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Wildwood and Morey’s Piers #GoWild this Summer

Our kind of vacation is a beach vacation. I like the lounging on the sand, watching the waves crash just inches from my toes, immersing myself in a good book and soaking up the sun. My kids also love the beach but there comes a point where they want adventure.

Rides, cotton candy,pizza and water parks is exactly what they crave. The Jersey Shore gives our family everything we want.   For Father’s Day weekend we were able to do everything we wanted, no rules, no barriers.
Wildwood, NJ has always held a special place in my heart. It’s the only memory I have a family vacation as a child.  The look and feel of the boardwalk is the same, the salty smell driving down Rio Grande Avenue is always familiar.
To be honest I’ve been creating memories with my own family at a different beach. Wildwood wasn’t the same place as it was when I was young. The level of visitors changes, the atmosphere wasn’t as family friendly as it used to be. This beach resort town changed.  We visited time to time over the years and the kids LOVED the water parks.
This past Father’s Day Weekend I was able to give my family the mini vacation they needed to see out of Wildwood, NJ.  Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks were everything they promised to be.
 Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Morey’s Piers offers 3 different locations packed full of fun for every member of your family.
Surfside Pier on a Sunday morning was the best part of the weekend. It was literally a ghost town. The skies were cloudy and the winds were blowing so I’m sure that kept everyone tucked in their beds. We didn’t let that stop us. We packed up and headed out to get there early; so early that we were the only patrons for about an hour. It never filled up so the kids had run of the entire water park for HOURS.
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Our nights we full of funnel cake, seafood dinners and some of the best pizza in the world. Maybe it’s the salt air or the fact that there isn’t a worry in the world but everything taste better down the shore.
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
I’ll admit, we may have had a little too much fun.
 Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Special thanks to the Morey’s family for the invitation and allowing me to show the kids that Wildwood is BACK!
Stay tuned to hear more about our great weekend away.

Celebrating a 7th Birthday At Six Flags Great Adventure

We are lucky to have 2 different Six Flags Amusement Parks within driving distance to our home. Last year for Shae’s 6th birthday we visited Six Flags America in the DC area. This year we hit up Six Flags Great Adventure for a day of rides, Safari and Hurricane Harbor water fun and birthday smiles.

Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

I never like to go to amusement parks on Saturday but with our schedule it’s the only day that works so us along with 80million other people waiting in the hot sun for the gates to open and get inside to start our day.  It may have been Shae’s birthday but we headed right for the Superman Ride and Green Lantern.  I’m not a ride person. I’m happy with taking my kids and watching them have a blast but I do not get on any rides. Cut me a little slack, I do suffer from vertigo occasionally so I’d rather avoid  the headaches and dizziness completely.Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration

Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

Since we got to the park as soon as it opened the lines for the first 2 roller coasters were relatively short. I tried to talk them into Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro but no one was remotely interested. Just looking up at the angles and drops instantly made me uncomfortable. I think if I pushed a little harder the kids would’ve gotten on.

Kingda Ka is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the North America. The accelerated launch, 0 to 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds, pushes you straight up and over the Zumanjaro  Drop of Doom and plunges you back to earth. The ride is so fast you might not even have time to scream.Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

We decided to check out the newly designed Safari. Many years ago I remember driving our own car through the safari while watching monkeys rip apart the moldings and wiper blades of the car in front of us. Today the Safari is a much more organized family and animal friendly experience that keeps the animals in an environment safely tucked away from vehicles while still visible to park goers.

The Safari Off-Road Adventure boasts 350 acres of animal preserve with over 1,200 animals from six continents including elephants, rhinos, tigers, giraffes and lions. Guests climb in a rugged all terrain vehicle and travel the through a variety of environments where the animals are able to securely roam in a comfortable habitat. Guests are able to get within close proximity of the creatures to truly appreciate their beauty and size.Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

Hurricane Harbor has so many water slides, rides and even a wave pool that is great for the whole family. Admission for Hurricane Harbor is separate from Great Adventure but can be enjoyed on it’s own without stepping foot in the amusement park. We were only able to enjoy the wave pool and the lazy river due to a shortage of available tubes. For an additional cost you can rent tubes to be used during your entire visit. This lets you hop onto a ride without waiting for someone to let go of tubed for rides and slides.

Six Flags Great Adventure for a Birthday Celebration #familyvacation #roadtrip #AmusementPark

Admission to Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor is not a drop in the bucket. After admission and parking you’ll also want to see if the Flash Pass is something your family wants to invest in. The Flash Pass is an additional cost perk that get’s you on your ride faster with no waiting in line. Again, this is not a small fee. Our family of 5 would’ve had to pay over $500 (on top of admission costs) to get 90% faster ride times than everyone else.

On our visit we were able to enjoy about 6 rides in Great Adventure, Safari (with 1 1/2 hour wait & 1 hour ride time) and 3 hours at Hurricane Harbor with no rides. The Flash Pass would’ve given us more opportunity to ride the attractions that brought us there in the first place.

If you live close enough to visit more than once or twice in a season I would suggest a season pass and visits during the week when lines are shorter and crowds are , well less crowded.

Six Flags Great Adventure is Action Packed in August

Six Flags is the worlds biggest and best amusement park corporations with locations in the US, Canada and Mexico. With 18 locations consisting of roller coasters, water rides, concert venues, animal habitats and community events Six Flags has something for everyone. We’re lucky enough to have 2 within driving distance; Washington, DC and Jackson, NJ. Six Flags Great Adventure of Jackson, NJ is jam packed with activities for August.

There’s a little something for everyone. We’ll be going to celebrate Shae’s birthday, now to find the best day amid all the fun going on.

Reality Dance Jam Tour ­­– August 1

Six Flags Great Adventure and Reality Dance present The Jam Tour featuring social media sensations Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, Dillon Rupp, Sammy Wilkinson and more August 1 at the Plymouth Rock Assurance® Arena. The concert lasts throughout the day, and artist meet-and-greets are available with a VIP ticket. This private event requires a special concert ticket along with theme park admission or a Season Pass.


Fright Fest Zombie Auditions – August 2, 3, 15, 16 (times vary)

More than 200 scare-actors and support staff are needed to fill a variety of positions from the undead who roam the midways, to terror trail performers and technicians. No prior acting or scare experience is necessary.  Six Flags seeks individuals with a passion for Halloween and scaring.  Auditions include several fun acting exercises in a group setting. If interested, please complete the pre-employment application prior to attending an audition date, or scheduling an interview for technician positions, at


Feed the Children Day – August 9

Six Flags Great Adventure and Feed the Children team up to raise money to end childhood hunger. The Feed the Children tent inside the park will provide information on how to help one of the world’s leading anti-hunger organizations. In addition, Six Flags will donate $.50 of every full-price ticket purchased at the front gate August 9, and all coins donated into the Main Street Fountain throughout the season, to Feed the Children. Guests can join the Six Flags entertainment team for a fun-filled Kids’ Dance Hour in the park filled with family-friendly games to celebrate the event. Special tickets are also available online at

 Feed The Children Day at Six Flags

Caribbean Concert – August 10

TriniFly Promotions and Six Flags present the Caribbean Concert Series featuring performances by today’s favorite Caribbean and Urban artists including Maxi Priest, Barrington Levy, Morgan Heritage, Elephant Man and more. Levy continues to sell out shows around the world and will perform his popular hits such as “Teach the Youths” and “Here I Come.” The concert begins at 6 p.m. at the Plymouth Rock Assurance® Arena. A special concert ticket is required with theme park admission or Season Pass.


Jesse McCartney in Concert – August 15

Jesse McCartney will perform in concert in the park’s intimate Showcase Theater August 15 at 8 p.m. McCartney was a member of pop boy band Dream Street and later went on to become a solo artist. He also played Adam Chandler Jr. on the ABC soap opera All My Children. He is most known for his chart-topping hit songs “Leavin,” “Superbad,” and “Beautiful Soul.” An additional concert ticket is required with theme park admission or Season Pass.

Jesse McCartney in Concert Six Flags

National Roller Coaster Day – August 16

National Roller Coaster Day is a day for all coaster fans to come together for the sake of the thrill. On Saturday, August 16, Six Flags Great Adventure will celebrate National Roller Coaster Day with its world-class record-breaking collection of coasters, including Kingda Ka, El Toro and Nitro. The park will offer special ride time and interactive social media events. Additional details will be available on and the park’s Facebook page.


RunAround Concert – August 23

RunAround, a Pop Experience, takes place in the Plymouth Rock Assurance® Arena from 4 to 9 p.m. August 23 as part of the MIKE AND IKE® ZOURS® Six Flags Summer Concert series. Pop artists and social media sensations such as Jake Miller, Nick Tangorra, Jacob Whitesides and more are set to perform their biggest hits. A separate concert ticket is required with theme park admission or Season Pass. All RunAround guests will check in at the RunAround kiosk to receive tickets to the park along with a schedule and map.

Run Around Tour Six Flags

2015 New Attraction Announcement – August 28

Six Flags Great Adventure and its sister parks throughout North America will announce exciting plans for the 2015 season. Information, photos and video will be available at


Sara Evans in Concert – August 31

Sara Evans will perform in concert August 31 at the Plymouth Rock Assurance® arena as part of Salute the Troops event sponsored by Nash 94.7. Evans is an American country singer known for her hits “No Place That Far,” Born to Fly” and “Suds in the Bucket.” The concert starts at 7 p.m. and is free with theme park admission or Season Pass.

A Visit with #MightyMike Adventure Aquarium

Finding things to do for the entire family is sometimes hard.  With the kids being such a wide range of ages I’m bound to have a bored one on my hands at some point during an outing.  There are always exceptions to the rule though.  Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ always gets the kids excited head out the door.

With two million gallons of fun, seven different touch exhibits, the countries only aquarium wtih a Great Hammerhead Sharks,  40-foot suspended Shark Tunnel,  a 4D Theater and free live shows and up-close animal experiences daily, and it’s clear to see why a trip to Adventure Aquarium promises to deliver family memories that will last a lifetime.

Adventure Aquarium

We made our way over the Adventure Aquarium to visit Mighty Mike, a 14 foot, 800lb alligator.  Mighty Mike is said to be the BIGGEST alligator on display outside of their home state of Florida.  His exhibit allows visitors to get right up close, almost eye to eye while remaining safe behind the glass.

Mighty Mike Alligator Adventure Aquarium

The Stingray Beach Club was the most popular exhibit for this visit. The last time we went to Adventure Aquarium Shae and Shaun were scared to touch the stingrays.  This time around I couldn’t get them out of the area to see the rest of the sea creatures.  Honestly I couldn’t keep their hands out of all the touch exhibits.

Shark Tunnel Adventure AquariumSea Creatures Adventure Aquarium Touching Sharks Adventure Aquarium Touching Stingrays Adventure Aquarium

As my kids get older I’m finding that they appreciate these outings and events more. The educational tips  and facts they learn along the way are tucked away for use later on like a quiz for dad or mom-mom and pop-pop.

If you happen to be in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area Adventure Aquarium is a definite family friendly stop you don’t want to miss.

It was a Pirate Kinda Weekend #tuckerton

Consideration for this post was provided by Real Mom Media. Opinions expressed here are my own.

This past weekend was a fun filled Pirate themed event for us. Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum in Tuckerton, NJ hosted the Privateers & Pirates Festival.
Tuckerton Seaport Museum logo

All Things Pirates! Learn the difference between privateers and pirates and then be one. Pirate history – authentic and make-believe – plus a treasure scavenger hunt, costume contest and pirate craft activities. Enjoy the crew of the Valhalla Pirates with historic pirate entertainment.

Tuckerton Pirate Day
The day started with some rain showers and clouds but stayed perfect for the rest of our adventures. The Museum went all out with the theme and pirates and wenches could be found at every turn. The kids were able to “Walk the Plank” create their own Parrot craft and touch a sea star.

Pirate Day at #Tuckerton

Touching a Sea Star #Tuckerton

The Valhallas Pirates are always a hit too. The characters and their elaborate show and costumes draw in the audience all day long.


The museum is home to 17 historic and recreated buildings that are rich in maritime heritage. Tuckerton, NJ became a port of entry into the United States and the museum is home to many artifacts and documents and research of the tradition of the Jersey Shore. Museum programs offered include hands on activities, workshops, tours and classes taught by Jersey Shore artists.

Lighthouses of the Jersey Shore #tuckerton

Candle Power #Tuckerton

All season long the Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum welcomes visitors through their doors just so they can continue the work of restoring and remembering the history of the community. Becoming a member and visiting throughout the year is a great way to show your support and ensure quality wholesome family fun right in your backyard.

We are Jersey Shore visitors but this was our first time at Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum. We hope to visit again and again.

Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant Doing Good in Red Bank, NJ

As if I needed another reason to love Jon Bon Jovi. The Soul Kitchen in Red Bank, NJ is a restaurant that is truly giving back to the community thanks to Dorothea Hurley (Jon’s wife) the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.

“Our vision here at Soul Kitchen is to serve healthy, delicious, and when possible, organic meals. At the Soul Kitchen you will notice there are no prices on the menu and you might have been seated with someone you don’t know. Customers pay the minimum donation or volunteer in some way to earn a voucher for a meal.”

The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation has come up with an awesome idea of bringing together all walks of life for a common goal, to feed our community. The Soul Kitchen opens its doors to everyone, everyone eats regardless of their socioeconomic status. Everyone is fed a delicious, nutritious and fresh meal with ingredients that are harvested locally and organically when possible. Everyone pays. You either pay the $10 donation per meal or you pay it forward with some volunteer work at the restaurant. If you are in a position to pay more than the minimum donation, that goes towards feeding others in the community. This is a win win for everyone.

Soul Kitchen, Bon Jovi Foundation

Soul Kitchen with Jon Bon Jovi
If you’re in the North Jersey area pay the Soul Kitchen a visit. No reservations needed, sit with friends, make new friends, enjoy a meal that will benefit others.

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Shae’s Birthday at #Morey’sPier

Shae recently celebrated her 5th birthday. We spent the weekend doing things as a family, enjoying not only each other but soaking in the last days of summer vacation. I’m big on having parties and get togethers for the kids but this year we went a totally different direction.

Wildwood, NJ is home to some of the biggest and best beach fun on the east coast.  The boardwalk is HUGE and home to games, rides, food and more.  I grew up going to Wildwood and vividly remember rides like the Serpent and Olympic Fun Center for their arcades.  This year is the first time we’ve taken the kids to Wildwood.  We headed to Morey’s Piers.

Our day started early at the waterpark.  Shae made her way down ShotgunFalls and WipeOut with NO FEAR.  I on the other hand hate rides including the simpler things like the log flume.

shotgun falls moreys pier wildwood

wipeout moreys pier wildwood

The kids had a blast and we spent about 5 hours there before heading over to the rides. Sabreena is the daredevil and got on the “it”.  It took Shaun an hour or so but he joined Sabreena on the scary rides.

it ride moreys pier wildwood

The day was fantastic, one of the best times we’ve had as a family. We’re already talking about going back next year.
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Bloggers on the Beach #BloggersBeachBash

Who thought a day at the beach with a bunch of bloggers was going to be so much fun. Blogger Beach Bash was hosted by the Golden Inn in Avalon, NJ on July 24th. BUT this wasn’t just a get together of bloggers taking up space in the sand this was as the title says a BASH. We were greeted on the beach by Matt Long of Sand Masters fame.

blogger beach bash
sandman matt sandcastle

blogger beach bash golden inn avalon
About 25 bloggers and their families were not only shown what a real sandcastle is supposed to look like we were all given instructions and tools to build our very own sand creations.

Can You Dig It Tools are created by Matt Long to get the best results on the beach. After his clinic he spent time walking around and giving pointers to those attempting sand structures of their own.

sabreena building sandcastleshaun building sand castlerob building sand castle

sandman mattme and sandman matt
The Golden Inn welcomed all of us in for lunch and cupcakes from Truly Custom Cakery and pool time. The staff was friendly and helpful and very attentive especially since we quadrupled the crowd within minutes.
A special thanks to all of the sponsors that made this event so much fun.

The Painted Home @ThePaintedHome
Jordan Schneider Financial @JordanSchneider
Suddenly Safe & Secure Systems @SuddenlySafe
Visit AC @VisitAC
Hallmark – New TEXT Bands @HallmarkPR
Honest Tea @HonestTea
Pop Chips @popchipsphilly
Truly Custom Cakery- @customcakegal
Bai Drinks @drinkbai
Boogie Wipes @BoogieMom

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Buy 1 Get 1 For 50% Off At Sahara Sam’s Oasis

Do you like waterparks? Do you like indoor waterparks? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions act fast because Sahara Sam’s Oasis is offering an awesome buy 1 regular priced general admission ticket, get one for 50% off deal. 

Download your coupon for buy 1 and Get One at 50%  off  Regular Admission @SaharaSamsOasis Indoor Waterpark! 

Sahara Sam’s is New Jersey’s LARGEST Indoor Water Park – We take fun to the next level! We feature the following:58,000 Sq. Ft of Splashtastic Fun, SAMAZON Adventure The WORLD’S tallest Ropes Course (an outdoor attraction, included with your waterpark admission!), A 3,000 Sq. Ft Modern Arcade with great prizes – no admission required!, The region’s only Flow Rider indoor surfing simulator, A full-service cafe featuring your favorite snacks, cold soft drinks, and your favorite cocktails or beer.

 My kids have been asking to go and now that the tickets are buy 1 get 1 at 50% off I guess I have no valid reason to say no. LOL. Plus Sahara Sam’s is only ten mintues from my parents so we can crash their house after for dinner.

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Morey’s Pier Free Ticket Giveaway

Summer is here and that means we are headed to the shore; that’s what we people from the Delaware Valley call the beach. Each year we make our way to the boardwalks and beaches of the famous Jersey shores and one of the most famous of the all is Wildwood, NJ. It has one of the largest and most action packed boardwalks with something for everyone. One of the biggest attractions has got to be Morey’s Pier

morey's pier free ticket

Morey’s Piers, located on the boardwalk in the Wildwoods NJ, is a classic seaside amusement park, family owned and operated since 1969. Voted the third best seaside amusement parks in the world by Amusement Today, Morey’s Piers spans over eighteen acres along six beach blocks and includes three amusement piers and two beachfront waterparks.morey's pier free ticket

Download this coupon for FREE Morey’s Pier Waterpark admission pass with purchase of 3-pier wristband!

Valid only for 2012 Season. One coupon per person. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Coupon must be surrendered at time of redemption. Rainchecks will not be given for the waterpark admission.

This isn’t the Jersey Shore that you see on MTV, it’s way better and safe for all eyes and ages. Hopefully we’ll see you there.
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