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Teaching Your Child Their ABCs

Teaching Your Child Their ABCs

For toddlers, the world is their oyster. Everything they come across sparks their curiosity. For them, the world is their classroom, and everything is their teacher. They love learning new things, and if they can put it to use, then better.

It is really easy to get toddlers interested in new concepts. So far we have talked about fun ways to teach them various things like identifying colors, learning about shapes, playing with numbers and counting, the only fundamental thing left is the alphabet.

Make Them Learn Their Name

Getting them interested in learning letters is really easy. All you have to do is play off of their curiosity. Start by teaching them how to read or write their name. You can have their name on their toys and their bedroom door and teach them to recognize the letters.

Knowing how to read and write their own name is one of the accomplishments that they cherish when starting out. This motivates them to learn your names, and then their toys’ names, and then everything else’s as well.

  • Point to the letters while saying them out loud. This will help them associate the letter to its sound.
  • Group things that begin with the same letter so that the association for the letter grows stronger.
  • Point out street signs and let them identify as many letters as they can and help them with the rest.

These are some practical uses that can excite them. One thing that I have learned is that kids get more excited to learn about things when they can use it somehow and showoff to the adults. So, if you can show them the uses of the things they are learning, they will catch on pretty quickly.

Make Them Read

Now that they know they will be able to spell out their name and read their favorite candy store’s name, they will be more interested in learning the letters. 

  • Make sure to point to the letters, teach them to read by placing their finger under the letter or word as they read so that they connect the sound to the letter. 
  • Make sure to speak slowly and enunciate every word and letter clearly as they will imitate what we say.

Help them read their own bedtime story. Start with their favorites and help them read along. Get picture books or help them make their own by following the same tips we talked about in the learning shapes post.

How to make a game of your own

Letters are one of the basic knowledge partings we give our children. You can teach them their alphabet by starting with their name. Help them label their things. Hangs a letter chart in their bedroom. Let them group their things that start with the same letter. Make a game out of learning.