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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix #StreamTeam

The newest obsession on our house is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This series is found on Netflix by creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. It has one of the most depressing premises that I’ve ever heard but it’s actually one of the cutest and most light-hearted shows that I’ve ever seen. The show follows Kimmy Schmidt, a girl who was kidnapped and held captive for 15 years by a preacher who “believed” that the world was going to end. This doomsday cult leader restricts all that is evolving in the world around them. He captured her and three other women and kept them in a bunker underground.Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Netflix #StreamTeam

The first episode opens with their release and the rest of the season follows Kimmy on her path to a new life in New York City. See, it sounds really dark but it specifically steers clear of the that side of the story. Kimmy meets new friends with a variety of their own quirks and personality traits and has unique adventures as she gets her first job, finds her first apartment, and kisses her first boy.

Kimmy is a kind and helpful person to everyone she meets, even if she is a bit naive and depends on “The Babysitters Club” books for life advice. She doesn’t quite understand today’s society but she does everything she can to brighten the days of those around her and figure out her life in a new and strange time.  Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock is on the show playing a very similarly vain and dramatic character, it’s what she does so well. It’s actually mostly family friendly and free of cursing which is surprising of a show that was made for Netflix. My favorite quote from her, when asked what filter she had used for a photo, Kimmy replied “None. Hasbrown No Filter.”
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Netflix #StreamTeam

To be honest it took 2 episodes to get hooked. Everyone I know who had watched the show said to give it a chance. It could come off as slapstick and corny at times but there’s a reason for that; Tina Fey.  She’s the genius behind 30 Rock, many many many SNL Skits and one of my faves Mean Girls.

Give it a tray for yourself.  Netflix is one of the greatest things ever.  I use it alllllllll the time.  I stream from my phone even if I can’t watch it, I’ll listen to my favorite comedies just to get laughs throughout the day.

NetFlix #StreamTeam

House of Cards is Back #StreamTeam

House of Cards! House of Cards! It’s so close, I can almost taste it. It was a total accident that we started watching this show in the first place. We had just gotten our Netflix account for the first time and dad was lining up a queue of shows and movies that he wanted to watch. House of Cards had just been added to the collection on Netflix so he tossed it in with the rest of his choices. I didn’t really pay it any mind, we have never been a family that watches political dramas, we are more crime show people. I also knew nothing about it until after we started watching it. I was walking through the living room while my mom and dad were watching the second episode and I instantly sat down and started watching it with them. I was blown away. We were all instantly addicted and we watched it every night until it was done. My dad stayed up late to watch it and he doesn’t stay up late to watch anything during the week, not even football. It would be all we would talk about together for weeks. We would pause between episode to discuss what was going to happen next and my mom was always right because she’s way more deceptive than we are.
House of Cards Season 3 Trailer on Netflix #StreamTeam

House of Cards Season 3 Netflix #StreamTeam
And then when the second season came out I had started work so they watched it without me and I was sad. And then it took me a long time to watch it because it’s not really the kind of show that I like to watch by myself because I really enjoy the discussion and the conspiracies. Also, when I watch tv alone, I like to do other things at the same time like be on my phone and play Animal Crossing so I’m never really paying attention. That’s why I just rewatch Bob’s Burgers, Parks and Recreation, and Archer in rotation because I already know all of the episodes.

Back to my original point, it’s just under one month away until Season 3 of House of Cards and we are all incredibly excited. I’m still not sure if we will be watching together or not but I’m looking forward to it either way. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Start watching it now and get caught up before the new season so you don’t get accidently see any spoilers from your friends. And if you have already seen it, rewatch it because I’m sure you’ve forgotten some things and you’re going to be really confused when the new season rolls around. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Francis and Claire Underwood and all of their friends/ enemies/ victims in action again. It’s truly and incredibly show and everything you’ve heard about it is true.

NetFlix #StreamTeam

What to Watch in 2015 Netflix #StreamTeam

The New Year is here and I’m so excited for all of the new things that Netflix has coming out next year. Orange is the New Black Season 3 is coming some time in mid 2015. Hopefully the next seasons of Archer and Bobs Burgers will be out soon too. I know my sister is excited about the new show, All Hail King Julien, which is all about the King of the Lemurs from Madagascar.All Hail King Julien Netflix #StreamTeam

There have been tons of great movies and shows on Netflix this year. We can expect new seasons of many of these next year so everyone needs to get caught up soon. These are the 15 shows and movies I think everyone should watch in 2015.What to Watch in 2015 on NetFlix, Movies, Shows and Cartoons #StreamTeam
1. Parks and Recreation
My all time favorite show. With 6 seasons to go through, there is plenty to catch up on. This is a perfect show if you love binge watching and laughing and Chris Pratt.
2. Orange is the New Black
An amazing look into a women’s prison based on an autobiography. Every character is developed and interesting and bring their own zest to the story. The best part for me is looking into the histories of the inmates and learning how their lives lead them to prison.
3. Criminal Minds
The best crime show ever made. Look into the minds of serial killers and learn way too much about the psychology behind murder. There are a ton of episodes to keep you occupied for weeks.
4. Walking Dead
Because it’s currently on TV, Netflix isn’t caught up completely but there are still 4 full season to watch. It’s got zombies and excellent characters and an elaborate story, all of which make it a great show. There are four seasons to go through and the new one is usually added some time in the fall.
5. The Killing
This show was originally on television but was canceled before it was finished. Netflix picked it up for the last season and gave us an incredible finale. It’s a crime thriller with tons of suspense but every seasons finale is incredible. This is a show I would highly recommend.

6. Archer
A weird concept with great execution; Archer follows a team of spies as they go on secret missions and also while they deal with dumb interpersonal conflicts. It’s funny and really weird and everyone should give it a try. It might not be everyone’s sense of humor but it could take some of you by surprise.
7. Bobs Burgers
This follows a family running a burger restaurant deal with low income and all of the other curves life can throw at you in a hilarious way. It shows events that are possible in real life but unlikely to actually happen to any sane person. They’re hilarious and strange but it’s an adorable show that anyone can laugh at.
8. Courage the Cowardly Dog
This is an older show from when I was a kid. It’s really bizarre but for me it’s a classic. It’s also more for older kids because it can be a tad scary and disturbing at times.
9. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Another cartoon from my childhood. The saddest thing to me is that all of the episodes aren’t on Netflix but I’ll take what I can get. This show is the definition of weird. The episodes don’t go in order and they don’t follow any kind of logic. It’s a show about two kids who force the Grim Reaper to be their best friend forever and they meet all kinds of paranormal and supernatural creatures including a giant spider that thinks Billy is his dad and Count Dracula in his later years. Just watch it, I can’t explain it.
10. Adventure Time
Your kids probably already watch this show. I did even before Netflix and I have a few seasons on DVD. It’s adorable and fable-esqe with each episode teaching a lesson. But it also a lot of fun with adventures and monsters and a little bit of romance. This is a show mom and dad would approve of their kids watching. It also has a deep backstory which only the older viewers would be able to comprehend.

11. Silver Linings Playbook
It was Oscar nominated so you know it’s great but I didn’t hear a ton of buzz about it when it was in theaters. Even if you’ve already seen it, watch it again, it’s a great movie about family and mental illness and how the two are related. And Jennifer Lawrence is in it and she’s adorable.
12. Django Unchained
Not quite the same scope as the other movies on this list. It’s a Quentin Tarantino movie so it’s crazy violent but it’s also incredibly funny. It’s an all around great film that’s a lot of fun for mom and dad. Definitely make sure the kids are gone when you turn this one on though.
13. Annie
Watch the original on Netflix and then go see the reboot in theaters. Both are terrific in their own ways and Annie is a great introduction to the world of musicals and theater for young kids.
14. Camp Takota
It’s indie, it’s adorable, it’s all about friendship. It’s just a cute story about a girl who gets cheated on so she heads back to her childhood camp for the summer; you know a classic storyline. But it is a lot of fun.
15. What Maisie Knew
My mom and I watched it together and we didn’t know anything about it going into it but it turned out to be incredible. It’s so sweet to follow this little girl through her life and her parents dysfunctional life and separation, remarriage and more. But it ends in a great (but odd) way and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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Bark Week on @HubTVNetwork

We’re all heard of Shark Week, that terrifying but too cool to look away programming special happening on Discovery Channel this week. How about something a little tamer, something a little furry. How about Bark Week from our friends at Hub Network. Bark Week on @HubTVNetwork

Bark Week is a weeklong schedule of family favorite programming featuring our hairy and furry friends, the dogs. As a dog loving home this is something we can get on board with. Hub Network will be showcasing 4 popular series from Animal Planet; America’s Cutest, It’s Me or the Dog, Bad Dog and Too Cute.

If you’ve never seen Too Cute you’re missing out.

Bark Week is all about having a great line up of family friendly programming that actually brings the family together. My kids and I can often be found huddled around my phone watching cat and dog videos. There is something about them that is addicting.

Hub Club MemberBark Week kicks off Sunday August 17th and runs till August 22nd with presentations such as 101 Dalmatians, Scooby Doo & Snow Buddies just a name a few. Check your local listing for complete times and schedules.

Littlest Pet Shop Season 3 Premiere Hub Network May 31 9:30AM EST

Do  your kids follow the story of Blythe Baxter and her furry friends at the Littlest Pet Shop? The Hub Network is starting season 3 of this kids favorite on May 31, 9:30AM ET/6:30AM PT.Littlest Toy Shop Season 3 Premier

The premier episode, Sleeper introduces a new character, Mr. VonFuzzlebutt, an energetic but rather narcoleptic raccoon. Vinnie the Gecko and Sunil the Monkey are given the task to entertain the new guest of the animal day camp.

Of course chaos ensues and the pets are put under pressure to keep the secret of a sleeping Mr. Von Fuzzlebutt from the other animals and of course their caretaker.Littlest Pet Shop Season 3 Premier Hub Network

Littlest Pet Shop follows Blythe Baxter and her father who live in a Downtown City apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop — an amazing day camp for pets of all kinds, including a doggie diva, dancing gecko and sweet, adorable panda. The series begins when Blythe discovers that she can miraculously understand and talk to the pets, which leads to fantastical adventures featuring uproarious song-and-dance parodies and sequences to original music. In its third season, Blythe and the few friends who know her secret utilize her unique ability to have fun with her furry friends, solve problems and lend a helping hand— or paw — to other humans and pets.

Hub Network, champions of family fun and the only network dedicated to providing kids and their families with entertainment they can watch together. The Littlest Pet Shop is JUST that type of show. It has a sweet story with just enough humor to get a few chuckles from mom and dad.Hub Club Member

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 5

Twilight Sparkle and her beloved pony friends will continue to celebrate the magic of friendship as the Hub Network announces season five of its hit animated series “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.” The series, from Hasbro Studios, is slated to air in 2015 on the Hub Network, champions of family fun and the only network dedicated to providing kids and their families entertainment they can watch together. The network has ordered 26 episodes for season five.My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 5

Excited is just one word used to describe how Sabreena and Shae feel about this news. You see this is one cartoon that Shae can get Sabreena to watch with her without complaint. The cuddle up and discuss the plot, the character’s personality traits, why such conflict is happening and how the “problem” should be solved. It’s like their very own soap opera.

“My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic” follows the magical Princess Twilight Sparkle and her trusted assistant Spike, who live in Ponyville in the enchanted land of Equestria, along with her colorful pony friends – honest Applejack, generous Rarity, kind Fluttershy, loyal Rainbow Dash and fun-loving Pinkie Pie. Together, they teach one another valuable lessons about the most powerful magic of all – the magic of friendship!Hub Club Member

To celebrate “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” head over to Build-A-Bear Workshop to make your own My Little Pony stuffed plush. This is Twilight Sparkle that Shae made for her 6th birthday plus a Flip ‘n Whirl Rainbow Dash from Hub Network.
My Little Pony Hub Club

Taking it Old School for the Family #NetFlix #StreamTeam

One of my favorite things to do with Shae is to watch all of the old Disney movies that I used to have on VHS. Recently, Netflix has added things like Mulan, Robin Hood, Hercules, The Aristocats, and Pocahontas to instant streaming. As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam we get announcements of new (and old) programming that’s been added.Watching Dumbo #StreamTeam #NetFlixKids

This month they’re taking it old school with shows there were more my mom’s era. I’ve heard her get all excited about Jem and the Holigrams. My grandfather’s been known to watch Saved By the Bell marathons on Saturday mornings when everyone else is sleeping.

#NetFlix #StreamTeam


I’m an obscure Disney movie lover. I’m so excited to find the titles that no one else mentions, those are my favorites, those are the ones I grew up with. Now I can share that with Shae and show her that Disney isn’t always princesses and fairy tales.#NetFlix #StreamTeam Classic Television and Movies

#NetFlix #StreamTeam Classic Television and Movies

Doozers on @Hulu plus 3month Subscription #giveaway

Searching for appropriate television for kids isn’t always easy. Sticking with old standby shows is fine but there comes a time when you have to introduce them to something new and exciting. From the makers of the uber educational Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train comes a new animated preschool show called Doozers.

Doozers, new on Hulu Plus for Kids
Doozers is a the first Hulu Original for Kids. The show encourages kids to create, design, build, invent and think out of the box. Construction and building is a classic activity for kids of all ages. Doozers from The Jim Henson Company and DHX Media wants to expand those lessons by giving kids new adventures on screen. Hopefully those ideas will translate to real life and inspire kids to be more hands on during playtime and have lots of fun.

The Pod Squad loves to DESIGN, CREATE, and INNOVATE. These Doozers are DOERS – they put their ideas into action! If that sounds like work, think again! What kid wouldn’t want to design their very own Doozer Derby racing car, fly in a jetpack (or better yet…fly with a kaleidoscope of butterflies!), or build a giant life-sized gingerbread house?! Whatever they are doing, the Pod Squad always manages to have a fantastic time!

Doozers, Kids Friendly Hulu Plus show

Doozers, Kids Friendly Hulu Plus show

Executive Produced by Lisa Henson, Halle Stanford, Steve DeNure, Anne Loi
Doozers starts airing April 25th.

To get you and your own kids excited for this new series we are offering LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! readers the chance to win a 3-month subscription to Hulu Plus. Use the Giveaway Tools widget below to enter.Hulu Plus 3-month subscription #giveaway

MythBusters on Netflix

When I had my appendix taken out a few years back, I remember waking up from my surgery late at night and and watching MythBusters with my mom. We ate cold french fries and watched the crew destroy something, I’m sure. I don’t remember what they were doing, I don’t really remember anything about that night but I remember enjoying myself. It’s always an entertaining show and can hold my attention for hours.
I’ve always loved watching MythBusters. They are constantly doing such crazy and interesting experiments. One of my favorite episodes is when they fire frozen chickens into a plane windshield to check a myth that birds can break through them when planes are in flight.

I also like when they prove just how difficult it is to take candy from a baby, when they disprove the myth of the man dying from standing in his washing machine and the time when they try to float a man using only balloons. I’m happy to now be able to watch MythBusters on Netflix. It’s a great show to just have on all day and marathon through. I may have to get my brother to watch it, I really think he would enjoy all of the incredible experiments. Netflix Stream Team

Spooksville Returns to The Hub Network

Spooksville returned to The Hub Network on March 8th. The mid-season return episode kicks off with action-packed episode “Shell Shock” in which Sally reluctantly agrees to go along with her parents to visit the exclusive Springville Yacht Club, where a teenage boy, who is an aspiring yacht club member, disappears. To help solve this mysterious disappearance, Sally enlists the help of Adam and Watch to investigate and they soon discovers that the Yacht club is home to Spooksville’s latest supernatural terror – a giant mutant crab pirate.

Spooksville on The Hub NetworkThe kids and I watched this together and while the intro and show name infer a hint of scariness, it wasn’t scary at all. I worried a little for Shae but the humor that was weaved into the storyline was definitely up her alley. In fact she’s started using the word smarmy to describe anything gross, weird, annoying, etc that she comes across. Katie Douglas’ character Sally uses this word to describe someone she doesn’t like.

Spooksville is definitely a kid friendly show with a modified scary theme that won’t leave your kids too scared to go to bed. The Hub Network has got a good grasp on a network that fits the family without compromising quality and content.Hub Network

Catch the next episode of Spooksville on March 15th, 5:30pm EST.