 990 is what I would call a throwback. Rob and Shaun have both had this shoe in the past and it’s one that they lean towards when picking out new shoes. What we like especially about this shoe is it is/or mostly made in the US.

New Balance is the only athletic shoe company that currently manufactures or assembles shoes in the USA. Calling some already existing historic and shoe manufacturing facilities home is a great way for New Balance to nestle itself into the little communities.

Align is a collection of men’s training apparel that is designed to give visual cues during weight training. The wicking fabric pulls the perspiration away from the body allowing body to stay cool and dry. The weight of the shirt feels much high quality than other sport shirts that Rob purchases.

New Balance will be staying a staple in Rob’s closet for a long time.
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Running on Cloudrunners

As you know Rob and I took up running a few weeks ago. Our progress hasn’t been as good as I wanted mainly due to some pain.  During the first week of running I was getting intense pain in my feet, they were burning, going numb and felt bruised.  I got some comfort insoles.  Then I was having issues with my ankles, twisting them with simple steps.  I then got a ankle brace to add some stability.

I realized I was wearing the wrong running shoes.  I needed something that was going to support and stabilize my steps.  Getting up off the couch and instantly running was hard on my body. Rob and I did some research on good running shoes and found a company that actually has a shoe that is perfect for overweight people.  On is a shoe company that specializes in running shoes.  That’s it. No gear, no clothes, no gadgets, just a focus on the feet.
on running shoes company
On’s Cloudtec  technology is designed to absorb the impact of  the landing and taking off of each step with these “clouds” of rubber on the bottoms of the shoes.

Rob was able to find his shoes at a local Foot Locker, I wasn’t so lucky.  I contacted On and they aggreed to let me try out a pair of Cloudrunners to hopefully improve my run.  I’ve had the shoes for a couple weeks now and while my endurance has improved my pain has continued.  A couple days before receiving the Cloudrunner’s I started to develop what I thought were shin splints.  Here I am 2 weeks later with the same agonizing pain unable to run more than a few minutes.  Now Rob thinks i could have a minor stress fracture so I’m am going to take it easy.
cloudrunner running sneakers
The Cloudrunner makes concrete easy. The patented CloudTec™ system absorbs not just vertical but also horizontal impacts, making this model ideal for intensive endurance runs or longer training sessions. Heavy impact is transformed into a light, natural run that stimulates your postural muscles. Run on clouds. The Cloudrunner activates the running muscles and transforms impact into a light and natural stride. An enforced CloudTec™ system enables excellent stress absorption, efficient energy transfer and fast recovery.

For the time I was wearing On Cloudrunners I did notice less pain in my feet.  I worked with a local running specialty store where they fitted me for an insole that corrected my pronation so I no longer need the ankle brace.  So that left me just me and my shoes. I noticed better running form, better breathing, better endurance. I feel like I could be on a good road towards running that is fun.

Today running is not fun, not something I look forward to.  I want that day to come and plan on continuing the training when my right leg cooperates. I’m signed up for the Blogher 5k Fun Run and will be there, running, walking, hobbling or even wheeling myself down the streets of Manhattan.

New Balance Kids Sneakers Giveaway

It’s Back to School Time! The list is long of everything needed. For Shaun the top of his list are new sneakers. By the time summer rolls around we are lucky his shoes have stayed in one piece so he can truly beat them up. New Balance is back with a great review for kids sneakers; this time of the 688 collection.

New Balance 688 – Perfect for the active kid on the go, the New Balance 688 offers the support, comfort and cushioning Moms and Dads look for, in a bright, fun package that kids will love. The 688 is a technical running shoe featuring ABZORB cushioning and a fashionable upper design in a variety of pop colors. Available in lace or alternative closures for July 2011. MSRP: $44.95 Youth, $34.95 Infant.

Shaun is the typical boy; tshirts, running shorts and sneakers tend to be his uniform for school. As cool weather comes around just switch the shorts with jeans. He likes to be able to take off on foot if the opportunity arises and doing that is fancy shoes doesn’t work. I asked him to pick out his New Balance 688 and he instantly chose gray/red/black color combination with the alternative closure. The kid knows how to tie his shoes but that is just a waste of his time. A quick hook & loop closure is the much better way to go to get out the door and to the bus stop.

new balance in action

on your mark


We’ve never had a bad experience with New Balance sneakers. For the last 4 years they’ve been all the Shaun and Rob wears. They hold up to daily wearing and as long as they fit they continue to work well as play, gardening, yard work shoes once a newer, shinier pair comes along.

Just in time for Back to School, New Balance is giving away a child/infant pair of 688 sneakers to a LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! reader. Visit New Balance and tell me the color combination you choose and who they would be for.

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