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A Peek into Babbleboxx for Men

Over the years I’ve been considered an influencer. I guess the blog has given my a bit of a spotlight and I’ve been able to share my thoughts and ideas for hot products, adventures and technology.  Babbleboxx has reached out and shared with me their Babblebox for Men. What is Babbleboxx you ask? Babbleboxx places Brand specific products in the hands of social influencers and trendsetters to post, pin, snap, tweet and share a message across their social channels and tribes for unique brand exposure.

I’m just a small fish in a big influencer pond but Babblebox hit the mark with their offerings.Babblebox for men


Casio’s EDIFICE collection reflects a distinct sense of style by providing men with features that are ideal for professional and weekend lifestyles. The collection speaks to upwardly, mobile men whose goals lie anywhere from the boardroom to the ballpark. As a watch wearer and collector I was impressed with the luxury aesthetic this timepiece gives. The large face, stainless steel band, solar powered battery, daily alarm, World Time for accurate timekeeping and Techside (Bluetoooth connectivity) I wear this with joy.Casio’s EDIFICE timepiece

Wearable Wellness Tracker from Spire

More than just an activity tracker the Wearable Wellness Tracker from Spire increases mindfulness and productivity by tracking breathing patterns reflecting our state of mind. Spire’s in-the-moment notifications makes becoming mindful more attainable throughout the day while in-app breathing exercises and guided mini-meditation sessions promote the modification of negative behaviors. While this came in a box suggested for men this is definitely a gadget for men and women.  My wife snagged it right away and has been training towards a more holistic well-being for the last couple weeks. Spire, retails for $99.95, is fully integrated into the Apple Health App and works with Apple watch with an Android app coming soon.Get $10 off when you purchase Spire at this link. Discount is applied at checkout.

2(X)IST Men’s Activewear

The 2(X)IST Men’s Activewear collection is designed to support you from total relaxation to game changing performance. Featuring moisture wicking fabric and innovative design, these pieces are just a small glimpse into the active lifestyle of the 2(X)IST man and woman.Th designs received were trendy and had great style. The boy took the shirt and the youngest took the shorts for running. She said she’ll grow into them but the next day said she slept in them and that they were the comfiest shorts she’s ever had.   

Old Spice Sweat Defense and Hair Pomade

If you knew me a few years ago you saw me bald.  For about a year the wife encouraged me to grow my hair back. The Old Spice Hair Pomade works great and has that authentic manly smell without being dated. This isn’t the Old Spice from our grandfather’s days. Old Spice offers a complete product portfolio for today’s man for grooming, hair care and more, including anti-antiperspirants, deodorants, body washes, body sprays, shampoos, hair stylers, electric razors and trimmers, shave gels, after shaves, colognes. I already use the Fiji Body Wash each day so the Sweat Defense Anti-Antiperspirant is a great addition.

Babbleboxx is a great way to be introduced to new brands, not so new brands with a new product or up and coming trends. Keep an eye out for Babbleboxx on Instagram and what other influencers are saying about the brands that are arriving on their doorsteps. Personally I’d welcome just about any for the modern day Renaissance man; cigars, tools, cologne, tie, money clip, magazine subscription or app downloads. I’m open to trying anything once and giving something a chance. 

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.

Nintendo 3DS XL for handheld gaming

My kids are gamers. They are addicted to their electronics. Between the 3 of them they have a smartphone, 2 iPods, 3 tablets, a laptop, 3 tvs, 4 gaming consoles and 3 handheld gaming devices. playing-3ds

The Nintendo 3DS XL™ is a great addition to anyone’s gaming collection. Nintendo has been on top of the market in handheld gaming for a long time starting with the Gameboy then the DS series. The Nintendo 3DS XL™ comes with fun features to keep kids of all ages entertained and occupied.

  • Circle pad for 360degrees of play movement
  • 3D cameras for photos and video
  • 3D viewing for a more unique gaming experience
  • amiibo compatible to increase interactive play with figures (sold separately)

The Nintendo 3DS XL™ is ready to play out of the box. It comes loaded with apps and features to stream videos, download games, connect online and be creative with music. Games can be purchased for as low as $9.99 depending on popularity, level of difficulty, character and age of game. We have a stash of Mario Bros. and Pokemon games going back a couple years. These are the games my kids love but there are so many other favorites. Animal Crossing was a HUGE hit on the Gamecube many years ago and now both of my girls have it for their DS device. Cooking games get a lot of attention not only on the DS but on the Wii also.nintendo-characters

I call the DS system the gateway gaming device. It’s a perfect size for little hands and easy to learn even for those out of touch with technology.  There isn’t a HUGE investment in money and size that comes with TV gaming consoles. And best of all it’s portable. Pricing for the 3DS XL starts at $199. If you keep your eyes peeled at specialty stores like Gamestop or Toys R Us you can find systems that include games, limited edition colors or designs or even bundles with carrying cases and accessories.Nintendo 3DS XL

The Nintendo 3DS XL™ is a great gift for the upcoming holidays as an upgrade to an existing device or to introduce someone to the world of gaming.

Nintendo of America provided me with a New Nintendo 3DS XL system and games for review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Nintendo logo

Black Friday Verizon Deals with “Thanksgetting” #VZWBuzz

Verizon is changing things up this Thanksgiving by celebrating Thanksgetting.  This is a celebration for loyal Verizon subscribers by offering AWESOME STUFF at great deals for the holidays plus some cool extras you have to see to believe.

First off, as a Verizon subscriber get a free 1GB of data NOW plus one on your next billing cycle. Who couldn’t use more data. More streaming, more surfing, more shopping.Verizon Thanksgetting #VZWBuzz FREE 1GB Data
Get into the spirit of giving this Black Friday with these once in a lifetime deals:
Get $500 when you switch, trade in your smartphone and buy the Samsung GS6.
Thanksgetting #VZWBuzz
Samsung Galaxy S6
Now $3.16/month
For 24 months for qualified customers when purchased
in retail stores; 0% APR. Retail price: $576.00
New Ellipsis™ 10 tablet Exclusively from Verizon.
Now $49.99 | Save $150 New 2-yr. activation req’d
Fitbit Charge™ Wireless Activity Wristband
Now $89.99 | Save $40 Thursday through Monday
8x with Micro USB or Lightning Now $99.99
Save $50 Thursday through Monday

Now $249.99 Save $50Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones Verizon Thanksgetting #VZWBuzz
Now $119.99 Save $10
Now $15.33/month For 24 months for qualified customers when purchased in retail stores
0% APR. Retail price: $768.00.
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + Thanksgetting Verizon #VZWBuzz
Verizon Wireless is an innovative wireless communications company that connects people and businesses with the most advanced wireless technology and service available. I am a Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger brand ambassador and will sometimes receive various products and other perks as a member of the #VZWBuzz influencer team. Staying connected to the world outside Facebook and text while staying mobile is important to me. It keeps me organized and aware and focused on real life. Verizon Wireless helps me do this and keeps me updated on the latest trends, products and tips out there to keep informed and entertained.#VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger

Tips and Tricks with the New iOS 9 Update

The newest Apple iOS update came out recently and like usual it was full of enhancements and changes that throw users into a panic. We have to search for our favorite apps and programs because names and folders get changed. We are turning off new notifications and authorizations that are switched to a default. We are made to relearn what we love the most.Tips and Tricks for iOS 9 #vzbuzz

With this and any update there are always new ways to work and use your device. I’m highlighting some of my favorite tips and tricks for you.

Add up to 3 hours of battery life with the use of Low Power Mode. Once your battery gets down to 20% your phone will be able to disable some apps and operations running in the background, decrease your visual display a bit which will allow you to save on battery life. The yellow highlighted battery indicator shows when this is on.

WI-Fi Assist is a new feature with 1OS 9. It automatically turns on your cellular data when your device is on a weak Wi-Fi signal. While this is a great option to keep your apps running and reduce buffering for streaming it also means higher data usage when you may not even realize it. Even on your own home network there may be spotty connectivity issues, Wi-Fi Assist will switch over to cellular data without warning when you think it’s safe to stream that movie while lounging on your own sofa.Tips and Tricks for iOS9 Turn Off Wifi Assist

Looking through your Photos you’ll notice a new folder called Selfies.  I laughed right away with this one. It really shows just how self-absorbed we can be at times. At least mine weren’t just of me but also lots of dogs sitting on my lap. There’s also a Screenshot folder too.

Notes just got a boost by allowing users to add photos and take write notes.  This is great when trying to take measurements of potential new furniture or create a shopping or to-do list without using a 3rd party app.

Read the News you want to read with the new app on your home screen. If you’re like me you stow lots of iOS loaded apps into a folder labeled extra or useless.  News would’ve been one of them but I opened it. Your able to design your news footage based on your preferred topics.  Your newsfeed is sourced from multiple channels but will learn your reading behavior and start to become the perfect handheld newspaper.

Six Digit Passcode. Need I say more?  This added level of security keeps unwanted fingers off your content.

Did you find a feature or hidden gem of iOS 9 you love? As a member of the Verizon Wireless #VZWBuzz team I’m much more on top of what’s happening in the tech world especially what’s in my own hands.

#VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger

Made the Switch to Droid Turbo #VZWBuzz

As a self declared Samsung smart phone lover I’m shyly saying I’ve made the switch to the Droid Turbo. I said it. I even said it out loud. Six years ago I went from a dumb phone to a Blackberry. It was great for email and text but as my blog grew I needed more so I went to the original Samsung Galaxy. It was great and I upgraded with each new release, that is until now.

Just as the S5 was released I was invited to be part of the #VZWBuzz team. This is a group of specially selected bloggers, social media authorities and tech enthusiasts. How did I get chosen? Anyway. As part of this group I was invited to NYC to learn more about Verizon Wireless and their newest gadgets and services.  The timing was right on with the holidays RIGHT NOW.Droid Turbo #VZWBuzz Influencer #Droid #Motorola

As I said I never thought I’d sway from the Samsung Galaxy family. In fact I was getting ready to upgrade to the Note 4 when I was handed a brand new shiny ruby red Droid Turbo. We were told all about the improved battery capacity, 21MG camera , crystal clear screen resolution and the advanced operating system. That’s all great information to hear but I wanted to see it in action. The first thing I did was take a picture.  I was in NYC after all so I looked up and snapped away.

This is the Empire State Building on a dreary night, just at dusk. No filters or editing at all except for size to fit on the blog.Droid Turbo #VZWBuzz Influencer #Droid #Motorola

The Droid Turbo features a super quick and easy launch. Just pick up your phone, twist your wrist 2 times and the camera comes on. It takes a little practice. I was shaking the phone in the wrong direction the first few times and it was taking a little while to turn on but once I figured the “twist” action I was snapping pics of my dogs so much faster. My dogs are notorious for moving before I was able to get a pic of their absurd behavior but now they are none the wiser.

This is one dog snuggling up to another’s dog’s butt. It’s not the clearest photo but I was able to take the shot before they noticed and got up to run over to me. Mission accomplished.Droid Turbo #VZWBuzz Influencer #Droid #Motorola

The Active Display is a real time saver for me. With just a wave of my hand I can check the time and see if I have missed calls, text messages or emails waiting for me without turning on my phone. This easily saves on battery plus it doesn’t light up a room during the night. Doesn’t everyone check their phone in the middle of the night?Droid Turbo #VZWBuzz Influencer #Droid #Motorola

The Droid Turbo claims to have a battery that lasts 48 hours.  I haven’t seen it yet. I tend to get 28-36 hours on a full charge. This is definitely better than my previous phones but with what I consider normal use I haven’t been able to get anywhere close to 48 hours. I’ve also not seen the 8hour boost from a 15 minute charge but then again I never need anything that quick. Between a charger in my car and a portable battery in my purse I never worry about being without a charge. This is something I’m going to monitor a little more closely.

Something I did notice that is totally phone related is the volume while on an actual phone call isn’t very loud.  I actually talk to my husband, best friend and father on a regular basis each day so I hope for good sound quality.  I don’t use a bluetooth ( i keep running them through the washing machine) so it’s the old fashioned phone to my ear for me. I’ve used speaker phone and have played videos and music with other people listening with zero issues.

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been using the phone. I’m over the learning curve. I have all my needed apps installed. I’m loving my new phone. Droid is back.

For you more techy folk here are the specs to give you a more indepth idea of the changes that come with the Droid Turbo.

STANDBY TIME – UP TO: 675 hrs.
USAGE TIME – UP TO: 48 hrs.
WIDTH 2.89 in.
WEIGHT 5.96 oz.
HEIGHT 5.56 in.
SCREEN 5.2″ Quad HD Super AMOLED™ Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 Display with 2560 x 1440, 565 ppi
BATTERY 3900 mAh
OPERATING SYSTEM Android 4.4 Kitkat®
NETWORK LTE Band 13/4 (700/1700 MHz), CDMA/1xEVDO Rev. A (800/1900 MHz); Global Network: EDGE/GSM (850/900/1800/1900), HSPA/UMTS(850/900/1900/2100)
SAR 1.39 W/kg Body: .50 W/kg

Going Pro this Holiday Season

best buy blogger disclosure
The leaves are falling. The kids are playing. The team is scoring. These are just some of the shots we’re taking with our cameras in the gorgeous fall weather. Do you have the best camera to capture all the action and smiles and cheers? Check out Best Buy for the latest gadgets for adventure seekers and memory makers.GoPRO Hero Camera at @BestBuy Holiday Shopping #GoProatBestBuy GoPRO Hero Camera at @BestBuy Holiday Shopping #GoProatBestBuy GoPRO Hero Camera at @BestBuy Holiday Shopping #GoProatBestBuy

Right now the technology is better than ever for the photographer in the family. With an ever growing list of activities, vacations, sports, playdates and family get-togethers there is so much more to capture so we can hold onto the memories for years to come.

Not only are we taking more pictures but were taking more video. My kids love to run around the park with their bikes, toys and friends. The laughter pulls at my heartstrings and it’s too much not to get it all on film. We share and upload so others can see it so we have to make sure the quality is great otherwise what’s the point.

This holiday season Best Buy will have the latest accessories and mounts to help you capture immersive footage of these moments that matter most. Best Buy is THE home of the latest cameras and camcorders, including the full line of new GoPro cameras, plus a broad assortment of accessories. GoPro cameras make perfect holiday gifts for everyone, from kids and teens, to gadget gurus. GoPro’s new line of cameras allow you to beautifully and authentically capture and share the experiences that bring purpose, adventure, and joy to your life.

GoPRO Hero Camera at @BestBuy Holiday Shopping #GoProatBestBuy GoPRO Hero Camera at @BestBuy Holiday Shopping #GoProatBestBuy GoPRO Hero Camera at @BestBuy Holiday Shopping #GoProatBestBuy GoPRO Hero Camera at @BestBuy Holiday Shopping #GoProatBestBuy

GoPro HERO4 Black: the most advanced GoPro ever, featuring improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates1, HERO4 Black takes award‐winning GoPro performance to a whole new level.
GoPro HERO4 Silver: the first-ever GoPro to feature a built-in touch display. Controlling The camera, playing back footage and adjusting settings is ultra-convenient—just view, tap and swipe the screen. With 1080p60 and 720p120 video, and 12MP photos at a staggering 30 frames per second, HERO4 Silver combines powerful, pro-quality capture with the convenience of a touch display.
GoPro HERO: Featuring high‐quality 1080p30 and 720p60 video, and 5MP photos up to 5 fps, HERO captures the same immersive footage that’s made GoPro one of the best-selling cameras in the world. 12x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates

Learn more at or visit your local Best Buy to check out the latest cameras in person.

Who might be getting a GOPro HERO this year for the holidays?


Sol Republic Deck Giveaway

We tried to squeeze in all the summer possible over the last few weeks. A trip to the beach was on the agenda and we packed like we were gonna stay for days. Turns out the weather was pretty perfect and we sat in that sand for hours and hours while the kids played and swam. We were prepared with good food, great company and excellent sounds from the Sol Republic Deck.

When we got to the beach  (a little later than wanted) we found it a bit overcrowded. Seemed like everyone else had the same idea.

We settled in right next to the lifeguards with a big space for a long soak in the sun. Adding music to the squawking of the seagulls and crash of the waves was a great combination.Sol Republic Deck on Beach

This was the first time we hooked up the Sol Republic Deck. We didn’t test it at home and there really was no need to. The connection was clear, the music was loud and the battery hasn’t failed us yet.

The Deck is truly portable, wireless speaker that allows you to roam up to 300 feet away giving you room to mingle, eat and replenish the chips for a party.  The coolest feature would be the ability to connect to up to 5 devices at one time, called Heist Mode. This gives your friends and family the chance to take control the music from their own phones or tablets.

This would be the perfect gift for the dorm room, bedroom, garage workshop or outdoor party on the deck. The 360° sound has much better quality than anything coming from a smartphone or tablet.  Included with the Deck is this snug carry case to protect against sand, water, scratches and more.Sol republic Deck carry bag

Give the gift of music to someone special in your life. Or enter to win the gift of music here at  Let us know who would love the Sol Republic Deck.Sol Republic Deck Giveaway

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Pay with your Phone with Isis Wallet #MC

MomCentral Isis Campaign

Being a Verizon customer comes with lots of perks; great service , wide coverage and useful apps. Isis Wallet is one of these useful apps. It’s an app that makes shopping easier at some of your favorite retail locations.

I can run my daily errands with just my car keys, phone and sunglasses in my hand and leave the purse in the car. In a 3 mile radius I can fuel up my car, grocery shop for the week, pick up prescriptions, take the dogs to their check-up, stock up on Rob’s favorite beer, Summer Shandy and pick up a gallon of locally made artisan ice cream.

That’s just in my little college town area. Imagine the shopping opportunities available in a larger market.

Starting up the Isis Wallet is simple. First confirm your carrier and phone is compatible.Pick your Carrier, Isis Wallet

Download the Isis Wallet app. If you receive a message that you require an enhanced SIM card to store and protect your sensitive payment information your carrier will provide this card free of charge in an authorized store.Isis Wallet linking up other cards

Add your debit card, credit card or bank account or your American Express®, Chase®, or Wells Fargo® credit card info and receive the same perks and benefits as a cardholder without actually holding the card. OterAdd loyalty and bonus cards from select merchants and find offers like free Jamba Juice or $1 back on purchases made from your American Express Serve Account.

Now you shop. Using the app you’ll find local retailers that accept Isis Wallet. Wave the back of your phone on the “contactless symbol” when instructed by the cashier and your payment will be made. Isis Mobile Wallet is accepted at hundreds of thousands of locations across the country including McDonald’s, Jamba Juice, Macy’s, Toys’R’Us, Coca-Cola vending machines, etc. To check out locations near you: That number grows making this app a great tool to have on hand.

If you sign up for the American Express Serve prepaid card you will receive an initial $25 balance to put towards your purchases.Isis Wallet American Express Serve

Our smartphone are already so smart Isis Mobile Wallet is just the next natural step in making our lives easier and more streamlined. What’s next? Driver’s license on our phone? Stay connected with Isis Wallet on their Facebook Page.

HALO Pocket Power Charger Review & #Giveaway

Just a couple of weeks ago I was sent a HALO Pocket Charger. It has a fashionable look and small profile (think tube of mascara) but I was skeptical because there was so much focus on the looks there was no way it was going to perform well. I’m pretty good at keeping my phone charged but my Kindle Fire often dies while I’m reading it. I was headed to football practice and realized that of course my Kindle Fire had no juice so I plugged it into the HALO for the short drive. It gave me enough power to read a few chapters.
HALO Pocket Charger with wrong cable
All summer I’ve been packing for quick trips to the beach with the kids. The process is simple; I pack clothes and necessities and the kids are in charge of their own personal belongings that they want to bring. This usually is a blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, iPod, gaming device and movies for the car. Shae is my thinker. She not only grabs her iPod but her charger and wall adapter. Shaun on the other hand does NOT and is complaining 20 minutes into a car ride that his iPod is dying. Shae being the nice sister lets him borrow the charger but on our most recent trip I packed those things in the trunk in the bags.

Being the smart mom I am I had Shaun charge his iPod on my HALO because I keep it in my purse. I will admit that the first couple of times I tossed my HALO in my bag I forget crucial items to go along with it. The photo above shows the Kindle being charged with the wrong cable, but it worked.
HALO Pocket Charger #giveaway

The HALO Pocket Power Charger from QVC comes with a USB charging cable and 3 interchangeable adapter tips so that you can charge tablets, Bluetooth devices, cameras, phones and gaming devices. Have an iPhone 5? Use your own USB cable to power up. The HALO itself charges through your computer or laptop, no outlet needed.

One thing to remember is to POWER OFF the HALO when you are done charging your device. It will hold a charge up to 12 months when not in use but will drain if those lights are lit up green. Everything you need fits neatly inside an included pouch so it stays contained in your purse, luggage, laptop bag or beach bag. For just $29.98 this is the perfect gift for anyone that wants to stay connected to their technology.

HALO Pocket Charger When the 2800mAH HALO Pocket Power is fully charged itself, it can:

  • Charge a Blackberry over 1.5 times on a single battery.
  • Charge an iPhone 3 over 1.5 times on a single battery.
  • Charge the iPhone 4 1.5 times on a single battery.
  • Partially charge a Pandigital tablet.
  • Charge the Samsung Galaxy S 1.25 times on a single battery.
  • It can also partially charge a Samsung Galaxy S in 10 seconds in order to make a call!

Win a HALO Pocket Power Charger for yourself here at LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Just let me know which color your would choose.

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Managing Technology Sucks

Back on 12/31/12 Melinda wrote a post about Shaun and his love of gadgets.  Xbox, TV, iPod and computer mean everything to Shaun and his life seems to revolve around them.

Recently while at dinner with Melinda’s parents her father asked us why Shaun was blinking so fast and hard.  Just an hour before dinner Shaun was playing Xbox Live with a few of his friend for probably three to fours hours so we told him video games was the reason.  He told us that it didn’t look good and he was concerned and I must admit after hearing his concern I understand why he felt that way.  Once we got home Melinda and I sat down with Shaun and told him three to fours hours of video games a day wasn’t good for him and we placed a limit on his gaming.  During the week he could only play for an hour and on the weekend we let him play for about two hours.


After having this discussion Melinda and I noticed another problem related to video games cropping up.  Shaun has always disliked doing homework (what kid doesn’t to some degree) but since he got Xbox Live his hatred of homework has become more and more of a problem for us to the point where he was rushing so fast to get it done so he could play his hour of Xbox that there was so much wrong with his work that he needed to do it all over again.  Like I mentioned Shaun hates doing homework the first time so you can imagine how he reacted when we told him he needed to redo his homework.  It was an instant meltdown and total fight because all he had on his mind was playing Xbox Live.

Another problem we are having is he is in the 4th grade and has a hard time spelling simple words.  Shaun is not a dummy by any means and I know part of the problem is him not thinking and just rushing because he is focused on playing video games.  It also doesn’t help that at this point in the game his school doesn’t seem to place any emphasis at all on vocabulary.  All school year long he has received math and reading homework but not a single vocabulary list.  I can remember having to study vocabulary all of the time for weekly tests when I was in elementary school but not Shaun because he hasn’t gotten one vocab list all year.  So Melinda printed a 4th grade vocabulary list from the internet and we have been quizzing him.  The first time I quizzed him he couldn’t spell some of the simplest words that I felt any 4th grader should know so Melinda and I put another rule in place.  We quiz him daily on random words from the list and for every word he gets right he get two minutes of Xbox time and for every word he gets wrong we take one minute away.  I feel bad doing this to him but like I told him he needs to be able to spell words like correct, royal and bananas without any trouble.  Today I quizzed him and he did awesome, he got 45 right and 10 wrong so he got a decent amount of Xbox time today.

I told Melinda that we need to quiz Shaun daily on vocab and hopefully his spelling will get better.  I am sure it will over time as long as we stick to our rules we should be fine and so should he.

Us as a society always seem to want more and more technology to make our lives easier but sometimes I feel like we are so surrounded with it that it’s to hard to manage.  Kids don’t use their imagination like they used to ten years ago and I feel like that is hurting them in the long run.

How do you manage technology?  Do you have rules and time limits in place?

I Disclose