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Melinda Still Gets Lost!

Melinda and I have been married for 11.5 years and to this day she doesn’t know how to get to my parents or grandparents house in NJ without me. Now I will give her the benefit of the doubt because I am the one who usually drives when we go places as a family but I find it funny that while I drive she usually doesn’t pay attention.


Over the holidays we made a trip to my parents and grandparents in NJ and Melinda drove because I was totally exhausted from the night prior and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay awake for the hour trip. Melinda was pretty good on her own for about half of the trip and I can remember waking up at one point to make sure we weren’t lost. I asked Melinda if she was ok and knew where she was going and she said “I think so it is the lawn something exit”. At that moment I knew once we arrived at my parents I needed to download VZ Navigator to her phone which is Android. I knew VZ Navigator would give her perfect turn by turn directions from my parents back home because I have used it on many occasions for work myself. Knowing that she would have turn by turn direction right on her phone made me feel so much more comfortable and would allow me to sleep more soundly because I wouldn’t have to worry about her getting lost and us being in a totally different state when I woke up, LOL.


VZ Navigator is available for Android as well as for the iPhone and is FREE for 30 days then $2 thereafter.  Good thing is if you realize you no longer need the app you can cancel anytime.  Also, if you realize you love VZ Navigator but may only travel once or twice a year you have the ability to purchase it for 24 hours for only $.99 which isn’t a bad price at all.  There are so many awesome features that come with the VZ Navigator and a few are listed below:

  • Choose your preferred route with Route Selector
  • Beat the gridlock with our real-time traffic
  • Take advantage of safety features with school zone notifications and customizable speed limit warnings
  • See which lane(s) to take for highway maneuvers and exits, complex street turns and intersections

Make sure you check out all of the features that the VZ Navigator has to offer because if you are like Melinda and I you are going to love it and it will come in handy when you least expect it.


Do you have any trips planned anytime soon?  I think you need to take a trip now just so you can give VZ Navigator a try.

This post was brought to you by VZ Navigator but the story was my own and really happened, LOL.

I Disclose

Wordless Wednesday – Two Cheese Balls In Ocean City, NJ

We went to Ocean City, NJ last week while on vacation and here is a picture of Melinda and Sabreena posing while waiting for the kids to get off a ride.


I Disclose

Melinda’s Finger Is Snobby!!!

I am not a guy who knows anything about jewelry and when Melinda and I got married I was overwhelmed with all of the diamond engagement ring options.

When buying an engagement ring you have the three C’s to consider (cut, clarity and color) then you have the weight and setting. This is enough to send any man into a tail spin. On top of that you can get Pave Engagement Rings, Tacori Engagement Rings, Solitaire Engagement Rings and even Eternity Rings. This is why I decided to get Melinda a Tanzanite ring for her engagement ring. It is nice yet simple and I didn’t stress out over all of the diamond features. I did however step it up for her wedding band and got her a platinum diamond channel set ring which she loves. I originally got her a white gold band but her finger was allergic to white gold. Her finger was so snobby it broke out in a rash due to the white gold so we needed to get her a platinum band. To this day we joke about it and I always tell her how convenient that her finger only likes platinum. I wonder if a lot of women use this excuse just to get platinum rings. LOL. I am only kidding but if I was a woman that is what I would say.

What kind of wedding ring are you sporting? Does your finger break out if anything other then platinum touches it?

I Disclose

Melinda Called It Sabotage

Yesterday morning Melinda was making eggs and went to use the pepper grinder and when she picked it up this happened:
Funny thing is I just used it to make my eggs.  She called it sabotage which means she thinks I set her up. LOL. To me I call it the pepper grinder just doesn’t like her.

**UPDATE – After writing this post we found out that Sabreena had been using the pepper grinder and thought she needed to turn the bottom to grind the pepper when in fact she was losing the cover where you filled it.  It was just chance that all of the peppercorns fell out when Melinda used it and not me.  Melinda has since apologized and I am expecting everyone who commented on this post who didn’t believe me to do the same. LOL.** 

Wordless Wednesday – Bee Family

This was from our trip to Milburn Orchards. Melinda insisted we all pose for this picture.

One Week And Counting!!!!!

We have ONE week until we fly to Port Canaveral to board the Carnival Dream. Check out this link HERE, we are mentioned on Carnival’s website. I am excited about the pool, food and seeing water that is crystal blue. The kids and Melinda are also super excited and Saturday 8/21 can’t come soon enough.

Melinda and I are looking forward to the shows, pools and whirlpools and the kids are excited about the awesome waterslide and arcade. I also read that the Dream has an 18 hole miniature golf course that I am excited to take the kids to so we can play.

We will be doing an awesome shore excursion in Cozumel, Mexico that we are all looking forward to. I have never been on a cruise but from everything I am reading I am finding it hard to believe that we will have a bad time. Stay tuned for additional posts and pictures which we will be taking TONS of while on the cruise.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.

Two Weeks And Counting!!!!!!!

Not sure if everyone heard but Melinda and I are Carnival ambassadors which means we get to go on a cruise and talk about it which I am SUPER excited about. Carnival is known as the fun ship and is trying to get the word out that they also cater to family and kids. We are a family with three nutty kids so Carnival and my family is the perfect match.

In two weeks we are leaving for a 7 day Caribbean cruise which leaves out of Port Canaveral Florida and stops in Cozumel, Mexico, Isla Roatan, Belize and Costa Maya, Mexico. I have never been on a cruise and the furthest south I have ever been was Orlando, Florida. I think this is going to be a great experience for the kids and for Melinda and me. This will also be the first time that Shaun and Shae have ever flown which seems exciting and a little scary to me at the same time.

Needless to say the whole family is looking forward to August 21st as that is the day we fly to Florida and set sail on the Carnival Dream. Between now and then there is a lot of work to do like figuring out what to pack and what we are going to need for a 7 day cruise. I have seen so many lists that people have posted on cruise forums in regards to things that should be brought but it is hard because everyone has there own idea of what is important. So far I know we need Advil (mainly for me, LOL), swim suits and suntan lotion. I know we need cloths but need to figure out what cloths and how much cloths. I am sure Melinda already has a solid idea of what to bring but I am stressing but then again I stress about everything. Regardless of what we pack one thing is for sure all five of us are looking forward to cruising on the Carnival Dream!

Have you ever cruised? What do you feel are important items to bring?

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.

Setting Some Limits – FINALLY!

Melinda, the kids and I are going on a trip in 30 days and Melinda and I realized we need/would love to lose some weight before then.

I feel during the day we eat pretty well. In a typical day I eat oatmeal for breakfast along with some kind of fruit, a reasonable lunch and dinner typically consists of chicken or ground turkey. Melinda eats well during the day also but sometimes skips breakfast or lunch due to making sure the kids are fed first. Since the kids come first by the time she is finished with them she moves to her next task often without eating.

After discussing how we could lose a few pounds it was obvious – CUT OUT SNACKING. Melinda and I are good for snacking at night while watching TV and then going to bed. Don’t get me wrong we don’t eat 50 cookies or anything like that but we have chips or maybe a bowl of ice cream. We realized that eating before bed isn’t a bad thing but we need to make smarter choices.

On Tuesday night we decided starting Wednesday that we would not eat anything bad like cookies, ice cream etc. We told each other if one of us makes a move for an unhealthy snack to tell them NO! What makes this funny is on Tuesday we went to Philly for our anniversary and went to dinner and afterwards went to an awesome bakery and got 5 cannolis and a piece of Italian Cream cake (Was so YUMMY). Tuesday night I ate the cream cake and a cannoli (so bad that I ate all of this), Melinda had a cannoli and so did Shaun and Shae. On Wednesday night we had 1 cannoli left and I wanted it so bad but Melinda told me NO due to our agreement. The kids didn’t want it either as they chose a popsicle so Melinda threw the cannoli away. I made a move to get the cannoli from the trash but Melinda was holding me back so after I gave up and walked away she poured dish soap on the cannoli. I am not sure I would have eaten it from the trash anyway (maybe I would have) but it is funny that she put dish soap on it so there was no way I would eat it. I just didn’t want to waste such a delicious cannoli. LOL.

I love snacks and snacking and this is going to be a tough few days until I get over the hump and then it will become common place. Last night Melinda ate watermelon for snack and I had a glass of chocolate milk so hopefully we are on our way to healthier snacking and losing a few pounds before our trip.

Next step exercise more!


Happy Anniversary To Us

Today is our 9 year anniversary.

When I was younger I use to look at my parents and grandparents and wonder how and why people stay married for so long. I met Melinda and I understood why. Don’t get me wrong we are human just like everyone else but It has been a great 9 years with some bad time but mostly awesome times. Marriage is work and I am glad Melinda and I work together everyday.

I am so happy to be married to Melinda and I am glad she is the mother to my crazy kids.

May today be filled with happy memories of the past and bright hopes for the future.

I Love You Babe!!

Heading To The Beach For The Weekend

We were suppose to be leaving for vacation this weekend for a week but with the move we needed to cancel but we are still going to spend the weekend down at the beach in my parents camper.

Where we are going has a huge pool and water park for the kids so we will definitely be having a great time. Melinda’s best friend and her husband and kids are coming so we plan on having a camp fire and some smores and just swimming and relaxing.

See everyone again on Sunday afternoon or maybe Monday depending on how tired we are from the weekend.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.