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Shae Coming Into Her Own

Shae is finally coming into her own and on one hand it’s cool to see but on the other it’s kind of sad because she is growing up so fast.


On Sunday I spent the day with Shae since Melinda was visiting her Pop Pop, Shaun was playing Xbox Live and Sabreena was doing whatever a 17 year old does.  On Saturday Melinda promised to take Shae to the park but Melinda took a nap and by the time she woke up it was to late and cold to go.  After Melinda woke up from her nap Shae asked when they were going to the park.  I think Melinda totally forgot (I forget all of the time, LOL) that she promised Shae that they would go to the park so I told Shae it was to late and cold but we would go to the park on Sunday.  She responded “I don’t care who takes me to the park as long as someone does.” Melinda and I laughed so hard at her response.  It’s crazy the stuff that Shae learns from her brother, sister and cartoons.  I am sure Shaun teaches her a lot of these things because they are together ALL of the time.  Melinda tells me all of the time Shaun and Shae act exactly the same and she also says they act just like me.  I might agree with Melinda because a lot of times I act like a kid as well so that is probably where Shaun and Shae get it from.

Shae is only 5 but I swear some of the stuff that she says sometimes really throws me from a loop because it’s stuff I wouldn’t expect to come from her mouth.

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Shae’s School Work – Wordless Wednesday

Here are two pieces of school work that recently came home. It’s hard to believe that Shae is in kindergarten already.

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It’s All in the Eyes #WordfulWednesday

I love my children’s eyes.  They are very different from each other but each unique and beautiful.  I love seeing them peeking through. We don’t do Wordless Wednesday or Wordful Wednesday often but I knew I wanted to share this.

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Shae Has a Birthday

I remember that day 5 years ago. It was 2:30 in the morning, contractions started and started very strong. We had to drag Sabreena and Shaun out of bed and to the hospital with us because my parents were an hour away. We forgot the camera and my cell phone charger so Rob had to go back home.

Shae arrived 7 hours later, bigger than the rest but just as cute. We celebrated her birthday this past weekend with a waterpark, boardwalk, rides, cake and floating lanterns Tangled style.

teacups ride mariners landing
shaes birthday bumper cars
pasquale from tangled
floating lanterns in the sky
pushing lantern into the sky
birthday floating lanterns

People Think The Grass Is Always Greener

I am sure you have heard the saying “the grass is greener on the other side” but I am here to conform that it is not.

In the last week and a half I have been home a TON alone which I thought would be awesome but has been extremely boring. When the kids are home I complain sometimes that they are being a pain because in the moment they are. It starts when I walk into the house from work with Shae and her nonstop sentences that start like this: dad did you know that, dad guess what, dad today I, dad, dad, dad; LOL. Not that I mind because I love her to death but I wish she would stop adding dad to ever single sentence. Then Shaun starts in with his nonstop can I watch TV, can I play Xbox, can I play the iPad, can I play your phone, can I have a snack. Oh my goodness, if he is idle for more than two minutes he starts freaking out.

So like I said I have been home a ton recently alone as Melinda and the kids went to the beach all last week and this past Sunday night into Monday Melinda and Shaun were in NYC, Sabreena was at a friend’s house in Maryland and Shae spent the night at Mom Mom and Pop Pops. So it has been just the dogs and I and I am going to admit I have been bored out of my skull and miss ALL of the kids’ questions and nonsense. I can’t believe I am actually saying that but it’s true. The house had been so quiet without the kids

So now I need to remember the next time the kids are driving me up to wall to appreciate every moment because when they aren’t around I wish they were.

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4 years ago #WW

This picture was taken 5/4/08. Shae isn’t even a year old and already a chubby lil thing.
baby shae, baby looking at flowers

Shae Has Expensive Scientific Taste

Last week I overhauled our fish tank and gave it a really good cleaning then filled it will all new fish. Our tank was in need of a do over.

Once the tank was overhauled we headed to the fish store and I let Sabreena, Shaun and Shae each pick a type of fish that they wanted to put into our fish tank. Sabreena chose two angel fish, Shaun selected two platies and Shae chose GloFish. I really don’t care about the cost of the fish and it’s only funny because Sabreena’s fish were maybe $3-$4 each and the same goes for Shaun’s fish but Miss Shae on the other hand selected fish that were $9.99 per fish and they live best in sets of at least 3.

The red, yellow and orange fish at the top are Shae's GloFish

After I saw they were $9.99 I asked the guy at the fish store why they seemed so expensive since they are kind of a small fish and I was told because they are the ONLY fish that are patented. GloFish were originally bred to help detect environmental pollutants. By adding a natural fluorescence gene to the fish, scientists hope to one day quickly and easily determine when a waterway is contaminated.

So not only did Shae choose a fish that was the most expensive out of the bunch but she also selected one that has a scientific purpose.

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Shae and Technology

Yes that is Shae below playing on a laptop at the age of four.

I know this isn’t anything special or new but when I watch her play on the computer, iPad or our phones I am still in amazement a little bit.  She is four and can play these devices like a pro.  I watched her play the computer last night and watched how she was able to use the touch pad on the laptop to control her game and I was amazed at how well she did.  I remember when Sabreena was four she used to play the computer a little but she was more into coloring, drawing and playing with dolls and stuff like that.

I guess I am just getting old but kids have come a long way and technology pushes children to learn how to use these devices at such an early age.  Not saying it is a good or bad thing. I am just saying this seems to be the way of the world right now.

Do you have kids who have seemed to master electronics already at a young age?

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Halloween Hanging Bat Craft

It’s Halloween and I knew I needed to step up the crafting.  I looked at what we had on hand and figured I could do something with the random toilet paper rolls I had been saving.  I only save a couple at a time but I know they come in handy.


hanging halloween bat

Halloween Bats
toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls cut in half)
black construction paper or foam or cardstock for wings
black paint, we used acrylic but poster paint would work well
googly eyes
glitter glue pens
string, twine or fishing line to hang finished bats


get your supplies ready and wings cut

Start off with covering your work area. I know paint is washable but I still like to put something down to protect my dining table. I use scrap cardboard most of the time because it dries fast and can be reused then tossed when it’s too gross.

As you can see from the picture below the tube ends need to be folded a certain way to establish the looks of bat ears and the bottom.


folding your toilet paper roll

Paint your toilet paper roll. I had Shae unfold the ends to paint it thoroughly but quickly folded them back down before it dried. This helped with the overall look; no brown peeking out.


shae uses a clothespin to hold wet painted bat

Once your bat is dry ( 15 minutes with acrylic paint) add dabs of glue to secure wings( cut from black paper) and googly eyes. Shae then used a silver glitter pen to add fangs. A red glitter pen would be good too if you want a more spooky bat with blood dripping fangs.

tape adds a little more security to glued wings


fangs all by herself

Once everything is completely dry and secure punch a little hole near the wings and hang from your desired spot. We use our dining chandelier a lot. I used twine this time because I liked the rustic look. Fishing line would disappear and make your bats look like they are floating.

Share your Halloween kids crafts!

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Wordfull Wednesday-Shae Can Dance

A couple weeks back we told you about Shae starting dance class. Well the consensus is she LOVES it.  She shows off her ballet positions, her tap shuffles and her stretching techniques. This is the latest thing she showed me, a dance move.  I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a ballerina dance like this.  But it’s cute and I love the spin move towards the end!

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