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No Dye Decorated Easter Eggs

Our family doesn’t put much thought into the characters of holidays and traditions like the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or Elf on the Shelf. BUT I do love the look of decorated Easter eggs, they are just so pretty. Here are some of the cutest No-Dye Decorated Easter Egg designs I’ve found.  Mom.Me Sharpie Marker […]

Paper Pinwheels in Mini Flowerpots #craft

Happy Spring! Today marks the day of a new season full of promise and excitement. The green grass and daffodils poking through the snowflakes shows that there are BIG things happening. In our house we looking forward getting outside and enjoying the weather changes and shining sun. In the meantime we’re crafting fun and colorful […]

Fabric Flower Headband for Kids #craft #handmade

Shae is a mix of girly girl and tomboy. She’s got a collection of jewelry and lip glosses stored next to her Xbox games and Skylanders figures. She’s always asking for costumes and new shoes so it’s only natural that I make her hair accessories to wear. She recently got her haircut and I wanted […]

DIY Necklace and Pendant Upcycle #craft #jewelry

I love love love jewelry.  I especially love necklaces.  My earrings are diamond studs Rob got me a few years ago that I never take out. My wedding band stays in place with the occasional fashion ring on the other hand. But necklaces get changed often dependent on my mood. I have some favorites like […]

Burlap and Ribbon Wrapped Vase

Flowers are a common gift for Valentine’s Day so I decided to make a beautiful decorated vase where they can be placed.  Crafting your own vase can be as uncomplicated as you want to make it. I bought NO special supplies for my vase, using just what I had on hand. Adding different dimensions and […]

Framed Key to My Heart Valentine’s Craft

Our home decor stays pretty static  most of the year. Halloween and Christmas are the holidays where we decorate but I’m realizing that celebrating even the small ones we’d probably enjoy them more.  I consider Valentine’s Day a “Hallmark” holiday. A holiday hyped up to sell cheesy greeting cards, expensive candy and boring roses. This […]

Valentine Felt Envelope Craft

For Valentine’s Day I like to tuck little notes in the kid’s lunchbox or next to Rob’s night stand.  Doing this gives them a little surprise just letting them know how much I love them. This year I’m taking it a step further by using these Handmade Felt Envelopes to hold my love notes. I […]

Paper Heart Chandelier #craft #heart

With Valentine’s Day just a few short weeks away I’m going to bombard share with you some great Valentine themed crafts & activities for the next 5 days.  These will all be simple enough that anyone can make them. Even with simple adjustments they can be done with the kids. I’m starting off with making this […]

A Family of Christmas Stockings #PCHoliday

Way back in the day when  we were just a family of 4 I spent a Christmas finding the “perfect” stockings and stocking hangers to display on our mantel.  I trudged out in the cold, snipped fresh holly branches and weave tiny twinkling lights through them and flaunted the beautiful design I had come up […]

Heart Embroidered Map

Creating art and decor pieces for the house has become a little bit of a hobby for me.  Currently I have about 3-4 projects in the works but I want to show you this very personalized heart embroidered map that’s been hanging in our house. This project was very simple.  The only thing I needed […]