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Morey’s Pier & Beachfront Water Parks open Easter Weekend

It’s no surprise The Wildwoods, NJ was Named the best seaside amusement park in the world by Amusement Today. For as long as I can remember The Wildwoods have been a summer destination for our family and so many of my friends. A visit last year after a many year hiatus reinvigorated the love we had for the amusements up and down the boardwalk. The name synonymous with the Wildwoods is Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks. They’ve been a staple to the shore since 1969 and still going strong.

Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation

The 2016 season starts with the grand opening of Mariner’s Pier on Saturday, March 26 and annual Easter celebration on Sunday, March 27.
Families are invited to hop over to the pier starting at noon on Easter Sunday for special activities including pictures with the Easter Bunny from 12:00pm to 3:00pm at the Parents Pavilion located behind the Carousel. Children 12 years of age and younger can pick an Easter egg for a chance to win an assortment of fun prizes, ranging from stuffed animals and Curley’s Fries buckets, to one-day pier passes and water park passes. Two lucky participants will win the grand prize of a Morey’s Piers 2016 Wild Pass.Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation

Morey Hotels & Resorts’ “Bunny Hop Doo-Wop” package available on March 26, 2016 offers travelers an Easter weekend at the shore that includes:

  • One night accommodations at The Starlux or Blue Palms Resort
  • 15 percent off at the following food outlets: Jumbo’s, Taco Joint, La Bakerie, Mama’s Kitchen, Waffle and Ice Cream and Fritz’s
  • One game voucher valid for three free games at any game kiosk on Mariner’s Pier

A standard king room starts at $95 per night at Blue Palms Resort; double rooms at the Boardwalk Bungalow at the Blue Palms Resort start at $109 per night. A standard room at The Starlux starts at $118 per night. Rooms are subject to availability; price does not include hotel tax. To book the “Bunny Hop Doo-Wop” package, visit and use the code EASTER.

Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation

Guests can take advantage of savings by visiting and get more information on the Wild Pass member program visit

Wildwood and Morey’s Piers #GoWild this Summer

Our kind of vacation is a beach vacation. I like the lounging on the sand, watching the waves crash just inches from my toes, immersing myself in a good book and soaking up the sun. My kids also love the beach but there comes a point where they want adventure.

Rides, cotton candy,pizza and water parks is exactly what they crave. The Jersey Shore gives our family everything we want.   For Father’s Day weekend we were able to do everything we wanted, no rules, no barriers.
Wildwood, NJ has always held a special place in my heart. It’s the only memory I have a family vacation as a child.  The look and feel of the boardwalk is the same, the salty smell driving down Rio Grande Avenue is always familiar.
To be honest I’ve been creating memories with my own family at a different beach. Wildwood wasn’t the same place as it was when I was young. The level of visitors changes, the atmosphere wasn’t as family friendly as it used to be. This beach resort town changed.  We visited time to time over the years and the kids LOVED the water parks.
This past Father’s Day Weekend I was able to give my family the mini vacation they needed to see out of Wildwood, NJ.  Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks were everything they promised to be.
 Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Morey’s Piers offers 3 different locations packed full of fun for every member of your family.
Surfside Pier on a Sunday morning was the best part of the weekend. It was literally a ghost town. The skies were cloudy and the winds were blowing so I’m sure that kept everyone tucked in their beds. We didn’t let that stop us. We packed up and headed out to get there early; so early that we were the only patrons for about an hour. It never filled up so the kids had run of the entire water park for HOURS.
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Our nights we full of funnel cake, seafood dinners and some of the best pizza in the world. Maybe it’s the salt air or the fact that there isn’t a worry in the world but everything taste better down the shore.
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
I’ll admit, we may have had a little too much fun.
 Wildwood #MoreysPiers & BeachFront Water Parks #GoWild #FamilyTravel #JerseyShore #SummerVacation
Special thanks to the Morey’s family for the invitation and allowing me to show the kids that Wildwood is BACK!
Stay tuned to hear more about our great weekend away.

7 Great Summer Adventure Activities for Kids

The summer holidays are a great time for the kids – but if you’re a mom or dad and not quite prepared, keeping your kids occupied can be challenging! So plan ahead and keep your little ones happy with these 7 great adventure activities:

7 Great Summer Adventure Activities for Kids

Images by niiicedave used under Creative Commons license.

Plan a treasure hunt

Who doesn’t love finding hidden stuff? A treasure hunt is a great (and low cost) way to involve all the family. Kids get to explore, play and use their creativity and logic. It’s fun, active and sometimes very competitive! Stationery for writing clues, gold chocolate coins, treasure chests and small prizes can be sourced without much difficulty.

Surprise kids with a last minute getaway

There’s nothing more exciting for kids than to know they’re going on an adventure…away from home! Taking the family on holiday doesn’t need to cost the earth – cheap holidays are everywhere and many providers are competing with each other to fill spaces during the busy summer months so you could benefit from a bigger discount the earlier you book.

A Day’s Bike Ride

Keeping your kids active and away from computer games during the summer holidays can be a challenge. Planning an outdoor bike ride is a fun way to get your children outdoors and on the move. There are loads of family friendly trails across different terrains – which offer children the chance to spot wildlife too.

Go camping!

Many favourite childhood memories are created on days spent camping outdoors. It’s an exciting experience and there are loads of activities and skills you can teach your children. Make a campsite fire (if authorities permit) and toast chestnuts or marshmallows.

7 Great Summer Adventure Activities for Kids

Images by vastateparksstaff used under Creative Commons license.


Let’s not forget that aquaparks offer some of the most incredible swimming fun for children. Some parks even feature outdoor rollercoaster rides or big slides that kids will be talking about for months afterwards.

Caving and rockclimbing

Kids love exploring places that nobody ever goes to – and caving or rockclimbing is a great way to bring out the adventurer in your child. Specialist clubs will provide supervised activities with a qualified expert. It’s worth asking in advance as a certain level of competence might be needed.

Outdoor Swimming

Let your kids really connect with nature by taking them swimming in a safe, outdoor swimming area or lake. It’s a pretty fun feeling and very exhilarating for the whole family.  Adults can get involved by helping kids make things – for instance, try building a raft with pieces of wood or tie ropes from tree branches to swing on and make a splash.  You can also choose areas where there are crab pools for a spot of fishing.  Take along some jars in case you want to collect things like flowers, rocks or shells.  Make the outdoor swimming experience as varied as possible – and if the weather is especially nice, pack a picnic.  And don’t forget the waterproof sunscreen!

Family life isn’t complete without a joyful summer adventure!

Kid Friendly Cruising on Carnival #cruisingcarnival

Being miles and miles off shore on a cruise ship is one of the most exciting things to happen for my kids. They absolutely love cruising and have been lucky enough to have experienced it twice now.  I get asked a lot if cruising is truly a kid friendly vacation. My answer is an emphatic YES when it comes to Carnival Cruise Lines. Your kids will never be bored when it comes to #CruisingCarnival.Your Kids Will Never Be Bored on Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival #familytravel #kidfriendly #vacation

Camp Carnival

We were able to register them online so their information was on hand and name tags were ready. When we first boarded we had to hunt done the locations of camp so that when they were ready to go they knew where to go. Shaun was able to come and go as he pleased due to his age. That isn’t the rule but something we allowed him to do. Shae had to be checked in and out by an adult or Sabreena. This is a level of security that I appreciated. Even on the last day the camp counselors were checking out Sign and Sail cards as ID. You can never be too sure!

Camp Carnival is specially designed  with crafts, activities and games for different age groups: 2 to 5 years, 6 to 8 years, and 9 to 11 years. The daily schedules are available each night before we were able to check off all the things the kids wanted to participate in the next day.  This let the whole family plan their day around lounging, activities, spa treatments or even exploring the ports. Shae spent lots of her time working on crafts, playing board games and and painting. Shaun of course spent lots of time playing video game and EPIC rounds of dodge ball.  I was never worried about them having a good time while at camp.  Carnival also offers a Night Owls segment. From 10-12pm they had special activities and movies for the kids so the adults could plan time at the casino, clubs or just alone on the Serenity Lounge. Your Kids Will Never Be Bored on Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival #familytravel #kidfriendly #vacation

Games and Chess

This was one of the first things we noticed when coming aboard. Rob and Shaun like to play chess and little did we know Shae knew how to play too. The spent lots of time challenging each other and other kids with a game or two. Regular chess in the Library was a great way for Rob and Shae to spend a little quality time together too.
Your Kids Will Never Be Bored on Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival #familytravel #kidfriendly #vacation
Your Kids Will Never Be Bored on Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival #familytravel #kidfriendly #vacation

Video Arcade

We tried to stay as unplugged as possible while cruising but the flashing lights and high tech graphics drew the kids in for one night only.

Mini Golf

With 360 degree views of gorgeous blue ocean there was no wonder mini golf is a popular activity for the kids.  The wind can make it a little tricky sometimes but it also made it super fun when trying to race against it.Your Kids Will Never Be Bored on Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival #familytravel #kidfriendly #vacation

Circle C and Club O2

Hangout spots for the older kids too are needed when they need some downtime away from the family. Carnival organizes movies, club nights and activities for the big kids too.

Punchliner Comedy Club

The comedy club makes cruising truly family friendly by offering swear word free sets. Shae joined us for one show before heading off to her nightly activities.


This waterpark overlooking the ocean is a site to be seen. Kids can splash and slide while parents lounge on the sidelines.Your Kids Will Never Be Bored on Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival Your Kids Will Never Be Bored on Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival #familytravel #kidfriendly #vacation
Pool & Deck Parties

The Lido Deck is the party hub especially when there are Hairy Chest contests to watch and pools to jump in. The cruise director and their staff along with a DJ keep the people moving, laughing and entertained with goofy games and lively music. Your Kids Will Never Be Bored on Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival #familytravel #kidfriendly #vacation

Your Kids Will Never Be Bored on Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival #familytravel #kidfriendly #vacation

Stage Shows

Shae was called up on stage during the magic show but was so shy she couldn’t participate. During the next show and Hasbro, The Game Show she insisted on sitting farther away from the stage just so she could watch.

The list goes on and on with activities the kids and families can participate in each day. Don’t forget about the excursions available when you arrive at each Port of Call too. Those adventure are once in a lifetime. Know one thing, your kids will never be bored on a Carnival Cruise.
Your Kids Will Never Be Bored on Carnival Cruise #cruisingcarnival #familytravel #kidfriendly #vacation

This Family is #CruisingCarnival

In just a few shorts days we’re heading out for our summer family vacation thanks to Carnival Cruiselines. We aren’t strangers to the cruise but nowhere near the cruise enthusiasts I want to be. Our last cruise was 4 years ago and the kids still talk about it and have been begging to go again since then. Timing couldn’t have been better either; Sabreena graduated high school a few weeks ago. Rob and I will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary while at sea and Shae turns 7 a couple weeks after we get back. It’s celebration time all around.

The Carnival Fantasy leaves out of Charleston, South Carolina and headed to the Caribbean. We’ll be taking the 9 hour drive to South Carolina overnight, seeing some of the pretty and historical sights of Charleston then boarding the 855 foot boat for non-stop fun over the next 8 days.This Family is #CruisingCarnival #FamilyTravel

Our Ports of Call while #CruisingCarnival

Grand Turk-Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos, may be small, but it’s packed with scenic punch and historic charm. Carnival® cruises to Grand Turk deliver you to an enchanted island outpost dotted with old windmills, grassy trails, and picture-perfect beaches. Discover an oasis of green set in aquamarine seas ringed by a pristine coral reef and the steep wall of the continental shelf with cruises to Grand Turk. Swim in the sparkling turquoise seas off Governor’s Beach. Snorkel or dive the coral reefs fringing Grand Turk.This Family is #CruisingCarnival #Fantasy Grand Turk #FamilyTravel

Half Moon Cay, the Bahamas-Fulfill your tropical island fantasy on Carnival cruises to Half Moon Cay, the Bahamas. Sway in the sweet Bahamian breezes to the rhythms of calypso and find romance on this private island paradise. Cruises to Half Moon Cay deliver you to an idyllic sun-drenched island hideaway where you can play in the turquoise seas, ride horseback on powdery white sand, and encounter silky stingrays. Sail, swim or snorkel the shallow blue-green Atlantic. Ride horseback along the sea’s edge on Half Moon Cay cruises.half moon cay

Nassau, the Bahamas-Blessed by balmy breezes and jumping to a bouncy calypso beat, Carnival cruises to Nassau, Bahamas promise sizzling fun in the sun. The historic and cultural heart of The Bahamas is one of the world’s most popular cruise ship ports—one million travelers board cruises to Nassau annually.This Family is #CruisingCarnival #Fantasy Nassau #FamilyTravel

The Fantasy is filled with so much to do during the 8 days at sea. The kids will enjoy Club Carnival, Hasbro the game show, video games in the arcade, putt putt golf and of course Waterworks water park. Rob and I have the casino, nightclubs, Punchliner Comedy club, the piano bar, Serenity Adult Retreat and spa services to rival the best in the country.

As a family we’ll have lots of time to relax by the pool, enjoy casual dining with 24 hour soft-serve ice cream and pizza and do a little shopping while sailing.

Follow along all week while we share our experiences, photos from the Caribbean and memories we make while #cruisingcarnival.

Choose Cruise for Family Friendly Vacation

Lately I’ve been hearing from families if cruises are truly family friendly. One of the biggest worries I hear “Is there going to be stuff for my toddler to do”. I say yes. We brought a toddler on a cruise and she still talks about it, remembers it vividly. My recommendation for a truly family friendly cruise is Carnival Cruise Lines. They are by far one of the most accommodating cruise lines for families out there. The staff goes out of their way to treat everyone like family and you definitely get the biggest bang for your buck when booking versus other cruise lines.

Something for everyone. Kids love mini golf but dad loves comedy while mom enjoys a relaxing massage. Get all of these options and more on board. The newer ships are adding more and more onboard entertainment and activities for every age. Don’t forget about the onboard pools and water parks and arcades.

Camp/Daycare/Youth programs. Send the kids to camp for the day or just a few hours while the adults indulge in some quiet poolside time. Let the teens dance dance dance with new friends at Club O2. Camp Carnival Night Owls(fees apply) is the ship’s newest adventure; giving kids the chance to stay later with organized events when the sun goes down. Camp Carnival is included in the cost of your cruise and runs on every ship in the fleet. Carnival caters to families and has activities and programs designed for kids age 4-months to 17 years old.

Food for every taste. Even the pickiest of eaters are going to find something to eat at one of the many restaurants. 24-hour pizza and room service is also an option for those less than structured meal times. Those with more refined palates can choose sushi, mongolian wok, gourmet Guy Fieri Burgers or signature dining options available everyday.

New sites everyday. How else are you going to be able to hope around to 3-4 different countries in just 1 week’s time. Ports of call are wonderful ways to get a peek at new scenery and experience a different culture even for just a few hours. Beaches, jungles, villages and markets are welcoming sites for tourist activity and shopping and excursions.

Trouble Free. Once you step on the boat there isn’t anything else you need to worry about. Your meals, transportation, entertainment and clean towels are all taken care of. Extras include beverages, casinos and spa treatments but those can be budgeted or left out without affecting your overall experience and satisfaction. Each day you receive an activity sheet for kids and you.  The thinking is done for you.

cruises for families, carnival cruise collage
My kids still talk about the cruise we experienced 2 years ago. They look at pictures, remember the beach excursions and talk about the plethora of food. We were able to spend a great deal of quality time together but each person was also able to enjoy their own time and space and adventures without hampering anyone else’s great time.

Destination Vacation with CityPASS Giveaway

There have been lots of changes the way families vacation lately. While 2 weeks in Hawaii sounds like heaven there are so many things to do when you take a city destination getaway. Visiting local museums, historic sites and becoming a hometown tourist is a great way to discover new town or rediscover the streets you see everyday.

CityPASS is the way to go when you want to explore a city’s top attractions.

Launched in 1997 in Seattle and San Francisco, CityPASS bundles prepaid admission to each city’s top attractions – based on annual attendance – into one easy-to-use ticket booklet whose cost is up to half off what it would cost to purchase those same admissions separately.

While CityPASS isn’t availble everywhere you will hopefully find it in a major city near you or one you can plan to visit. Right now CityPASS can be found in these top North American destinations; Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, Houston, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California and Toronto.

My family is planning a fall trip to Philadelphia. Never mind that we are in Philly a couple times a month, that’s not the point. We haven’t seen much of what the city has to offer. Shae’s never been to the Philly Zoo which is also America’s First Zoo. We are planning our trip as a mini staycation, a long weekend when the weather is more pleasant. We have 6 attractions to visit on our coupon book. Think we can squeeze them in on a long weekend?

citypass philadelphia giveaway

love park, philadelphia, tourist

Do you have a destination in mind? Enter to win 2 packs of CityPASS booklets for one of 10 CityPASS destinations: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, or Toronto. Just tell me the destination and attraction you’d like to check out.

To receive these extra opportunities for entries, you must fulfill the first REQUIRED entry above. Please note the changes to the entries and frequency, entries that don’t follow rules may be disregarded/ignored/deleted.

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Family Getaway at Great Wolf Lodge

Last week was our official summer vacation of 2011. Our original week long getaway plans got changed at the last minute and we ended up doing shorter trips to multiple places. Our first stop was Great Wolf Lodge in Pocono Mountains, PA. We had visited Great Wolf Lodge before when we attended Reviewers Retreat but this time was completely uninterrupted and focused on the kids.

Welcome to Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge, Pocono Mountains
We arrived earlier than our check-in time so we could enjoy a full day from the start. We all got suited up and headed into the large indoor waterpark. The kids knew exactly where they wanted to go; the slides. Shae is not scared of rides so she headed right up to the couple waterslides she already knew she was tall enough for. She must’ve dragged Sabreena up those couple flights of steps a dozen times. Shauns favorite place is the wave pool. He loves bobbing up and down and “swimming for his life” against the waves.
Great Wolf Lodge, Pocono Mountains
Great Wolf Lodge, Pocono Mountains
Great Wolf Lodge, Pocono Mountains
Great Wolf Lodge, Pocono Mountains

Rob and I got to enjoy the outdoor pool this time. We planted ourselves under a table with snacks and drinks while the kids came to visit every few minutes and play. For the most part Rob and I spent our time alone, without the kids. Great Wolf Lodge is a resort for kids, parents are just the transportation. From the Northern Lights Arcade to MagiQuest Adventure to Scoops Spa there is something for every child besides the obvious waterpark.

Great Wolf Lodge, Pocono MountainsGreat Wolf Lodge, Pocono MountainsGreat Wolf Lodge, Pocono MountainsGreat Wolf Lodge, Pocono Mountains

Eating at Great Wolf Lodge is an expensive event but the variety is perfect when you are trying to feed adults and children at the same time. I love love love the pasta bar. I’m able to add every single veggie I love to the pasta shape of choice and just ask for a light olive oil and garlic sauce. It was perfect and if I had the room in my belly I would’ve gotten seconds. Dessert for kids is a must when “eating out”. The selection is pretty good. Ice Cream is always available and each day there are different cupcakes, cookies and pies available. Seafood, burgers, soup and pasta, the choice is yours.

I would like to recommend to management of the Poconos Mountain location to add some air conditioning to the Swim Shop. I went in to purchase a new swimsuit and it was so ridiculously hot and humid that trying anything on was near impossible.

The kids are already asking when we can go back.


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Is a Vacation Home for Us?

The same thing happens every year we come down to the campground; we want to buy a cabin or camper so we can have our very own vacation place. When I say campground I’m not talking hiking boots and tents I’m talking lake, pool, waterpark and arcade. Rob and his family have been coming down here for over 20 years and we’ve been coming here almost every year we’ve been married. The kids love it, grandmom gets to spend time with them and we get some real relaxation soaking in the sun and just enjoying the relaxing environment.

photo courtesy of

When we talk about actually buying a cabin or camper a lot of things come to mind; what kind of DISH Network Channels are available, the cost of a golf cart, renovating the tiny galley kitchen and of course how much time Rob can get off of work.
The community is safe and close-knit. The kids can walk around the campground and visit friends and play miniature golf and we have no worries . The question often lies with how much we would actually use it. A two hour drive from home isn’t exactly a quick trip for overnight stays and we are nowhere near close to the time in our lives that we can stay there for the entire summer season. Would the occasional weekend be enough time to justify a purchase? Would our time increase over time? Is this a sound investment for our future and to build great memories for our family?

We’ve talked to other residents and found out getting satellite television is our best bet especially for those bad weather days.  Who wants to deal with fuzzy or boring channels with kids around.  Also a full size refrigerator is must to avoid expensive trips to the snack bar.

This week we looked into the actual costs of buying and renovating a cabin and I think we might go for it. We’ll get some advice from Rob’s parents and talk to some other families that have already gone through the process but hopefully this time next year we’ll be sitting back looking over the DISH Network Channel Guide with a margarita in one hand and a toasty s’more in another.

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12 Vacations to Giveaway

Seriously! US Family Guide will be giving away 12 US Destination Family Vacations over the next 12 weeks. Enter here and don’t forget to choose your local Family Guide. Also select to get KidsScoop sent to you to keep on top of great deals, specials and happenings in your area.

Quick! Enter now, the first winner is being picked May 15th. Spread the word too because a blogger will be awarded a special vacation also.

    Examples of some vacation prizes:

Pikes Peak Country – Colorado Springs

Need a vacation? Trying to decide where to go and what to see in Colorado? Look no further! Pikes Peak Country Attractions and the Pikes Peak region offers mountains…and SO much more. Come play in our backyard and see why we are as Colorado as it gets! It’s saying hello to a giraffe. It’s a sticky grin while eating s’mores. It’s dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures. That’s an Authentic Colorado Experience at Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Breathtaking views of Colorado’s Front Range are standard with every stay as well as mountains of amenities, golf, tennis, four pools and Kidz Splash! Park and private lake with bumper boats, kayaks and sailboats. Kids Under 12 Eat Free all Meal Periods – 50% Off Coupons for adult admission to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Dive-In Movies Saturdays and Wednesdays – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Breakfasts on Sundays May 29-September 5, 2011.

Galveston Island

Experience LIFE at the beautiful Moody Gardens®! Explore tropical rainforests, journey to the oceans of the world, explore new exhibits and enjoy larger-than-life films at the 3D, 4D and Ridefilm Theaters! Then, tee off at one of the state’s top public golf courses or sink your toes in the sand at the newly enhanced Palm Beach. At the end of the day, just relax and truly make the most of it with an overnight stay at the fabulous Moody Garden Hotel.

Crested Butte, CO

City-slickers looking for an off-the-beaten-path Colorado getaway with all the frills of a major resort should head to Crested Butte, an historic town tucked away in the Colorado Rockies Elk Mountain Range. With its affordable accommodations, gourmet restaurants, cozy pubs, and eclectic shops, Crested Butte attracts a devoted legion of repeat visitors year-round! Crested Butte Lodging& Property Management Inc. offers a large selection of quality lodging in Mt. Crested Butte.

At Crested Butte Lodging & Property Management, we understand the quality of lodging can make or break your vacation. We have carefully evaluated and inspected each property and have categorized our accommodations to further help you make your lodging selection. We want you to come to Crested Butte, Colorado to relax and have fun – not hassle with your accommodations. We promise a vacation you’ll never forget!

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