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A Visit with #MightyMike Adventure Aquarium

Finding things to do for the entire family is sometimes hard.  With the kids being such a wide range of ages I’m bound to have a bored one on my hands at some point during an outing.  There are always exceptions to the rule though.  Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ always gets the kids excited head out the door.

With two million gallons of fun, seven different touch exhibits, the countries only aquarium wtih a Great Hammerhead Sharks,  40-foot suspended Shark Tunnel,  a 4D Theater and free live shows and up-close animal experiences daily, and it’s clear to see why a trip to Adventure Aquarium promises to deliver family memories that will last a lifetime.

Adventure Aquarium

We made our way over the Adventure Aquarium to visit Mighty Mike, a 14 foot, 800lb alligator.  Mighty Mike is said to be the BIGGEST alligator on display outside of their home state of Florida.  His exhibit allows visitors to get right up close, almost eye to eye while remaining safe behind the glass.

Mighty Mike Alligator Adventure Aquarium

The Stingray Beach Club was the most popular exhibit for this visit. The last time we went to Adventure Aquarium Shae and Shaun were scared to touch the stingrays.  This time around I couldn’t get them out of the area to see the rest of the sea creatures.  Honestly I couldn’t keep their hands out of all the touch exhibits.

Shark Tunnel Adventure AquariumSea Creatures Adventure Aquarium Touching Sharks Adventure Aquarium Touching Stingrays Adventure Aquarium

As my kids get older I’m finding that they appreciate these outings and events more. The educational tips  and facts they learn along the way are tucked away for use later on like a quiz for dad or mom-mom and pop-pop.

If you happen to be in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area Adventure Aquarium is a definite family friendly stop you don’t want to miss.

Previewing #ArtSplash at @PhilaMuseum of Art

Arts and crafts is important in our  home.  I love letting my kids explore and express their feelings, emotions and moods with their hands and imaginations.  I try to keep different mediums on hand at all times so there isn’t anything in their way to stop them from creating.

Exposing them to other forms of art and literature is a great way to open up the floodgates of imagination and conversation.

This summer the Philadelphia Museum of Art is representing Art Splash, a season filled with art, imaginative installations and creative play.  We got a sneak peak of what they have to offer and were able to get hands on with displays, artists and activities.

Shae worked on a paper Mannequin. She was given markers, stamps and fabric scraps. I see a future fashionista on our hands; dontcha love how the hat has a little attitude with the tilt.

#ArtSplash @PhilaMuseum creating mannequin

Each week Art Splash will be offering new theme with appropriate exhibits, tours and play to fit a wide range of children’s ages.  This program is free for children after general museum admission. Opening weekend is June 28-30 with Make a Splash theme.

Create, Play, and Explore All Day!
Perfect for all ages

Free after admission

Stop by Art Splash anytime to CREATE in the Splash Studio, PLAY in the Art in Action zone, or EXPLORE the exhibitions. Mini-tours with one of our Museum educators could “pop up” any time and art-making is ongoing every day.

  • Friday, June 28, 2013, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, June 29, 2013, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, June 30, 2013, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

This is just the start. Check out the entire schedule at

We were able to get a sneak peek before it opened to the public.

Candy Coated Wonderland is unique and whimsical installation from candy Coated, a Philadelphia based artist. Her use of screen printing, vinyl cut outs and ceramic gems are the backdrop for a collection of historic dress costumes.   The mannequins are posed in fairy tale and nursery rhyme settings.

Candy Coated #ArtSplash @PhilaMuseum

All Dressed Up : Fashions for Children and their Families was a peek inside how children in the 1800s dressed for play and everyday.  We learned that children emulated the adult because they were being raised to have the same manners and behaviors as adults.  Their clothing resembled each other’s very closely.  This exhibit also boasts a large drawing table to encourage children to design their own fashions from the garments they see or from books available on display.

All Dressed Up #ArtSplash #PhilaMuseum

photo courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art

Museums all over the world are open to provide inspiration, hands-on experiences and programs for the community. We are lucky to have The Philadelphia Museum of Art right in our backyard.

Discover & Explore Weekly Themed Linky

Project 52 – Week 10

Welcome to my 10th edition of Project 52, an attempt to capture our lives in a couple pictures once a week.

Another busy week in the LWMF…and Dad too household.  Shae and I worked on some crafts along with GummyLump’s 300 crafts for kids program.  We used lots of glue and introduced cutting with scissors.  Rob, the kids and I hit up Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum, lots and lots of fun.  Not pictured here but Shaun had his Pinewood Derby race, he came in 2nd and is headed to District finals!  Are you participating in Project 52?  Leave your link and we’ll come visit.

craft time, letter S


craft time AGAIN, macaroni butterfly


appropriate footwear for a children's museum...i think not

me and my man....a pic that doesn't come around too often

my little brother had one of these

I Disclose

The Museums are on us….

Bank of America that is.

Get free general admission to participating museums, zoos, science centers, botanical gardens and more on the first full weekend of every month just by presenting your Bank of America card!

The program is called Museums on Us and it’s available on the first FULL weekend of every month, That means on the first full back to back Saturday and Sunday general admission is free for Bank of America cardholders at over 151 participating “museums” nationwide. Just think, just for banking with Bank of America.

Visit Museums on Us for complete details as well as a list of those participating in your area. Free Admission is only valid for cardholders.

Support the Mom and Pops….

shops that is. Did you know when you shop at a locally owned or run store the profits directly benefit the surrounding neighborhood? If you buy from the store around the corner that purchase is helping to keep the doors open, which keeps neighbors employed and boosting your local economy. While I have nothing against the big box stores like Target, Walmart and Toys R Us there is a special home-like feeling stepping into a toystore called Yo Yo Joes. Don’t forget about museum gift shops where you’re most likely to get real hands on experience of the toy, game or souvenir you want to buy.

Yesterday was Neighborhood Toy Store Day; a push to get people around the country to shop locally and support their “mom and pop shops”. We were invited to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. It’s been many years since we visited the Please Touch Museum in fact we had never been to their new location. It was stunning, the way a real museum should be. The experience was awesome, along with Sabeena, Shaun and Shae my sister and 1 year old niece came along and it was a grand time for all. There is was something for everyone especially the baby.

shae and madi playing

blowing feathers

carousel ride

Visiting you local shops, restaurants, museums and farmer’s markets is a good thing not just for you but for those businesses who want to continue to do business in your neighborhood.

Port Discover Children’s Museum hosts Maryland Discovery Days

(Baltimore, MD) – On Wednesday and Thursday, May 12-13, Port Discovery Children’s Museum will host Maryland Discovery Days, which are dedicated days of play and exploration for students with special needs. Children and their caregivers will have the opportunity to explore the Museum in a quieter, calmer environment (lights and sounds will be adjusted) and engage in activities that are designed to increase children’s language, motor, sensory and social skills. Programs include creating sculptures of our FLOAM, Shadow Charades, Kids on the Block – a local puppet troupe that teaches children about disability, medical conditions and social issues, a moonbounce and dogs from Karma Dogs and Pets on Wheels that walk around the Museum for children to pet. Parents and caregivers will also have the opportunity to connect with community organizations and resources at information booths hosted by the Museum’s partners including Kennedy Krieger, PACT: Helping Children with Special Needs, Parents Place of Maryland and the Abilities Network.

Maryland Discovery Days are offered twice a year, and admission is free for Maryland school students who register in advance.

For more information or to register, contact Nora Moynihan at 410.864.2685 or The May 12th Discovery Day is dedicated to children in grades preK through 2nd and the May 13th Discovery Day is dedicated to children in 3rd grade and higher.

WHAT: “Maryland Discovery Days”
WHEN: May 12-13, 2010
9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
WHERE: Port Discovery Children’s Museum
35 Market Place
Baltimore, MD 21202

Discovery Days are generously supported by MetLife Foundation.

Port Discovery Children’s Museum provides experiences that ignite imagination, inspire learning and nurture growth through play. Port Discovery offers 3 floors of educational, interactive and hands-on/minds-on experiences designed for children ages 2-10 years of age and is currently ranked 4th among the Top 10 Children’s Museums in the United States by Child Magazine (February 2002).

The former Baltimore Children’s Museum, originally housed in The Cloisters in Lutherville, Maryland, was re-located to the historic Fish Market building in downtown Baltimore and re-opened as Port Discovery in December 1998; Walt Disney Imagineering designed the Museums permanent exhibits.

Port Discovery Children’s Museum has served over 2.5 million visitors and continues to grow as one of the leading non-traditional educational resources in the Mid-Atlantic region.

This is a press post provided by Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.


Awesome Sunday In Baltimore

Melinda the kids and I were invited to attend MayFair at Port Discovery in Baltimore, MD yesterday. We love Port Discovery and Kate and Erin are terrific ladies, thank you for the invite today as we had a blast. Mayfair is their annual fundraiser which provides resources to families that are otherwise unable to attend the children’s museum.

For MayFair Port Discovery had a catered lunch and had a ton of activities for the kids like face painting, crazy hair and shriky dinks (do you remember these from when you were younger, I do). The kids had a blast and Shaun was really excited to get his face painted. The museum was not as packed as it usually is so that allowed us to do more than if it was a regular day.  I am glad we were invited to MayFair today because we had an awesome time.  Check out a few of our pictures below from our visit.  It was a great for a great cause I am glad we were able to be a part of it.

This is NOT a sponsored post but we were given free admission tickets to MayFair and the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.

Still Shaken Up-the scare of losing my children

Sunday was Family Day in our household. We decided to visit a local children’s museum in the city for a change of scenery. We got there and the kids were excited and we started playing in there pretend grocery store then Shaun wanted to play soccer then Shaun and Sabreena wanted to play in there 3 story climbing/zip-line/nets/slides structure.  Rob went with them at first while I found things for Shae to do.
About 20 minutes later Rob and I switch, I go to the structure while he takes Shae into the toddler room.
I’m looking around for the kids with the camera in my hand, I immediately spot Sabreena at the highest level, crawling through a net tube.  I continue walking around and searching for the kids to take some pictures of them in action but I don’t see them.  The place was packed!!!! Kids and adults are running around everywhere and it’s super loud.

About 10 minutes go by and I still don’t see them, I go into the toddler room and give Rob the camera and tell him I can’t find the kids, I’m headed into the structure.  I start searching each level for the kids, I’m climbing and peeking through tunnels, nothing.  I wasn’t that nervous because I knew Shaun and Sabreena were together but I really wanted to see them to just feel better.  I begin to seach the rooms on each level, realistic diner, library, craft room, water room, etc, NOTHING.  I went into the expedition exhibit, it’s dark.  i call out to Shaun and out of a pitch black corner some punk kid creepily says “There’s no Shaun here”.  I got pissed at that moment and then scared.

I went down to security and gave them Shaun’s description, again I figured he was either with Sabreena or she was also looking for him.  The security agent radioed to all the staff and I continuted to look through the structure and in rooms.  I keep checking in with security but nothing.  I had officially gone into panic mode.  Tears started falling, I was getting jumpy everytime I saw a kid that remotely resembled mine, the worst thoughts were running through my mind.  I was running around this place like crazy periodically checking in with security.

I was helpless.  I thought I would never see my kids again.  I thought I failed as a mother for losing my kids. I thought how do I tell my family.

Then I get a text from Rob that he found them.   I started to cry a little more then ran to where they were.  I saw them, walked over, looked at Rob and broke down.  I know at that moment I should’ve been hugging them and thanking god but I was still so scared and upset and angry.  I couldn’t get past these feelings.  Rob kept saying it’s ok, they are fine, they are right here but I couldn’t get myself together.  Sabreena hugged me and said sorry but it took about 20 minutes to stop shaking and stop crying.  I wanted to leave but I knew it was better to just let the kids play since they were having a good time.

I truly had the worst 30 minutes of my life yesterday.  My heart goes out to anyone who has every lost a child.  I never ever want to feel like that again.