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Grand Turk Island #CruisingCarnival

We’re in the middle of our Carnival Cruise aboard the Fantasy. I planned on sharing more in the trip sooner but it’s been a very exciting few days with very little down time. Our first stop at Grand Turk Island was anything but busy and on the go.

Grand Turk Island #CruisingCarnival

We spent a couple hours relaxing under palm trees, enjoying frozen drinks from Margaritaville (meet my new Parrothead boyfriend) and swimming in the gorgeous turquoise water. Grand Turk Island #CruisingCarnival Grand Turk Island is nestled in the Atlantic Ocean between South Caicos Islands and Salt Cay Island. Carnival Cruise uses Grand Turk Island as a Port of Call for it’s lush foliage, clear waters and welcoming towns people. Our visit was dotted with smiles from the employees within the Cruise Center and Margaritaville.The soft sands made for a great gathering spot for the kids. We even came prepared with buckets and shovels. When we got to the beach the kids found an instant playmate. On our lounger was a coconut. The kids named her Wanda.

Grand Turk Island #CruisingCarnivalWanda went swimming, playing in the sand and even bathed in the sun. This is her “throne”.

Grand Turk Island #CruisingCarnival The stop might have been short but Grand Turk was gorgeous and somewhere I’d love to visit again.

This Family is #CruisingCarnival

In just a few shorts days we’re heading out for our summer family vacation thanks to Carnival Cruiselines. We aren’t strangers to the cruise but nowhere near the cruise enthusiasts I want to be. Our last cruise was 4 years ago and the kids still talk about it and have been begging to go again since then. Timing couldn’t have been better either; Sabreena graduated high school a few weeks ago. Rob and I will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary while at sea and Shae turns 7 a couple weeks after we get back. It’s celebration time all around.

The Carnival Fantasy leaves out of Charleston, South Carolina and headed to the Caribbean. We’ll be taking the 9 hour drive to South Carolina overnight, seeing some of the pretty and historical sights of Charleston then boarding the 855 foot boat for non-stop fun over the next 8 days.This Family is #CruisingCarnival #FamilyTravel

Our Ports of Call while #CruisingCarnival

Grand Turk-Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos, may be small, but it’s packed with scenic punch and historic charm. Carnival® cruises to Grand Turk deliver you to an enchanted island outpost dotted with old windmills, grassy trails, and picture-perfect beaches. Discover an oasis of green set in aquamarine seas ringed by a pristine coral reef and the steep wall of the continental shelf with cruises to Grand Turk. Swim in the sparkling turquoise seas off Governor’s Beach. Snorkel or dive the coral reefs fringing Grand Turk.This Family is #CruisingCarnival #Fantasy Grand Turk #FamilyTravel

Half Moon Cay, the Bahamas-Fulfill your tropical island fantasy on Carnival cruises to Half Moon Cay, the Bahamas. Sway in the sweet Bahamian breezes to the rhythms of calypso and find romance on this private island paradise. Cruises to Half Moon Cay deliver you to an idyllic sun-drenched island hideaway where you can play in the turquoise seas, ride horseback on powdery white sand, and encounter silky stingrays. Sail, swim or snorkel the shallow blue-green Atlantic. Ride horseback along the sea’s edge on Half Moon Cay cruises.half moon cay

Nassau, the Bahamas-Blessed by balmy breezes and jumping to a bouncy calypso beat, Carnival cruises to Nassau, Bahamas promise sizzling fun in the sun. The historic and cultural heart of The Bahamas is one of the world’s most popular cruise ship ports—one million travelers board cruises to Nassau annually.This Family is #CruisingCarnival #Fantasy Nassau #FamilyTravel

The Fantasy is filled with so much to do during the 8 days at sea. The kids will enjoy Club Carnival, Hasbro the game show, video games in the arcade, putt putt golf and of course Waterworks water park. Rob and I have the casino, nightclubs, Punchliner Comedy club, the piano bar, Serenity Adult Retreat and spa services to rival the best in the country.

As a family we’ll have lots of time to relax by the pool, enjoy casual dining with 24 hour soft-serve ice cream and pizza and do a little shopping while sailing.

Follow along all week while we share our experiences, photos from the Caribbean and memories we make while #cruisingcarnival.

Choose Cruise for Family Friendly Vacation

Lately I’ve been hearing from families if cruises are truly family friendly. One of the biggest worries I hear “Is there going to be stuff for my toddler to do”. I say yes. We brought a toddler on a cruise and she still talks about it, remembers it vividly. My recommendation for a truly family friendly cruise is Carnival Cruise Lines. They are by far one of the most accommodating cruise lines for families out there. The staff goes out of their way to treat everyone like family and you definitely get the biggest bang for your buck when booking versus other cruise lines.

Something for everyone. Kids love mini golf but dad loves comedy while mom enjoys a relaxing massage. Get all of these options and more on board. The newer ships are adding more and more onboard entertainment and activities for every age. Don’t forget about the onboard pools and water parks and arcades.

Camp/Daycare/Youth programs. Send the kids to camp for the day or just a few hours while the adults indulge in some quiet poolside time. Let the teens dance dance dance with new friends at Club O2. Camp Carnival Night Owls(fees apply) is the ship’s newest adventure; giving kids the chance to stay later with organized events when the sun goes down. Camp Carnival is included in the cost of your cruise and runs on every ship in the fleet. Carnival caters to families and has activities and programs designed for kids age 4-months to 17 years old.

Food for every taste. Even the pickiest of eaters are going to find something to eat at one of the many restaurants. 24-hour pizza and room service is also an option for those less than structured meal times. Those with more refined palates can choose sushi, mongolian wok, gourmet Guy Fieri Burgers or signature dining options available everyday.

New sites everyday. How else are you going to be able to hope around to 3-4 different countries in just 1 week’s time. Ports of call are wonderful ways to get a peek at new scenery and experience a different culture even for just a few hours. Beaches, jungles, villages and markets are welcoming sites for tourist activity and shopping and excursions.

Trouble Free. Once you step on the boat there isn’t anything else you need to worry about. Your meals, transportation, entertainment and clean towels are all taken care of. Extras include beverages, casinos and spa treatments but those can be budgeted or left out without affecting your overall experience and satisfaction. Each day you receive an activity sheet for kids and you.  The thinking is done for you.

cruises for families, carnival cruise collage
My kids still talk about the cruise we experienced 2 years ago. They look at pictures, remember the beach excursions and talk about the plethora of food. We were able to spend a great deal of quality time together but each person was also able to enjoy their own time and space and adventures without hampering anyone else’s great time.

I Can’t Wait!

carnival-cruise-blogger-ambassadorOn November 13th, my favorite band, Maroon 5 will be playing in Galveston, TX. Carnival is offering this free-ticketed concert on Pier 21 to welcome Magic, their newest ship to set sail in states. Galveston is going to be homeport to the Carnival Magic and what better way to celebrate its inaugural sailing than with a party with a thousand fans.

“We wanted to do something big and memorable to mark Carnival Magic’s U.S. debut and what better way to celebrate than to bring together fans of music and fans of Carnival, along with our partners in Galveston, for an exceptional afternoon of fun and entertainment,” said Gerry Cahill, Carnival Cruise Lines’ president and CEO.

Rob and I are going to be there, front and center, rocking with the rest of Galveston and other invited Carnival guests. We’re getting a sneak peak of the Magic before it heads out on its maiden US voyage. We’ve been on a Carnival cruise before, last year’s awesome family vacation was aboard the Dream; and a dream it was. The amenities, food, entertainment and activities rival those of resorts and hotels. We talk constantly about booking again and just can’t figure out where to go, when to go and which ship to sail. It doesn’t help that Carnival is pumping out ships bigger and better than the one before.

Do you want to come to Galveston with us? Carnival is giving away tickets, airfare, accommodations and spending money. Make a video of Your Best Dance Moves and upload it to Carnival’s Facebook Page. Check out all the details and good luck!

We are just a couple weeks away and I’m beyond excited. Did I tell you Maroon 5 is my favorite band, no lie.

Fun for All, All for Fun

As a Carnival Cruise Line Ambassador it is my duty to let you know of all the fun things onboard. For years I thought I would be scared or bored on a cruise ship. I also never thought it would be an adventure for the whole family. carnival-magic-waterworks

If you followed along our Carnival Dream vacation last year you’ll know I was dead wrong. Carnival caters to the whole family. Starting with Camp Carnival for the youngest all the way up to Cloud 9 Spa for the moms and dads. We enjoyed parties, music, concerts, movies, shows, crafts, activities, food and swimming each and every day. Honestly, there wasn’t enough time in the day to take in all the amenities.

Carnivals newest addition is the Magic, the cruise line’s largest ship yet. The Magic has upgraded Waterworks with a more elaborate onboard waterpark that includes a dump bucket that pours HUNDREDS of gallons of water on unsuspecting sunbathers.

Parents aren’t left out of the fun either. The RedFrog Pub is hangout for adults, where they can get together, have a drink and enjoy the live entertainment and gameroom. Whether it’s the largest ship or a local ship I guarantee you’ll have a blast on a Carnival Cruise with the whole family.



I Disclose

Why I’m Looking Forward To Our Next Carnival Cruise

So it has been about a week since we have come home from our week aboard the Fun Ship Carnival Dream. This was the entire families’ first cruise and I loved it so much that is all I have been talking about. So much that Melinda told me she is sick of hearing it and not because she didn’t have a great time but because I am excessive and that is ALL I have talked about.

Here is a list of the things that make me want to go on another cruise:

  • 24/7 Food – The Carnival Dream had burgers until 1:30am, deli sandwiches until 11pm, pizza 24/7, room service 24/7, ice cream 24/7 and the daily 6pm dining in the Crimson Dining Room was to die for(the food was soooo good)
  • Non-stop entertainment – Shows in the Comedy Club, Encore Theater, Casino (which I was a few dollars at), and not to mention the piano bar and dance club. The picture below is the Fun Force (Break Dancers), they were awesome.

  • Serenity Lounge – Adults only lounge. We did get to use this once for about an hour while Sabreena stayed with Shaun and Shae but the next cruise will be just Melinda and I and this will be utilized a lot more.
  • Pools – They were salt water which I thought was pretty cool.
  • Port – What better way to get to see four different places in 7 days. We went to Cozumel, Belize, Isla Roatan and Costa Maya.
  • Relaxation – We got to do some of this but again with three kids this was hard to do. Next time we will be sure to relax to the fullest.

This past cruise we flew to Florida and left out of Port Canaveral which was very nice but next time we are going to leave from the Port of Baltimore which is about an hour drive for us. Leaving closer to home will cut down the travel time by about 80% plus we can bring more cloths without having to pay bag fees, LOL.

Even though the kids will not be cruising with us next time the highlight of this cruise for Shaun was probably Camp Carnival. Shaun enjoyed camp so much he missed dinner with us one night and went to dinner with his camp friends which I was shocked about because he loved dessert so much at the 6pm dinning. For Sabreena was probably Club O2 where she made a few friends and got to hang out a little bit and for Shae was Water Works where she spent a ton of time on the slide.

For some reason I was always scared to cruise thinking the boat would sink or get hit by a rouge wave but I must admit it was the best vacation we have ever been on. Everyone including the staff was SUPER friendly and we were never bored because there was always something to do.

I can’t wait until our next cruise on the Fun Ship Carnival Pride out of Baltimore!

Thank you to Carnival for providing the complimentary 7-day cruise as part of their Mom-bassador Program. All opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and were not influenced in anyway by anyone.

Need To Find My Groove!!!

With vacation over and school now in session it is time for me to get my groove back.

This morning at 6am reality hit me like a ton of bricks. Vacation is over and it is time to get back into the routine that is called “Real Life”. For the last seven days I have been living in what I call “Vacation/Fantasy Life”. I am sure most of you are like me and prefer the vacation/fantasy life over real life but we all know only the rich and famous live that life 24/7, LOL.

It has been nice because for the last seven days I have been eating whatever I want whenever I want and I have the waist to show it. While on the cruise I put on 7 pounds (Went to the gym Sunday to try to work it off). I couldn’t help it, the food was sooooo good and there was so much of it EVERYWHERE!!!!! I went to bed when I wanted and during the day did whatever I and the family wanted which included trips to the beach, pool and water slides.

Vacation is awesome but the after effects stink. I am at work now wishing I was back on vacation and not in the mood to do anything what so ever. I am exhausted because last night I went to bed way to late probably thinking I was still on vacation. Don’t get me wrong I love my “Real Life” but I also love “Vacation/Fantasy Life”.

Do you find it hard to get back into your daily routine after vacation?


On Our Way Back

It’s been a ridiculously fun time on the Dream. We are on our last day at sea on our way back to Florida.  It’s been a bumpy/windy day since leaving port yesterday but I think we are all used to the movement.The kids have are having a blast. Sabreena and Shae have spent the entire morning in the salt-water pool or in the water park and Shaun has been at Camp with his friends playing games and hanging out.

Instead of a normal lunch of burgers, pizza or pasta today we are indulging in the Chocolate and Fruit Buffet; CAN’T WAIT!!  Maybe in the back of my mind I knew they would have a special treat because I haven’t had any french fries or ice cream this week and those are all you can eat 24 hours a day!

Thank you to Carnival for providing the complimentary 7-day cruise as part of their Mom-bassador Program. All opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and were not influenced in anyway by anyone.

a beach day on Isla Roatan, Honduras

Yesterday by far was the best day we’ve had on the Dream so far.. Our port was Isla Roatan, Honduras. We made our way easily to Mahogany Beach, a quick 10 minute walk. The water was beautiful blue, the sands were silky white and the beach chairs were plentiful!

We rented a clamshell hut but ended up not really using ut as we spend hours in the water. We took a break to have a snack and some drinks at Fat Tuesday but immediately headed back into the water. The kids loved the calm waters and exploring in the sand for shells and rocks. We noticed people pulling Conch shells out of the deeper end but had no luck in getting one ourselves. This beach is my absolute favorite; if it ever expands to a resort area I’m coming back.

We also got a little VIP treatment on the boat. We were give a private tour of the bridge and got to meet some of the captains crew. This was so incredible to see, the size of the bridge alone took our breath away. I was expecting something much smaller but this was set up to comfort all the way.

We learned a lot of interesting facts about the ship and the function of it. To even become a captain takes about 7 years of education and training.

I can’t believe we only have 2 more nights left. Looks like we might be booking a cruise next year for our 10 year anniversary!

Thank you to Carnival for providing the complimentary 7-day cruise as part of their Mom-bassador Program. All opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and were not influenced in anyway by anyone.

Wordless Wednesday – There is a New Sheriff in Town

This is one of the first few pictures we took after we got off the Carnival Dream in Cozumel. I think this is a really good picture.

Thank you to Carnival for providing the complimentary 7-day cruise as part of their Mom-bassador Program. All opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and were not influenced in anyway by anyone.