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Our Summer with Camp Invention

The summer is wrapping up and the kids head back to school next week. While we definitely took advantage of the long summer vacation we definitely made lots of learning moments.

Weekly trips to the library opened their eyes to Greek mythology and magic.
Hikes in the state park introduced them to nature and taught them the Poison Ivy song.
Rainy days reinforced their imagination to beat the boredom.

Then there’s Camp Invention. Shae took a week of her vacation and spent it creating, discovering, inspiring, building and exploring. Camp Invention is the nation’s premier summer enrichment day camp with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with hands on activities.Camp Invention 2015 Ambassador Review

Her week long experience was amazing. She loved the fun that was injected into each day’s project and came home excited for what was in store the next day.Camp Invention 2015 Ambassador Review

We started the week with a box full of recycled materials, craft supplies and and old DVD Player. They were told they were going to reverse engineering their broken appliances to create a maze of circuits. This exercise focuses the kids’s minds on strategy, problem solving and innovation. I witnessed the kids in Mr. Ostheimer’s class eager to get started. They listened intently on directions, interjected their own ideas for the upcoming week and immediately got to work learning about the tools and supplies needed to stay safe.Camp Invention 2015 Ambassador Review

Camp Invention 2015 Ambassador Review

KartWheel might have been the most exciting part of Shae’s week. Utilizing teamwork, communication and household products and cardboard boxes the kids built go karts that were raced then destroyed with water balloons.Camp Invention 2015 Ambassador Review

There’s no reason to worry about summer brain drain when there are opportunities like Camp Invention in your backyard. We’ll check back next year and hopefully Camp Invention comes back in our area.


Camp Invention more than just Summer Camp #Giveaway

As a working parent the looming summer is bearing a heavy burden on my shoulders.  We’re set up with the pool membership, my mother has retired and plans on doing activities with the kids, my oldest is changing her work schedule so she can have more fun this summer instead of working all day.

But what about the dreaded “brain drain”. In my opinion summer should be fun.  Not full of assignments and reports but there also has to be some stimulation of the mind that DOESN’T come from video games. This is where Summer Camp comes in.  Camps give kids a bit of structure in the middle of summer chaos.  The schedule and organization is reminiscent of school but definitely with MORE fun and creativity involved.Camp Invention Summer Day Camp STEM learning

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Camp Invention, the nation’s premier summer enrichment day camp with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with hands on activities.  These young minds are exposed to innovative giants such as  National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF) Inductees, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) representatives and high-profile educators. Each year embarks on a new adventure and program. Camp Invention Summer Day Camp STEM learning

For 2015 Camp Invention brings to its campers “Illuminate”.  This year’s program will encourage students to explore their inventiveness through an innovation laboratory, investigation of circuits and taking on a nature-inspired design challenge. As they build and make discoveries, they will have a chance to invent a prototype from scratch and explore math from a new angle when they create origami flight models during team-building exercises.Camp Invention Summer Day Camp STEM learning #Giveaway

This year Shae will be a camper and Shaun will be a counselor in training with Camp Invention/Invention Project. This will be their first experience with summer camp and its gonna be amazing.

I want your child to have an amazing summer too!  We’re giving away a camp registration for a local chapter of Camp Invention in your community.

This year The Illuminate curriculum features five energetic and fun-filled modules that include:

  • Inducted – this module will introduce your child to innovation role models and give them a first-hand account of what it takes to make their mark on the world and get into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
  • Design Studio – Children will be empowered to explore their creativity in our innovation laboratory, where they can design their own invention, investigate circuits or take on a nature-inspired design challenge.
  • I Can Invent: Next Level Gamers – No matter if your child is an avid video gamer or plays occasionally, they will love the opportunity to help the Camp Invention Gaming Labs come up with the next must-have video game called MazeWorld.
  • KartWheel – Future engineers will love the opportunity to create a freestyle race kart that can withstand water and navigate the ultimate wet terrain obstacle course – all while designing in the outdoors and getting some exercise.
  • M.O.V.E.: Motion, obstacles, variety, excitement – Our campers are movers and shakers and we want to encourage them to use that momentum in our kinesthetic learning module! Participants will use their imagination as they reach for the stars and get in motion, overcome obstacles, make variations to classic games and build excitement during this activity!

Are you excited?  Enter today by telling me WHY this type of camp would benefit your child.

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