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Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

When you give a child a smartphone the opportunities for fun are endless.  Gaming may be your first thought but my kids take it step beyond that. With my kid’s wild imaginations it was just a matter of time before they figured out a way to create new fun.

Shae has developed a beginning passion for film making, acting and looking into stop motion.  We’ve been downloading apps to create comic strips, short films and photo shoots. The choices are endless in the App Store. While I prefer to shop for free apps especially before knowing what I’m getting into I’m open to spending a couple bucks to ensure the kids are having a great time.

I know that they are using a device but I consider this playtime unplugged.  They are not sitting in front of screen mesmerized, or holding a controller killing fake bad guys or sleeping.  These kinds of apps get them moving, knocking on their friends doors and thinking of storylines and scenarios that make them laugh and smile.

MomentCam– creates cartoons and GIFs from photos. Includes backgrounds, stickers and words.   Not young kid-friendly as there are some inappropriate words on stickers/speech bubbles.  Free

MomentApp, Shae sitting on the moon cartoon #VZWBuzz Apps for Creative Kids

CamStar-your very own mobile photo booth.The Initial download is free with the option to pay $2.99 for FULL version that includes effects and filters.Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

FriendStrip Kids Pro-an  easy to use comic strip maker loaded with ideas and scenery already. Kids just pose and click to be put right in the story.  Initial download is free with the option to download ALL the collections for $1.99.  Each collection (9) are $.99 when downloaded separately.Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

Mirror Effect-gives photos a mirror reflection.  Crop a tree, house, pet or flowers and the app creates the effect of it sitting on water, ripples included.  It’s riddled with ads but the full version is just $.99.Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

PicPlayPost-remember the Brady Bunch squares, this app lets the user create a frame with a combonation of stills and videos that can be played sequentially or simultaneously.  Free initially and $2.99 to upgrade

(still working on the video portion)

The bad thing we are dealing with right now is Shae lost her iPod touch.  It’s time to save up for a new one so her summer isn’t wasted with all her great ideas brewing in her brain.

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Spring Portraits with the Kids

Last week we had gorgeous weather. Winter had finally left and spring was here. Since the winter had left is with so much cold, snow and misery I thought a fresh set of Spring Portraits was in order. We headed to our friends horse farm about 20 minutes away.  It was awesome. The horses themselves were friendly like dogs. They would trot over for some petting and nuzzles. As you can see Shaun took to them really well. ME, I’m scared of them. No real reason why, maybe its the big teeth.

Spring Portraits at the Horse FarmSpring Portraits at the Horse Farm

Anyway, the farm was the perfect backdrop for the pictures. The kids cooperated, the weather was magnificent and horse poop smell wasn’t bad at all.

Spring Portraits at the Horse Farm

Spring Portraits at the Horse Farm
Spring Portraits at the Horse Farm
Spring Portraits at the Horse Farm

Spring Portraits at the Horse Farm

And My High School Graduate. In just 5 weeks she’ll be walking across the stage getting her diploma. She’s worked hard for it.

5 Things You Would Learn About Me Just By Walking Through My House

As a Blogger I can easily get caught up in obligations, reviews, campaigns and sponsored posts. This entry is a fun post encouraged by Trish over at MomDot; she’s doing an old school Blog Carnival.

I’m sharing some things about me that your might not know by reading the blog but you’ll learn by walking though our house.

I love make-up. I don’t wear it often but I collect it like it’s priceless jewels. I hold onto certain colors or blends than make me feel special or pretty and then sulk when I find out something I love has been discontinued.

makeup table

I have a love for family photos. All over my walls and shelves you’ll find more photography than traditional art. You can see the kids grow just by looking around the house because I also don’t like to switch out pictures very often.

photography instead of art
I’m pretty eco-conscious . We recycle, compost, grow a big garden, use reusable bags and try to buy local.

countertop composter
I don’t make my bed. I used to be good about it and I enforce the “Make Your Bed” rule with the kids but I just don’t. I get up get dressed and often never head back into my room to remind me it’s something I need to do.

unmade bed, messy bed

I used to have long hair. I look at my old pictures and I hate the way it looked. I think my current haircut is a tad too short but no way will I ever go long again. This picture isn’t visible anymore but there is 1 more long hair pic in the house.

long hair

Share something about you that I probably don’t know. Link up to the 5 thing you would learn blog carnival with me and many other bloggers.

This is NOT a sponsored post, just something fun to let you into my life a little more.

Wordful Wednesday-It’s Just Us

Here we are, a rare picture of us together and I think it’s a pretty good one. I’m on my tippy toes so Rob didn’t have to bend down since I’m such a shortie. This is us in Galveston, TX at the Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid.

just us this time

I Disclose

Project 52 – Week 27

It’s week 27 for Project 52.  This is where I give you a peek into what goes behind the blog that we don’t get around to posting about. Project 52 focuses around family, the activities that we do, the places we go and usually random silliness. I’ve missed the last 2 weeks and I’m bummed. I was really excited that I had kept up but life got really busy but in a good way.

project 52, weekly photos

This installment is going to be playing a little bit of catch up. I’m not gonna flood you with details of the last 3 weeks but I’ll give you a taste of the things we did.
a couple weeks back I was invited to General Mills Nationa Box Top University. The entire trip was a whirlwind and extremly educational. Here’s a peek at what we did.

our visit started with a beautiful tour of Lake Minnetonka, no one got sick

kitchen supplies and photo props

if you know anything about me you know I love kitchen stuff. we were given special permission to tour the food stylist/photo shoot prop room. this is where I want to be buried when I die

general mills prop closet

baskets of every shape, size and color

Last weekend we went on a last minute trip to the beach. The weather was gorgeous, our hotel was on the beach block and the kids had a blast.

daddy, lets jump the waves

higher daddy !

felix #2, sabreena's 2nd sand turtle

they are so cute when they get along

Let’s see what your week was like!

Holiday Memories with KodakGallery $50 AMEX GC Giveaway

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Kodak utilizes a SMARTFIT Technology to make the process simpler which means quicker which means you’ll actually complete your book instead of having multiple projects started just waiting for completion.

Our SMARTFIT Technology makes it as easy as 1-2-3.

  • SMARTFIT Technology does the hard work for you
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If you are a control freak and want to do the arranging yourself, no worries, the original photo book is still available so you can control sequencing, layouts and backgrounds. However you do it Kodak wants to help. Are you More of an everyday, candid camera kinda person? Kodak Gallery has a host of page designs to keep each photo book specific to each holiday, event or season.

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This is a sponsored post. The opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.


Wordless Wednesday – Pics in the Park

The weather was so nice this past weekend and the trees were dropping their orange and yellow leaves I hauled the kids to a local park and snapped away. Here’s a just a peek at some of the shots I got.

Home Haircuts for ALL with Wahl

Haircuts are a necessity but sometimes they come with a luxury price tag. Home haircuts just sound bad. One might expect that old fashioned “bowl cut” or uneven bangs. Believe it or not Rob and Shaun have been getting home haircuts for a while now. Shaun has had more or less the same haircut since he was 3, a baldy cut with a slight fuzz left. He’s also had Mohawks here and there but either way I’ve done most of the cutting of his head with Wahl clippers.

With those same old Wahl Hair Clippers I’ve been able to keep up on Shaun’s hair as well as start working on Rob’s hair. Over the summer Rob decided to go for a new look; one close to the head. I took the clippers down to the #2 guide and gave him a new ‘do. He loves it; it’s easy and best of all FREE.

I got a new hair clipper set from Wahl a couple weeks back, and decided it was time to tackle my own hair. I figured I’m not that picky with my style, it’s short, choppy, asymmetrical and sometimes funky; I could accomplish that myself. I headed into the bathroom and took the clippers with the #5 guide to the back of my head. Going up from the nape to just below my crown I was getting a good feel. I had to call in reinforcements because I couldn’t reach and see all that well. Rob came in and finished that up and took it behind my ears. He did good. I continued with a mix of clippers, scissors and blending shears and the final outcome was pretty awesome; exactly what I want but don’t always get from stylists.

here is my before hair, long, shaggy, blah


I’ve found a new hairstylist and assistants, Rob and Wahl Color Pro Clipper Set. The key is to really take care of them. Use the included oil, clean out the hair and keep blades aligned. Knowing now that these simple steps would’ve kept my old clippers in good condition I will keep my new kit in tiptop shape.

Who needs a haircut?

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.

Need a Lift-Wordless Wednesday

Dora and Backpack needed a ride so the lil’ wooden caterpillar volunteered his services.  Shae is so creative,

Wordless Wednesday- Our Little Tree Hugger

she’s literally hugging a tree LOL