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Butterfly Clothes Pin Fridge Magnet #kids #diy #craft

Everyday Shae comes home from school and empties her backpack of a stack of papers. Among these papers are art projects and drawings that she cherishes with every fiber of her being. She’s 6 so every single crayon stroke is important to her. I’ve often turned my kitchen walls into a mini art gallery but […]

Painted Bow Tie Pasta Art #kidsinthekitchen

Going to the grocery store can be really inspiring for art and creativity. Our last trip motivated this new art piece in the kitchen. Bow Tie Pasta is not only a tasty addition to salads and soups its utterly adorable in shape. Shae and I created this Painted Bow Tie Pasta Art for the kitchen. […]

Snow Day Unplugged Boredom Buster Indoor Activities

Mother Nature isn’t pulling any punches this year. Snow, rain, sleet, hail and earthquakes are happening all over the country these days, at levels that we’ve never seen before. Schools and activities are being cancelled. Parents are home from work. Conditions are so hazardous that there are no kids playing outside. What’s a family to […]

Last Minute Valentines for Kids

Did you realize Valentine’s Day is jsut 2 days away?  You’re quickly running out of time to get something together for your kids to hand out to their classmates. Don’t fear.  These crafts are QUICK, EASY and only use 2-3 everyday supplies to complete. BEE Fingerprint Valentine’s Card from Rusty & Rosy Blog Create this […]

Wish Jar for Kids #craft

Shae has a wild imagination. She sits at the kitchen table and draws amazingly odd pictures of pretend creatures. She talks about a future living in Greenland with 10 children married to her classmate Max.  I love this about her. I love that she can turn a dark and dreary day into one full of […]

Animal Thumbprint Valentine Bookmarks Craft

In a world full of Spongebob, Minecraft, Xmen and Micky Mouse I’m glad I have the craftiness to help my kids stand out in the piles of mediocre. This year for Valentine’s Day Shae will be handing out something more exciting and lovable with these Animal Thumbprint Valentine Bookmarks.   Fingerprints make everything cuter. The […]

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

With Christmas coming up in less than 3 weeks Shae’s on a mission to get her ornament making in full swing. Salt Dough is so simple and versatile it only makes sense to make ornaments from them making it a great addition for #kidsinthekitchen. The final product is sturdy enough to last years. One tip […]

kid made Cupcake Ornament

We’re dealing with snow days and I don’t know what you do during snow days but we craft, bake and play video games. Looking at Shae’s tree I noticed she’s needing more decorations.  We set out to create some that should last her years to come, creating memories to last those years. This kid made cupcake ornament […]

There’s something good coming out of #rainbowloom

We walk in the store and the displays are as big as the kids. I was regretting this moment for weeks.  The Rainbow Loom had infiltrated our usually trend resistant  home. We didn’t fall for Silly Bandz and Scratch Art just sits in a shelf.  Even the elaborate Star Wars Lego sets weren’t ever an […]

Spooky Haunted Village made by kids #halloween #craft

Decorating for Halloween is always fun. Getting the kids to help out if even more fun. I’ve been saving up the boxes and containers from the kitchen so Shae could build her own Haunted Village. Using cereal boxes, orange juice bottles, cinnamon shakers and more Shae and I put together a rather large village that […]