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Snow Day

I know most places across the country are saying bye to the snow but here we’re still expecting at least one more snowfall this week. With the amount of snow we’ve had this year we gotten a few chances to really play in it. One of our biggest single accumulations was 14 inches. This particular day wasn’t as much but still plenty to get into trouble.

The snow was just deep enough for Shae that it was hard work getting through it just to play.Snow Day 2014 #snowday

Snow Day 2014 #snowday


Sabreena even joined this fun since it was a cancelled school day. She and Shae worked hard building a snowman.

sabreena snowday

Snow Day 2014 #snowday

Shae is all smiles, even out in the freezing cold.Snow Day 2014 #snowday

DONE!  Meet George. He’s as big as Shae.

Snow Day 2014 #snowday #snowmman building

Snow Day 2014 #snowday

Snow Day Unplugged Boredom Buster Indoor Activities

Mother Nature isn’t pulling any punches this year. Snow, rain, sleet, hail and earthquakes are happening all over the country these days, at levels that we’ve never seen before. Schools and activities are being cancelled. Parents are home from work. Conditions are so hazardous that there are no kids playing outside.

What’s a family to do? Get creative that’s what. These indoor activities will keep kids of all ages occupied, entertained and cabin fever free while staying unplugged.
Snow Day Unplugged Boredom Buster Activities & Games

Paper Roadway from Rusty & Rosy

Using paper, cars and  bit of imagination your children can build an entire city in the living room.Paper Roadway Indoor Activity

Circus Clown Flip Book by LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!

Don’t stop at clowns.  Expand on this Flip Book idea with animals, peoples, occupations and other themes. Using an old notebook and scissors works perfectly for this craft.

Circus Clown Flip Book #unplugged #indooractivity #snowday

Paper Climbers from Housing a Forest

Introduce a little bit of physics and science into the fun with these DIY paper climbers.  Kids can personalize with the designs and characters of choice.Paper Climers #physics #science #educational

Marshmallow Shooters from Come Together Kids

Begin the battle with mini marshmallows or pompoms with this DIY shooter made from materials found around the home.

Marshmallow Shooter

Indoor Putt Putt from The Craft Train

While this activity definitely needs some adult participation to set up, the fun can be had my kids only giving mom and dad time to themselves.Indoor Golf

Bathtub Fishing by The Artsy Mom

We all have some bathtub toys tucked away so why not put them to use and create a game where kids can fish for letters, colors and toys.

Bathtub Fishing

Whether you try one of these activities or come up with your own stay safe, stay warm and enjoy yourself.