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11 Cult Classics, Movie Favorites You Never Knew

What is a cult classic you ask?

Sometimes despite the a movie companies best efforts a film is released in the theaters to little fanfare; ticket sales are low and it’s just expected to disappear in the annals of films of yesterday. There are times instead a cult classic is created from that film. A mysterious chemistry happens and a particular movie captures the attention of society because of it’s theme, language, actors and even pop culture trends. A Cult Classic is born.

Cult Classics have a following that doesn’t follow mainstream.  Movies fall into this category despite reviews and analysis from critics.  These movies now have a following that support the graphic tees, memes and future productions of the writer, director or producer. Do you have a favorite cult classic film or television show?  Here are a few on my list.


This black, cynical comedy portrays 4 teenage girls while they maneuver high school and it’s cliques. The “Heathers” are feared and hated for their treatment of others and better then everyone else attitude.  Winona Ryder plays the victim/hero, Veronica.

Cult Classics on Netflix, movies that people love


A hilarious and raunchy comedy of life “in the hood”. It’s recently achieved a new level of fame with re-introduction of “Bye, Felicia”.

All Time Favorite Cult Classics Bye Felicia #streamteam


Featuring Kevin Bacon (who is all over Hollywood) as Val, a down on his luck handyman who battles snake like creatures that live underground and is attacking the town of “Perfection.

Night of the Living Dead

The zombie movie that started it all, Night of the Living Dead has rewarded it’s cult following with 5 sequels, some better than others. This is the original and a must see.

Donny Darko

You’ll be left with unanswered questions while you watch teen Donny twist and weave through a world led by a giant rabbit. This dark and often mind-bending sci-fi thriller will keep you coming back for more.  Keep an eye out for the director’s cut, it’ll be much more satisfying.


A look into the underground computer crime-world with names such as Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller as high school teenagers.

All Time Favorite Cult Classics

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Stranded couple, Brad and Janet find themselves upon a bewitching estate, home to mad scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter and the Annual Transylvanian Convention.

The Big Lebowski

A unemployed slacker bowler is mistaken for a millioniare Lebowski whose wife has been kidnapped. The ransom drop obviously goes wrong.

All Time Favorite Cult Classics


Clerks is just a day in the life of Dante and his sidekick Randal. And to think he wasn’t even supposed to be there that day.

Office Space

A group of miserable, IT workers in the midst of company lay offs devise a scheme to embezzle money from their employer, Initech.  Wouldn’t you know a fire erupts at the office just as the theft would be found out.Let’s not get started on the faulty copy machine found in every workplace in the world. Watch the crew take out all their frustrations on a piece of antiquated machinery. Definitely NOT SAFE FOR KIDS OR WORK

Fight Club

Stuck in a deadend job, suffering from insomnia and craving the acceptance and affection of others the “Unnamed” main character befriends a soap salesman and they form an underground fight club where they beat the shit out of one another and other participants. Or do they?


Netflix is our go to for movies old and new but it’s also my first stop when looking for something different. I’ve already seen most of these films but have a couple more to go.  NetFlix #StreamTeam

Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

When you give a child a smartphone the opportunities for fun are endless.  Gaming may be your first thought but my kids take it step beyond that. With my kid’s wild imaginations it was just a matter of time before they figured out a way to create new fun.

Shae has developed a beginning passion for film making, acting and looking into stop motion.  We’ve been downloading apps to create comic strips, short films and photo shoots. The choices are endless in the App Store. While I prefer to shop for free apps especially before knowing what I’m getting into I’m open to spending a couple bucks to ensure the kids are having a great time.

I know that they are using a device but I consider this playtime unplugged.  They are not sitting in front of screen mesmerized, or holding a controller killing fake bad guys or sleeping.  These kinds of apps get them moving, knocking on their friends doors and thinking of storylines and scenarios that make them laugh and smile.

MomentCam– creates cartoons and GIFs from photos. Includes backgrounds, stickers and words.   Not young kid-friendly as there are some inappropriate words on stickers/speech bubbles.  Free

MomentApp, Shae sitting on the moon cartoon #VZWBuzz Apps for Creative Kids

CamStar-your very own mobile photo booth.The Initial download is free with the option to pay $2.99 for FULL version that includes effects and filters.Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

FriendStrip Kids Pro-an  easy to use comic strip maker loaded with ideas and scenery already. Kids just pose and click to be put right in the story.  Initial download is free with the option to download ALL the collections for $1.99.  Each collection (9) are $.99 when downloaded separately.Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

Mirror Effect-gives photos a mirror reflection.  Crop a tree, house, pet or flowers and the app creates the effect of it sitting on water, ripples included.  It’s riddled with ads but the full version is just $.99.Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

PicPlayPost-remember the Brady Bunch squares, this app lets the user create a frame with a combonation of stills and videos that can be played sequentially or simultaneously.  Free initially and $2.99 to upgrade

(still working on the video portion)

The bad thing we are dealing with right now is Shae lost her iPod touch.  It’s time to save up for a new one so her summer isn’t wasted with all her great ideas brewing in her brain.

#VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger

Summer Release BoxTrolls on Netflix #StreamTeam

Looking for a great movie for the whole family this summer? Sit down with a box of eggs and enjoy The Boxtrolls on Netflix.

Boxtrolls on Netflix a Laika movie

Boxtrolls on Netflix a Laika movie #StreamTeam
As a huge fan of Laika productions, I thoroughly enjoyed going to see it with my sister in theaters. It’s an interesting and unusual story about a little boy, called Eggs, who is kidnapped by trolls that live under a city. As he grows up, he realizes the danger that the sweet and harmless Boxtrolls are in. Believed to be evil, thieving monsters, the town hires Lord Snatcher to capture every Boxtroll in the town. Will Eggs be able to save his family before it’s too late? What wild secrets will he discover on his journey? How adorable can the Boxtrolls get? Find out answers to these questions and more with The Boxtrolls!

ParaNorman, another Laika production, is one of my all time favorite movies but sadly it had been taken off of Netflix. However, there are plenty of other great family friendly movies you can watch this month on Netflix this month.

Boxtrolls on Netflix a Laika movie #StreamTeam

How To Train Your Dragon 2
The Road to El Dorado
Chicken Run
James and the Giant Peach
Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest
Brother Bear
The Dark Crystal
LabyrinthNetFlix #StreamTeam

Movie Favorites for Guys

Last week we celebrated my dad’s birthday.  He’s a simple man and didn’t really want much but I created this special post for him and his birthday. I’ve compiled a list of a few of his favorite movies that can be found on Netflix for you to share with the dads in your lives. My dad and I watch movies together pretty frequently. Invincible has always been one of our favorites but Blades of Glory was the first adult comedy that we watched together and it’s still one of my favorite movies. Thank you dad for introducing me to some of my favorite movies that I still watch today. Happy Birthday, I love you!

Days of Thunder

Bad Boys (I and) II

Karate Kid

Karate Kid on Netfix, Movies for Guys


Beverly Hills Cop

Mr. Deeds

Anchorman 2 (and Anchorman and Talladega Nights and Blades of Glory)

Top Gun

Resevoir Dogs

and most importantly
Team America: World Police

Team America, inappropriate movie for guys

I remember my dad watching this on a vacation to Great Wolf Lodge and he wouldn’t stop singing the theme song for a long time, which was a problem because it’s like 50% curse words and completely inappropriate and politically incorrect. He’ll still sing it occasionally but only the first two words.

NetFlix #StreamTeam

Oscar Worthy on Netflix #StreamTeam

The BIG SHOW is over and the awards have been handed out.  Honestly I didn’t get a chance to see too many of the nominated films this year while they were in theaters. Seeing all the fanfare and accolades during the Academy Awards makes me even more excited to see them now. So while you won’t find these films on Netflix yet I found some other movies starring some of this years winners.

NetFlix #StreamTeam

The director of this year Best Picture Winner, Birdman, Iñárritu is a Spanish language director and features many Hispanic actors in his films. Two of his films are available on Netflix if you would like to get a feel for his work. Biutiful featuring Javier Bardem and Amores Perros both of which are totally in Spanish. So if you do watch and you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll have to pay attention to subtitles. I loved the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the subtitles I think made me pay even closer attention and not get distracted during the film.Academy Award Nominated Biutiful by Iñárritu

Eddie Redmayne won Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role this year for his part as Steven Hawking in The Theory of Everything. This was a movie that I really wanted to see but I didn’t get the chance.

While there aren’t many movies featuring him, there is one excellent one on Netflix. For example there is no Les Miserables (hint, hint). My Week with Marilyn, which earned Michelle Williams a Golden Globe and a nomination for an Oscar, tells the story of Colin Clark, played by Eddie Redmayne as he spends a week with Marilyn Monroe in London when her husband, Arthur Millar leaves the country. Clark is in charge of keeping her entertained while her husband is away and keep her out of the public eye. The movie focuses on learning who Marilyn was as a person and not who the media made her out to be.

Julianne Moore was awarded an Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for Still Alice. I had not heard about this movie until I read the nominations but from what I can tell it is about how Julianne Moore’s character’s family deals with her Early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Some other movies with Moore are; What Maisie Knew, a movie my mom and I actually just watched a few months ago. It was really good and had a satisfying ending that didn’t make me sad, which I was happy about.  If you’re looking for more Oscar nominated movies with Julianne Moore, The Kids are Alright is on Netflix as well. I was too young to see this when it came out in 2010 but I’ve always wanted to go back and watch it. But it was nominated for Best Picture and Best Actress and Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay.The Kids Are Alright on Netflix

Patricia Arquette was the winner for Best Supporting Actress this year for her role as Olivia Evans in Boyhood. I did not see Boyhood, I don’t think it even came into any theatres near me. But I’ve heard lots of great things about it and I’m sure it’s wonderful. There are shockingly few movies with her on Netflix but you can always go back and watch her show Medium.

Holes is the only movie of hers that I had heard of that was on Netflix. It is technically a kid’s movie but it’s still a really good movie and she plays an awesome character in it. Watch it with your kids, it is a great movie for the whole family.

Other Oscar Winning and Nominated movies that can be found on Netflix

The Wolf of Wall Street

Silver Linings Playbook

Django Unchained


Netflix is not only great for entertainment but it’s a great resource for finding actors and directors you never knew about.  I love seeing what else they recommend when I add something to my watch list.

What to Watch in 2015 Netflix #StreamTeam

The New Year is here and I’m so excited for all of the new things that Netflix has coming out next year. Orange is the New Black Season 3 is coming some time in mid 2015. Hopefully the next seasons of Archer and Bobs Burgers will be out soon too. I know my sister is excited about the new show, All Hail King Julien, which is all about the King of the Lemurs from Madagascar.All Hail King Julien Netflix #StreamTeam

There have been tons of great movies and shows on Netflix this year. We can expect new seasons of many of these next year so everyone needs to get caught up soon. These are the 15 shows and movies I think everyone should watch in 2015.What to Watch in 2015 on NetFlix, Movies, Shows and Cartoons #StreamTeam
1. Parks and Recreation
My all time favorite show. With 6 seasons to go through, there is plenty to catch up on. This is a perfect show if you love binge watching and laughing and Chris Pratt.
2. Orange is the New Black
An amazing look into a women’s prison based on an autobiography. Every character is developed and interesting and bring their own zest to the story. The best part for me is looking into the histories of the inmates and learning how their lives lead them to prison.
3. Criminal Minds
The best crime show ever made. Look into the minds of serial killers and learn way too much about the psychology behind murder. There are a ton of episodes to keep you occupied for weeks.
4. Walking Dead
Because it’s currently on TV, Netflix isn’t caught up completely but there are still 4 full season to watch. It’s got zombies and excellent characters and an elaborate story, all of which make it a great show. There are four seasons to go through and the new one is usually added some time in the fall.
5. The Killing
This show was originally on television but was canceled before it was finished. Netflix picked it up for the last season and gave us an incredible finale. It’s a crime thriller with tons of suspense but every seasons finale is incredible. This is a show I would highly recommend.

6. Archer
A weird concept with great execution; Archer follows a team of spies as they go on secret missions and also while they deal with dumb interpersonal conflicts. It’s funny and really weird and everyone should give it a try. It might not be everyone’s sense of humor but it could take some of you by surprise.
7. Bobs Burgers
This follows a family running a burger restaurant deal with low income and all of the other curves life can throw at you in a hilarious way. It shows events that are possible in real life but unlikely to actually happen to any sane person. They’re hilarious and strange but it’s an adorable show that anyone can laugh at.
8. Courage the Cowardly Dog
This is an older show from when I was a kid. It’s really bizarre but for me it’s a classic. It’s also more for older kids because it can be a tad scary and disturbing at times.
9. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Another cartoon from my childhood. The saddest thing to me is that all of the episodes aren’t on Netflix but I’ll take what I can get. This show is the definition of weird. The episodes don’t go in order and they don’t follow any kind of logic. It’s a show about two kids who force the Grim Reaper to be their best friend forever and they meet all kinds of paranormal and supernatural creatures including a giant spider that thinks Billy is his dad and Count Dracula in his later years. Just watch it, I can’t explain it.
10. Adventure Time
Your kids probably already watch this show. I did even before Netflix and I have a few seasons on DVD. It’s adorable and fable-esqe with each episode teaching a lesson. But it also a lot of fun with adventures and monsters and a little bit of romance. This is a show mom and dad would approve of their kids watching. It also has a deep backstory which only the older viewers would be able to comprehend.

11. Silver Linings Playbook
It was Oscar nominated so you know it’s great but I didn’t hear a ton of buzz about it when it was in theaters. Even if you’ve already seen it, watch it again, it’s a great movie about family and mental illness and how the two are related. And Jennifer Lawrence is in it and she’s adorable.
12. Django Unchained
Not quite the same scope as the other movies on this list. It’s a Quentin Tarantino movie so it’s crazy violent but it’s also incredibly funny. It’s an all around great film that’s a lot of fun for mom and dad. Definitely make sure the kids are gone when you turn this one on though.
13. Annie
Watch the original on Netflix and then go see the reboot in theaters. Both are terrific in their own ways and Annie is a great introduction to the world of musicals and theater for young kids.
14. Camp Takota
It’s indie, it’s adorable, it’s all about friendship. It’s just a cute story about a girl who gets cheated on so she heads back to her childhood camp for the summer; you know a classic storyline. But it is a lot of fun.
15. What Maisie Knew
My mom and I watched it together and we didn’t know anything about it going into it but it turned out to be incredible. It’s so sweet to follow this little girl through her life and her parents dysfunctional life and separation, remarriage and more. But it ends in a great (but odd) way and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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My Favorite Movies as a Kid

As a little kid I had about 75 VHS tapes in my room and I watched every single one of them hundreds of times. I’ve always loved movies and I love re watching all of the movies that I loved as a child. These are the movies that I always ask for on DVD when Christmas rolls around. Some of them are classics and some of them are just my favorites. But all of them are on Netflix and they’re all great picks for you and your kids to enjoy together. This is my list of my Top Ten Favorite Movies from My Childhood.

Classic Kids Movies on Netflix

An adorable but incredibly sad story about a flying baby elephant shrew. Baby Mine is one of the saddest lullabies ever written but it’s so beautiful. This movie is super weird though, those pink elephants still freak me out. Only 60 minutes though, great if your kids have short attention spans!

The Prince of Egypt
This is actually the biblical story of Moses. It’s a great way to introduce these kinds of stories to kids who may be having trouble understanding the complex story telling in the bible. However, there are some graphic scenes in this movie involving slavery and death so parents should use their  best judgement on whether it is appropriate for their kids.Favorite Classic Kids Movies on Netflix #StreamTeam

Treasure Planet
Great adventure tale, a journey of a young boy to find riches for his family and redeem his past mistakes. It also has excellent role models for girls and boys including the tough female captain of the ship and the fearless young man who is leading the expedition.

Lilo and Stitch
Everybody loves Stitch. He’s adorable and destructive but he loves and protects Lilo no matter what. This movie sparked a TV show and two sequels but the original is one of my favorite movies. The soundtrack is a hilarious compilation of Elvis tracks and beautiful Hawaiian music. It’s a must watch!

Phil Collins is one of my favorite musician. He went all out on this soundtrack and they are still some of my favorite songs. And it has talking elephants and gorillas. There is a rather dark ending though involving the antagonist falling to his death through some tangled vines but it’s still a great movie for kids. Do not watch Tarzan and Jane though, it’s terrible and you will feel disappointed.  If you must watch a sequel watch Tarzan 2, that ones okay.Favorite Classic Kids Movies on Netflix #StreamTeam

Kind of unknown but one of my favorite movies of all-time. The Muses are my favorite Disney characters and they help pull the whole story together. My sister and I both love this movie and I highly recommend it for all ages. As Shae put it, “I like it.” Shae Babiak everyone, such a way with words:P

FernGully: The Last Rainforest
This movie is secretly propaganda against the destruction of the environment but it’s still great and interesting and heartfelt. You follow a little fairy as she pulls a human into her world to show the effects that cutting down the forest has on those who live in it. This movie also has on of the best villain songs in any movie which is sung by Tim Curry. And the late Robin Williams plays a crazy bat so you know it’s going to be funny.

A forgotten princess since she isn’t a part of the Disney family. Anastasia however has strength and resilience and is an excellent role model. She is true to herself and wants nothing more than to find her family. As she and her friends travel from Russia to Paris they face trials but in front of them by the evil Rasputin and must work together to get to Anastasia’s grandmother. Rasputin is hilarious and so is Bartok, his adorable bat friend. I wish Bartok’s movie was on Netflix, it might be even better than Anastasia.

While it’s not the most accurate tale it is a great way to show the way Natives were treated by the settlers when they came to America. And the songs are beautiful and the animals are cute and the princess is strong and wise and fearless and I wish I was her. This is a great movie for anyone of any age. Also the sequel is pretty good so you’re cleared to watch that one too.

Hardcore and honorable, Mulan is a powerful warrior who dresses as a man to protect her aging father from war. She must work together with her unlikely friends to save China from the Huns. Plus this movie has “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” one of the greatest Disney songs ever written. Mulan kicks butt and doesn’t back down from any challenge. The sequel is good but the animation looks really weird so if you do watch it make sure you watch the weird snoopy faces they all make.


Robin Hood
It’s the story of Robin Hood but with animals, what’s not to love!

The Emperors New Groove
Such a weird movie but definitely one of David Spades best roles. Maybe his best role. He’s basically playing David Spade but he’s a llama. It’s a really weird movie.Favorite Classic Kids Movies on Netflix #StreamTeam
Chicken Run
Might be weirder than The Emperors New Groove. It’s the story of some chickens who try to learn how to fly from a flightless rooster. It was weird when I was a kid too. But it’s funny and the claymation is incredible. It’s just a silly movie to watch with your kids.

Kid Movie Night Netflix #StreamTeam

It’s been tough having Shae off at school all day. While I’m able to occupy some of my time with work, I still feel like we aren’t seeing each other enough. It seems like every time I’m home, she’s at school but whenever I have work, she’s home again. We really haven’t been spending as much time together as I’d like. Last week Shae had a day off of school when I didn’t have to work so we decided to build a blanket fort in her room and watch some movies together.

We went around and collected (stole from our brother) some assorted blankets from around the house and started construction in her room. Luckily, she’s got a bunk bed that we were able to us to get some good height on our fort. Construction CollageWe borrowed (stole that too) our brothers empty hamper and used a gaming chair and a toy baby stroller as supports. We also utilized the dresser and the loops on Shae’s mattress to hold down blankets.IMG_0163

Using my incredible knot skills, I crafted some intricate loops to keep the blankets up. We ended up needing to weigh down the ends on the dresser with a DS case but I feel like the end result was worth it. There were also some scarves in there to add some extra flair. And to top it all off we added some hair clips to keep two of the blankets together. Shae’s head made its way through anyways.IMG_0155




After construction was completed, we filled our fort with pillows and stuffed animals and Shae set to work looking for a new movie to watch on Netflix.


Recently she’s been really into The Muppet Movie, which is our mom’s all-time favorite, after finding it on Netflix. I hadn’t seen it in years but it’s still pretty funny when my mom sings along to all the songs.

Kid Movie Night #StreamTeam The Muppet MovieWe also watched Anastasia together for the first time, that’s been one of my favorites for many years. I hope we get more days when we can spend some real time together soon.

Netflix Stream Team

25 Halloween Movies for Kids

With the dropping temperatures of fall come one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. We’re just one month away from the fun night of dressing up and gathering goodies from the neighbors. There’s something about that night that makes me feel like a kid again and it’s a great excuse to squeeze in some fun movie time with my own kids. These is my go-to collection of Halloween and Spooky Movies for Kids for Halloween.25 Spooky and Not So Spooky Movies for Kids for Halloween

While they aren’t all Halloween themed they all have an element of spooky, scary, haunted or creepy AND of course fun. Be a parent and do your due diligence and judge for yourself if particular movies are suited for your child’s age and personality. I starred a few that are more scary than others but these are just my opinions. These are all affliate links to Amazon also. Some the prices are super cheap for really great films.

The Haunted Mansion (Full Screen Edition)
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Monster House

The Monster Squad *
Hocus Pocus

The Goonies *
The Black Cauldron
Hotel Transylvania
The Little Vampire
Toy Story of Terror
Scooby-Doo! And the Witch’s Ghost
R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour *
Mickey’s House Of Villains
Little Monsters
Addams Family

Gremlins *

So what do you think about my compilation? Do you have any ideas to add others to the list? What is your favorite Halloween movie?

A Month of Musicals on Netflix #StreamTeam

Musicals are my favorite kinds of movies! I love live action movies based off of broadway hits like RENT, Chicago, or Annie but I also love watching children’s musicals. We made May a month of musicals in our home as part of the Netflix #StreamTeam.Musicals on Netflix #StreamTeam

Disney movies or something like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a movie that we all watched as a family just a few weeks ago. I even have Frozen Radio saved as a favorite station on iTunes Radio. It plays the songs from all of the Disney movies, even the really obscure ones. Did you know there are French loves songs on the Wall-E soundtrack? I love reminiscing about movies that I haven’t seen since I owned them on VHS.

Netflix has recently put on so many of the old Disney musicals that I love. I noticed a few months ago that Grease and Rent had both been added to the list and I watched them both in a weekend. I can’t wait to see what other shows get put into the stream; I love forcing my little sister to watch them with me. I hope that she will learn to love them as much as I do with enough coaxing. She’s pretty amazing when it comes to memorizing songs, I don’t know if there’s a song on the radio that she doesn’t know how to sing. She and I love to sing our favorite Disney songs together too. Recently she’s been pretty partial to Frozen which I like but the songs can get pretty repetitive. I think we will try to watch something old to me but new to her, like Pocahontas, so she has something new to sing.Netflix Stream Team