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Fondle Hood Friday – Getting a Physical

This week for me instead of Fatherhood Friday I am calling mine Fondlehood Friday. The reason I am saying this is because on Wednesday I went for my first full physical since playing football in high school.

Now I am only 35 years old but I am extremely worried about dying young and trying to stay as healthy as I can so I broke down and got a full physical. The worst part of the whole process was the 12 hours I needed to fast before giving blood. I needed to get blood work for a cholesterol test and all of the other stuff they go over. I had to actually go to the medical center 30 minutes away from my house last Saturday to give blood because with me getting up at 2am and the medical center not opening until 8:30am there was no way to fast during the week and this was the only medical center open on Saturday.

Wednesday comes and it is time for my physical. The male doctor comes in and is very high strung and a little off but very nice. We talk for a while about family history and stuff like that then over the results of my blood work. Come to find out I passed with flying colors. My cholesterol was so low that the doctor told me even if I had heart disease which I don’t my cholesterol would still be very good. Hearing that kind of information made me extremely happy because I now know where I stand health wise. Then we moved on the the rest of the physical where he checks my ears, throat and nose and my heart. Then he checks my reflexes and joint movement. I also got the flu shot while I was there.

The fondle part comes in when I told him I thought I had a hernia. He tells me to drop my short which I do and now I am standing there in all my glory. He puts on his gloves (thank God) and begins to touch my boys all over. I must admit I know he is a doctor but it is still very uncomfortable when a grown man is fondling another grow man. Can you believe after all of that he didn’t even ask me to dinner. LOL. Come to find out I have a slight hernia which needs no repair now but might one day if it gets worse.

I feel like a car that went in for its yearly maintenance. I feel better knowing I am healthy and everything is fine. It was a pain to fast and get the blood work done but in the end it was well worth it. So to all of you men out there. If you have never had a full physical with the blood work and all go get one. You are doing yourself as well as your family a huge favor and it will put every ones mind at ease.

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I am an anxious person and take anxiety medicine, go figure. If you knew me personally you would know I was high strung and wrapped to tight and why I needed meds. I have no idea why I am like this but this is my life. My meds are not working this past week because I have anxiety BIG time about Shaun and school. If you read yesterdays post you will see why.

Anxiety is a weird thing. I can go weeks without getting anxious about anything then BAM it hits me hard and fast. There is so much going on right now with Shaun’s school, going to IZEAFest and leaving my kids with my mother, work and just everyday happenings. All is takes is one little thing to get me worked up then I worry about every single thing that goes on. It tears me up inside and sometimes causes my stomach to be upset. I know people say just go with the flow and I try I really do but for me sometimes it is just impossible. True me I wish I was more laid back and could just go with the flow. I sometimes think my life would go so much smoother if I did. I wonder what happens to a person at birth that causes them to have anxiety. Or do you develop anxiety later in life? Maybe I should research this so I have a better understanding of how this works.

I fear my kids will have anxiety like I do and that scares the crap out of me. I am most worried about Shaun right now because he had a slight stutter when he was younger that would come and go and we worked with the school speech pathologist last year to get it under control. Over the summer not a stutter to be found. As soon as this school year started I think things have been pretty stressful for him and his stutter and difficultly getting words out are back. I am guessing this is a form of anxiety. Stress is causing him to not be able to get his thoughts out. I get so upset when I see this because I know how I worry about everything and at his age he should have no worries at all. It makes me feel like I am failing as a parent and not protecting him like I should be. Well, that is all I can handle writing about this so have a Happy Friday and a great weekend. Head on over to Dad Blogs and check out all of the awesome dads and moms.

Fatherhood Friday – Summer’s Over

I don’t know about you but for me it seemed like summer flew by. It feels like just last week it was Christmas and now Christmas is only four months away (sorry, getting off track, LOL). Time sure does fly by.

With summer coming to a close that means school is about to start. My oldest Sabreena is going into the 8th grade (wow, will get back to this later) and my middle child Shaun is starting 1st grade. School starts on Monday the 31st so to celebrate the end of the summer we are having a pizza party for the kids on our street. There are maybe 10-12 kids on our street and they play together almost daily. Shaun typically goes outside around 10am and comes it at dinner time with a short lunch break. Unfortunatly there are not as many teenagers so Sabreena was a little bored this summer. She went to the mall, movies and over to friends but not that often.

I would say the summer was pretty low key for the kids this year. For the past 2-3 years Sabreena has gone to Vegas to stay with a family friend for 2 weeks up to a month. She didn’t go to Vegas this year and to tell you the truth I have no idea why not. We did go to Ocean City, NJ at the end of July for a week long family vacation and we had a BLAST but it ended way to fast like they always do. All in all summer was good. The kids played and Melinda and I worked. Guess that is how it is suppose to be, LOL.

I know Melinda is glad that the kids are going back to school because she has to deal with them all day since she is home. I am sure with both of them going back to school the house will become a little more quiet until 3pm when they arrive home from school. I can now reclaim my napping spot on the couch since they are back to school, that is AWESOME!!! So now on to a new journey called set bed time and wake up time, daily homework and soccer practice and games. Now that I think about it I guess I was sort of on summer vacation in a way too since I didn’t have to worry about the homework and everything associated with school.

The kids enjoy school which is a good thing but I can’t believe that Sabreena is 13 and in the 8th grade and my baby boy is starting 1st grade. WOW. Blows my mind.

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Kids Grow Up So Fast

TGIF all and welcome to another edition of Fatherhood Friday sponsored by Dad Blogs. If you have never been to Dad Blogs go over now (well, after you read my post) and check out all the cool dads and moms and leave some comment love.

I have been away from Fatherhood Friday for a few weeks now and I want to apologize to everyone. It has been super busy with work and vacation but I am back and this week I am going to talk about kids and how they grow up way to fast.

I think I might have already done a post on this topic but after my wife shot the videos below last night I needed to discuss it again.

My baby Shae will be 2 years old August 13th and I am stunned how fast 2 years has gone by. Seriously I remember the day my wife and I went to the hospital only to be sent home due a false alarm and then return 1 week later for the real deal. I remember the first time I held Shae in my arms at the hospital the first time Shae rolled over on her own, etc I could go on forever. The point is DAM time flies.

Shae can now count to 20, say her ABC’s, sing songs and even asks to watch iCarley (which she calls I Charlie) on TV. Where the heck did 2 years go and when did my baby start to become so smart. I mean it seems like overnight all of these little things start to happen and before I knew it she was walking, talking, singing and eating on her own at the dinner table. She is starting to grow up which saddens me. Don’t get me wrong I like the fact that she is closer to being out of diapers, not up all hours of the night but I miss my little tiny baby girl. I do love the fact that when I ask for a kiss she will run over and give me a kiss which is very cool.

I know growing up is life but dam sometimes it is hard to see. I like to look back at pictures of when my kids were just babies and live in the past for a little while. Everyone have a good Friday and a great weekend!!!!

Fatherhood Friday – Volunteering

TGIF everyone and you know that Friday brings another installment of Fatherhood Friday sponsored by Dad Blogs. If you never have been to Dad Blogs you are missing out on a ton of awesome posts written by cool dads and moms.

This week my Fatherhood Friday post is just to brag about my 13 year old daughter. I will start by saying Sabreena (dark hair and yellow shirt) is an awesome kid with a great head on her shoulders who cares about others and is very into charity and volunteering.

Sabreena is going into the 8th grade this coming school year. When we first moved to Maryland the school district required each child to complete 75 hours of community service. At first that sounded like alot to me until Sabreena can home half way thru the 7th grade school year telling us she has already meet her volunteering goal. I knew she did alot after school because I am usually the one who picks her up but she meet her goal in just a year and a half and that doesn’t include summer. Writing this post I am still shocked how fast she accomplished this goal. The funny thing is that even though she meet her goal half way thru the last school year Sabreena continued to volunteer even though she no longer needed to for school credit. As a father that makes me proud that my daughter loves to help others and doesn’t mind giving her time.

So now it is summer most kids probably are just laying around the house and chillin out. Don’t get me wrong Sabreena does her fair share of chillin around the house but two days this past week she and her friend set up an Alex’s Lemonade Stand. I am sure most people know of the story of little Alex who died at the age of 8 years old with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer. So Sabreena took it upon herself to set up the lemonade stand and raise some money for this charity. In two days I think she raised about $35 which isn’t bad considering she is only charging .50 per cup for the lemonade.

The point of my post is just to tell everyone that I am proud of my 13 year old daughter and what she does for others. I am rough on her alot but I only do this to make her a better person in hopes she grows up to be a better person then myself. From what I can see she is well on her way!!!! Happy Friday and have a great weekend.