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Making Her Own Birthday Cake #kidsinthekitchen

Making Her Own Birthday Cake #KidsintheKitchen #happybirthday

We celebrate this week. It was Shae’s 7th birthday. Early in the week she decided on her dinner and birthday cake; homemade meatloaf and vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.  Simple enough right. Well I’m good with the meatloaf, it something my kids really really love but I’m not a good cake baker. I can make an […]

Salad and Sandwich Bites #kidsinthekitchen

Salad and Sandwich Bites #KidsintheKitchen

It’s almost time to go back to school and Shae and I are working on some new lunch ideas. I’m trying to stick with healthy options but I also want her to enjoy what she’s eating to that means getting her input. These mini Salad and Sandwich Bites are a great compromise. She likes bologna. […]

Sautéed Shrimp and Risotto #kidsinthekitchen

Sautéed Shrimp and Risotto #kidsinthekitchen

Sometimes dinner gets fancy. Especially when Shae starts leafing through my cookbooks. This is how our Sautéed Shrimp and Risotto dish happened. I feel like this is has been the most involved Shae has been in a meal preparation EVER. She definitely took all the credit for dinner this night. Rightfully so too. She peeled […]

Watermelon Lemonade made by kids #kidsinthekitchen

Watermelon Lemonade made by kids #kidsinthekitchen #cookingwithkids

After our tropical vacation last week Shae came home craving refreshing and exotic drinks with umbrellas and whipped cream. We compromised with this Watermelon Lemonade Drink Recipe because it was easy to create and we had all the ingredients on hand. Easy might for us might not be for you. The hardest part of the […]

Kid Friendly Snacks & Food for Summer #kidsinthekitchen

Strawberry Shortcake in a Stick

Summer is in full swing and the kids are ravenous after the pool, playground and parks.  I’ve put together this awesome list of Kid-Friendly Foods for Summer to satisfy any appetite. Don’t worry about the picky eaters or allergies because there’s a little something for every age and tastebud and nutritional level. Sand Dessert via […]

Frozen Banana Pops #kidsinthekitchen

Frozen Banana Pops #kidsinthekitchen #recipe, cooking with kids

You know I’m always on the hunt for new snacks and treats for the kids. Lately they seem to be asking for ice cream all the time. Our pool snackbar has ice cream so it happens more often that it’s becoming an afternoon snack versus a once in a while treat. I wanted to find […]

Cinnamon Apple Crisp #recipe #kidsinthekitchen

Kids in the Kitchen making Cinnamon Apple Crisp #kidsinthekitchen

I love having a helper in the kitchen. Especially one that can read, measure (for the most part) and mix without getting most of the ingredients on the counter. Shae is gonna be one hell of cook and baker when she grows up because she’s always wanting to make something.  This week’s Cinnamon Apple Crisp […]

Mango Strawberry Smoothie #kidsinthekitchen

Mango Strawberry Smoothie #kidsinthekitchen

Breakfast during the summer comes later and later each day. The kids are sleeping in later or not eager to come out of their caves into the sunlight until they feel their bellies growl in protest. This week was full of lazy mornings so smoothies were a quick and easy breakfast that pleased everyone, even […]

Making Eggs in a Hole Breakfast #kidsinthekitchen


Breakfast seems to be the most quiet part of the day lately. The kids are waking up groggy and zombielike. This comes from a day of play in the sun and pool. I obviously want to start them off with a good breakfast. Shae asks for eggs and toast all the time. At age 6 […]

Spinach and Cheese Bites #Recipe #kidsinthekitchen

Spinach and Cheese Bites #Recipe #kidsinthekitchen

Finding new lunch and snack ideas for the kids over the summer is on my to-do list. We wasted no time. The first day of summer break and we were experimenting in the kitchen with classics like pizza dough and not so favorites like spinach. My kids eat what I serve but I want them […]